Steps for Using Gradebook on MS Excel

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Microsoft Excel has multiple square columns in it which make your work to keep more systematic. Various alphabets are given in each line and highlighting with a blue colour with number series on the left side of the excel sheet. This gradebook helps when you have to make assignments in your school and preparing reports in your office. For the school students and teachers, it is easy to calculate the grades and scores.

It is not compulsory to understand the basics of Microsoft Excel as all the required information is given on the Excel itself. Excel offers a sheet with numbers and formula which help you not to waste your time and hard work of calculating marks using an updated version.

Steps for making Gradebook on Microsoft Excel are listed below:

  • Go to Microsoft Excel from the start menu.
  • Type your all class details into the column of Excel sheet.
  • Select a layout for your Gradebook.
  • Select Formula.

Here are some of the different methods to create a Gradebook on Microsoft Excel:

  • Go to Microsoft Excel
  • Open your home screen page
  • Click “Start”
  • Click on the “All programs” option.
  • By pressing the left key on your mouse “All programs” option will appear.
  • Again go to the Microsoft Excel page.
  • Search for the “Microsoft Office” given on the menu list and after that pressing the left key on your mouse.
  • Click “Microsoft Excel”
  • For going towards the easiest way of using Microsoft Excel, tap and hold the Excel symbol, as guided on the above step.
  1. Type Class details in the Excel sheet

You should put a specific name for that association you are working on Excel and putting details required for that class which contain the full name of the student, class name, and time of get together. You will find this step little harder while printing the sheet, and creating duplicates of it and sharing to others. This is a handy way to understanding the gradebook sheet which is very well organized. 

  • Give a title to the Gradebook sheet. Here’s how:
  • Press on the “Sheet” button given at the end of the Excel page, automatically “Sheet” gets bookmarked.
  • Enter a title for your sheet.
  • After that, click Enter key. 
  • Add Class details.
  • Press B1 tab to choose it.
  • Write your Teacher’s name.
  • Tap the down button to choose B2 tab.
  • Enter the timing of your meeting
  • Click the down button to choose B4 tab.
  • Type the word.
  • Click “Enter” key two times to move to B6.
  • The column of the name which will show on the top of the excel page which locates that all the B1 to B6 selected. 
  1. Making Formulas

Microsoft Excel offers you a full list of multiple features which will help you in calculating the marks. The feature which is on the number one is of adding the marks feature. This feature helps you to calculate all the secured marks by the students. On the other hand, using a feature which will help you to change the scores into the percentage.

  • All the marks obtained by the students
  • Choose 1 and 6 number.
  • Click on the Formulas which are located on the top.
  • Choose Auto Sum.
  • Press and hold E6 with G6 which is in the column.
  • All the formulas posted on the section.
  • Looking for the percentage of every student which will divide the total percentage and put the total percentage on the given section.
  • Insert a feature which calculates the overall percentage of every student in the column.

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