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Has your Amazon seller account been suspended? Write a strong appeal and detailed plan of action to get your Amazon account reinstated! As experts in the industry, we specialize in suspended amazon seller accounts. eGrowth Partners completes a full assessment of your suspended listings and. Understanding Amazon Seller Account Suspension Amazon seller suspensions occur when the eCommerce platform removes your selling privileges. amazon account suspended

: Amazon account suspended

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Amazon account suspended
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Addressing Amazon Seller Suspension

We have all heard the horror stories of Amazon suspensions, but what do you do when this happens to your seller account? Addressing these issues immediately is extremely important for improving your chances of reinstatement. Amazon provides the necessary steps here; however, knowing how to process each step is crucial.

Amazon’s Reasoning for Seller Suspension

Understanding Amazon’s logic is extremely important and valuable to your plan of action and reinstatement. You have to know which of the following violations caused your suspension so you can address it accurately:

  1. Poor Performance in metrics, related to
  • A-to-Z claims
  • Late deliveries
  • Negative feedback, etc.
  1. Violation of selling policies
  2. Violation of rules regarding products, such as
  • Listing a used product as new
  • Having inaccurate information

Plan of Action: Act Fast

Once amazon account suspended account is suspended, you are given the chance to appeal this case by providing Amazon with a “plan of action.” Act fast and act now. The longer you wait to prove your case, or simply give what is being asked, the harder it will be to get your account reinstated.

The initial suspension email you receive will provide the option to appeal by providing a “Plan of Action.” You will go to the performance notice on your account and click the appeal to add your plan of action there. Be careful not to write an elaborate plea. Amazon is looking for a simplified and quick response of about 100 words regarding what happened and how you intend to correct it.

Be thorough. Your plan needs to specify the mistake and the result. When previously dealing with an account suspension due to inaccurate product information/details, my plan of action included explaining what went wrong: I mass up-loaded products, which resulted in the SKUs matching to incorrect ASINs. My plan of action was to review each product after uploading a bulk file, or instead to individually list my items to prevent any future inaccurate information. I addressed my intention to view any incorrect issues and immediately correct them.  As a result, the account was reinstated within 48 hours after re-sending my email once.

To reiterate: Be brief and specific, and address the concern.

Be Persistent

You can only submit the appeal on the notification one time. After doing so, go to your email and reply to the notification by sending your plan of action there, as well. I notice from experience that CC-ing all Amazon support emails ( ; ; improves the chances that your emails will be forwarded to the proper department.

There is nothing wrong with being persistent. Amazon promises responses will be given within 48 hours; however, in my experience, it’s typically within 24 hours. If this is not the case, resend your email. When re-sending do not change your email; simply re-send the exact same email again.

Think of it like this, the more you send the email, the quicker it will be read and the more you appear serious of your plan. I have noticed that sellers who wait a few days or week to amazon account suspended another email either do not get a response or do not get reinstated. Hopefully, you’ll get a response like this:

Seller Central account reinstatement email


No matter what got you to this amazon account suspended point, remember Amazon’s number-one company value: Customer Obsession. Here are some quick reminders on how to stay on the right side of both Amazon and your customers:

  • Be proactive in always keeping your account in positive status, such as getting eligible negative feedback removed.
  • Answer customer emails within the allotted 24-hour time frame by setting up an automated email response.
  • Ship orders within an estimated time; if this becomes a constant problem, consider adding an extra day to your handling time.
  • Avoid A-to-Z claims and try to resolve issues directly with your customer before Amazon gets involved.
  • Be observant with any performance notifications, as Amazon will always send an email notifying you of any policy violations that have amazon account suspended always remember that the number one way to get your seller account reinstated is to not get it suspended in the first place!

3 Steps to Get Your Amazon Suspended Account Reinstated

If amazon account suspended anything that any seller doesn't want to go through, it's needing to get their Amazon suspended account reinstated. If you're already in this position, it only means that you cannot access your account due to the suspension. As a seller, you must be alarmed by this. Since your account is rendered inactive, it means that you won't be able to be on top of sales on Amazon.

Amazon Suspension Help: How You Can Get Your Account Reinstated

One of the most commonly asked questions by sellers who have encountered the same situation is how to get their Amazon suspended account reinstated. There are a lot of things that you first have to prepare before you write your Amazon seller suspension appeal letter. With that, here are the things that you need to do to get your account reinstated.

1. Understand why your account was suspended

The first thing that you should do is to understand why your seller account got suspended. There are a lot of reasons why an account gets suspended. These reasons are why you should thoroughly understand what you have possibly done wrong.

Most sellers don't mind conducting a thorough investigation. These sellers proceed to work on their Amazon seller suspension appeal letters as soon as they learn that their accounts are suspended. What they don't know is that knowing the underlying reasons for suspension will help them in crafting their letters.

So if you have encountered an Amazon seller account suspension, you must first try to understand what happened. You won't really have a hard time, and it shouldn't take you a full day to learn about what has happened. 

When Amazon sends you a suspension letter, you will see the reasons why they have suspended your account. However, you do have to investigate these claims and see if they got it right. Here are the possible reasons why an account may get suspended.

  • You're selling items that are prohibited from being sold on the platform.

The moment you start selling on Amazon, you agree to the company's amazon account suspended and conditions. This includes agreeing to what kind of products you can sell on the platform. There are a lot of items on the list of restricted products, but here are the most amazon account suspended ones:

  • Alcohol
  • Animals and animal-related products
  • Dietary supplements
  • Drugs and drug paraphernalia
  • Explosives, weapons, and other related items
  • Lock picks and devices that can be used for theft
  • Pesticides and pesticide-related devices
  • Plant and seed products

You might also want to check the full list of restricted products. This is so you will know if what you are selling can be sold on the platform. However, if you're already selling these products, then this might be one of the reasons why your account got suspended.

