Sony Head Teases Exclusive Multiplayer Games for PlayStation’s New Term

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PlayStation 4 has turned out to be a massive success in terms of sales for Sony. Sony has been experiencing constant sales for its home consoles, and recently they surpassed 91 million units mark for sales.

Gaming experts believe that the reason behind this success can be associated with the selection of single-player titles like Spider-Man, Bloodborne, Red Dead Redemption and Anthem.

With this massive success in hand, Sony is now planning to introduce some innovative and interesting multiplayer titles for PlayStation 4 users. Recently in an interview with Business Insider, the chairman of Sony Interactive Entertainment Shawn Layden, stated that PlayStation lacks in terms of multi-player exclusives for their home consoles.

Games like Fortnite, GTA 5 and PUBG are on the rise and the gaming trend is gradually shifting more toward such multi-player games. Shawn Layden made a clear indication of introducing such types of games for their home consoles in the upcoming new term.  

He further clarified that Sony is planning to develop the online multi-player exclusives whereas also keeping in mind the viability of making couch co-op titles to encourage local multi-player games which could be enjoyed by friends and families by using the same console simultaneously.

Although when Layden was asked for the future of PlayStation, he made claims for the exclusive multi-player to be introduced in the upcoming new term, still nothing was specified as to what he referred to a new term.

Possibly a new PlayStation 5 is on its way for fans to experience something extraordinary. Layden was not specific as to what new term is planned for PlayStation but speculations are Sony is planning to introduce a new addition for PlayStation series. Still, nothing was mentioned in regards to the PlayStation 5.

 PlayStation is already leading amongst the other gaming consoles; still, a brand new addition to the existing console line up would boost up sales for Sony. What is more critical for PlayStation is to avail its users with cross-platform facilities.

Currently, games like Apex Legends and Anthem are on the rise and players desire to have the best experience for such titles. The gaming industry is having a significant shift in preferred games which is essential for console manufacturers to understand and try to flow with the trend.

 However, a new contender is expected to rise in the near future, as Google is also expected to introduce their gaming console in response to Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PlayStation. It will be quite interesting to see how will the gaming industry evolve with the changing scenarios and new gaming styles.

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