Guide to Properly Cleaning a Digital Camera

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A camera has become the third eye for the 21st-century world. It is massively being used by the advance people and for the security of a nation. Nowadays we are more dependent on our third eye, to see any future danger, to monitor the movement of traffic, and to keep a watch over the crime happening spot of any place. The camera which we use has to be dirt free, to record or capture the clear image or videos. In the market, unlimited kinds of cameras are available. In our personal life often we use a digital camera and carry it with us  to record videos and take pictures as per our wish. These electronic devices are very gentle, and they have glass in it which make us take more safety while using it. From time to time we need to maintain it, especially its glass to make it dirt free for proper function and perfect recording. Below is the guide to make your digital camera dirt free:

  1. Supplies to Use

The first thing you need is a microfiber cloth to clean all parts of your point-and-shoot digital camera. You must buy an anti-static microfiber cloth, and it must be free of chemicals and oils, which will help you make your camera dirt free.

  • Protect microfiber cloth by storing it in a resealable bag
  • Lens cleaning paper. You can replace it with a cotton cloth
  • Lens cleaning fluid. You can use some drops of clean water
  • A small, pulpy hairbrush
  1. While performing the procedure to dirt free your camera, don’t use below things to clean your lens or LCD screen:
  • Canned air.
  • Paper towels
  • Paper napkins
  • Any dirty cloth or accumulating particle cloth
  • Rough cloth
  • Coarse- bristle brush
  • Don’t use any liquid cleaning without the suggestion of your camera store or camera manufacturer
  1. Guide to Clean Lens at Home
  • Switch on the camera, if required to launch the lens cover
  • Tilt the camera facing the ground, and give a mild blow on the lens to make it free from any unwanted particles
  • Still, you find particles on the edge of the glass, then delicately remove them with a soft brush
  • By moving your hand in a circular motion over the lens, mildly rub the lens with the microfiber cloth
  • Even after the use of microfiber cloth if the dust persists, then you may use some drops of lens cleaning fluid or clean water.

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