Month: February 2019

Sony Head Teases Exclusive Multiplayer Games for PlayStation’s New Term

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PlayStation 4 has turned out to be a massive success in terms of sales for Sony. Sony has been experiencing constant sales for its home consoles, and recently they surpassed 91 million units mark for sales. Gaming experts believe that the reason behind this success can be associated with the selection of single-player titles like […]

How to Organize Automatic Maintenance Feature in Windows 10?

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The Automatic Maintenance feature in Windows 10 allows users in keeping their computer system vigorous and advanced by running and combining all tasks related to maintenance without even crashing the performance or efficiency of the computer system. Generally, when users are not able to use their device actively, the automated system optimization happens. Nevertheless, it […]

How To Use Instagram To Get Maximum Likes On Posts?

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Instagram is a hugely popular social media platform. It is not only attractive but is also very simple to use. Generally, people like to spend their free time on it. People can try to interact with their friends, followers, and colleagues over there with the help of chatting, commenting on posts and liking the pictures. […]