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MS Office is one of the most used applications made by Microsoft, after Windows. With the popularity of this software, many people buy the software, but ultimately face problems while installing the same. However, if you do have the Microsoft Office Product Key then it is quite easy. Here we will discuss the step by step procedures of how to install MS office in your PC or Laptop. .

The procedures to install MS Office

  • Purchase: Before doing anything, one has to purchase this product. One can well do the same in both offline and online. If someone is opting to buy it offline, then they can go to any retailer who will provide them with the same in a sealed box. However, in case of online purchase, one has to download the same. So, one can log in to office.com/setup to do the same.

  • The Product Key: This is the main component which will help to you to validate the MS Office. In case of retailer purchase, you can find your Microsoft Office Product key inside the sealed boc. However, in case you purchase the same from the www.office.com/setup, then you will be given the product key in your registered email id.

  • The Setup: Now it time, you to install your MS Office. To do that, log on to Office. Setup and you can well proceed for the further steps. Here they will ask for the product key which you have received in your email. One thing which should be considered is the email ID which is now furnished should be verified by Microsoft. You can do the verification by just clicking the mail. Once you have entered the correct key, you can well download the setup file. However, in case you have a got the setup from a retailer, then you can well use the CD which will provided to you and then use the serial key to install the same, which you will find inside the sealed box.

  • The Installation: Now in the time of Microsoft Office 365 Install process the official site will ask for the Microsoft Account. If you have a Microsoft Account, then it is fine enough as you can now proceed. In case you do no not have an account in Microsoft, then you will now have to make the same. Creating the account is not tough, as you have to fill your personal details, along with an email ID. This email ID will now be the registered email ID for Microsoft. A verification mail will hit your inbox and you can now use the ID. So, now you can log in with your Microsoft Account and start the installation process.

  • Download: If you bought it offline, then you can just hit the install button along with your Microsoft Id and serial key. However, you if ar3e planning to get it online then, after hitting the install button a download will start. After the .exe file is downloaded, you can well proceed just like the offline version.

  • Finish: You are now the stage where you can finish the installation. As, now they will be asking the targeted location for installation. Once you have selected the targeted folder, then you have to choose your customized install option. You can also select the recommended option too. You just have to click finish to finish the installation.

  • The above is a prominent step by step discussion, where you get to know the installation process for this application. Now, you will get to know the basic troubleshooting while installing the same.

Basic Troubleshooting

You can well troubleshoot certain problems all by yourself. The below are some of the ways to do the same

  • Online Troubleshoot: The best way to solve problems regarding installation or any kind of problems is the official website. You can well visit Office.com Setup Support and the professionals here will help you out with the same. Online support is always the best as this can solve all your problems.

  • Offline: You can also solve you own Office Setup problems offline. As, in the interface of every single application of MS Office there is an option called Help, which will guide you solve all the problems.

Sometimes it is seen that there is update or the Microsoft launches a Compatibility Pack. People might get confused while installing the same. The below is the best way to install a compatibility pack in an older version of Microsoft Office.

How to install a compatibility pack

Installing a compatibility pack is very important as this will help you to use the newer versions of MS Office in some of the older versions of Windows. This is a great tool for those who are using windows XP and Windows 7 Vista.

Say, you are running your system in Windows XP. However, XP only supports Office older than 2007. In this case, you can well install a compatibility pack, which will help you to use the newer versions too in your PC. You can follow the below steps to do the same.

First one has to click the start button, which is there in Windows XP or Windows & Vista. Then from there, one can search for Windows Update. Once they hit this option, from here any pending updates can be well cleared. Search for your MS Office updates. Once one finds the same, a simple click on Install will solve the full scenario.

So, it can be well said that installing MS Office is not that a tough job as it seems. One can easily to do the same by following some of the simple steps. Apart from these, one thing which e learnt here is how to solve some of the most common problems.

People often seem tensed when their old versions of MS Office do not work well. In that case, you can update the same and enjoy using one of the best corporate applications, MS Office.


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