  • You're selling counterfeit items.

Aside from prohibited items, Amazon is serious in dealing with counterfeit items, as well. This means that even if you're not selling restricted items, as long as your products were tagged and reported as counterfeit, it can be a reason why you got the suspension.

Usually, the item categories that have the most counterfeit sellers would be movies, DVDs, beauty products, and electronics, among many others. Counterfeit items are fake or imitation pieces of any product. This is also one of the reasons why most sellers get account suspensions, but they fully insist that they haven't done anything wrong.

Just make sure that you check with your manufacturers or wherever you're sourcing your inventory. Since Amazon is pretty strict on this rule, you have to make sure that you have a trusted source for your products, as it might be a reason for your possible account suspension.

  • You've received a lot of negative feedback.

Customer obsession is one of the pillars of Amazon's values. This means that the company is pro-customers over anything else. They would often go through lengths like extending quote hban returns policy to please their customers.

It's no surprise that Amazon would take negative feedback from their customers very seriously. Although sellers would get negative feedback on their products, too many negative reviews will grab Amazon's attention and flag your account for suspension.

  • You have duplicate accounts.

Since Amazon is already a big marketplace with hundreds of thousands of sellers already on it, the last thing that the company would want to deal with are sellers with duplicate accounts. Basically, this means that you cannot create duplicate accounts. 

If you have two accounts for two separate businesses, you will be served a suspension notice. Amazon takes serious measures to make sure that there is just one account for every seller. This includes making sure that the accounts weren't made or accessed from the same IP address, or the billing details such as the physical address and bank accounts aren't the same for one account and another.

Since Amazon bank of america hsa carolinas healthcare system also pretty strict about seller accounts being accessed through one IP address, it also means that any member of your household, as long as you're accessing the internet through the same wireless connection, can be flagged as a second account.

So even if you did not necessarily make two Amazon seller accounts, there might be some factors that can affect your suspension.

  • Opening a new account after yours gets suspended.

There are some sellers who wouldn't want to go through the trouble of making an Amazon seller suspension appeal letter. However, opening a new account after getting your seller account suspended will also be a reason for your suspension once again.

There might be some doubt on your part on how Amazon is going to know that you're the same seller. You might have already tried it, but it's a guarantee that you will not succeed in selling from your new account. Amazon will always find a way to suspend your account. 

2. Don't let emotions get in the way.

When your account gets suspended, it's understandable to feel a lot of emotions. You might feel angry, frustrated, and sad, among other negative feelings. It's completely normal to have these feelings.especially if Amazon is your primary source of income.

However, when writing your Amazon seller suspension appeal letter, it's not recommended that you involve much of your feelings. While it is understandable to some extent, you also have to take a professional approach in dealing with these situations.

Emotions won't help in getting your Amazon suspended account reinstated. So before writing your letter, make sure that you've capital one bank checking account routing number set aside these initial reactions. It's also best that you work with an agency or someone who's had experience in writing suspension account appeal letters. This way, you're sure that you've fully detached yourself from what you're amazon account suspended to write.

3. Write your appeal letter.

It's not possible to get your Amazon suspended account reinstated without your appeal letter. So if there's a backbone to your appeal, this will be your letter. That's why you definitely have to focus on making sure that you've written your appeal properly.

When writing your letter, it's important that amazon account suspended include all the data that you've gathered from your own investigation. There might be some instances wherein you can point out that they have accused you of something that you didn't do. However, you should approach this in a way that sounds like you're laying down facts instead of accusing Amazon that they've done you wrong. 

Present everything that you've gathered that will help in getting your account reinstated. Here are the other things that you should remember when writing your letter.

  • Don't be too defensive. Back your claims up with amazon account suspended instead.
  • Don't criticize Amazon and their process. They're also just doing their job in making sure that everyone is following their rules.
  • Do take responsibility for what has happened. You can also go and try to explain your side.
  • Do indicate the things you're planning to do to resolve the problem and how you plan to avoid it from happening moving forwards. It's your way of showing that you're keen on making things right and are committed to adhering to Amazon's rules.

How to Open an Amazon Account After Suspension

You can only open it again after having your Amazon suspended account reinstated. Basically, the way for you to do it is to submit your appeal letter. When you're in the process of trying to get your account reinstated, you have to wait for a certain amount of time before you get your results. Here's a quick rundown of what you will have to go through.

17-day deadline

You have 17 days after receiving the notice of suspension to submit your appeal letter. This means that you have to investigate the situation and write your plan of action. 

You have more than two weeks to work on these, so make sure that you're doing everything you can. Remember that your letter is the backbone of your appeal. This will be Amazon's sole basis on whether or not you're going to have your account reinstated.

48 hours after submission of appeal

This is Amazon’s official estimate of how long they will be able to respond to your appeal. However, this is a very rare scenario. This could also be affected by the numerous appeals that they have to attend to every day. 

60 days or more

According to some sellers on Amazon's forums, there are some who have experienced about 60 days or more before they have received Amazon's decision regarding their suspension appeals. Although there is a 48-hour target response time for your appeals, this usually doesn't happen. So if you're looking for a response, make sure that you're patient with how the whole process works. 

Key Takeaway

One of the worst things that can happen to you as a seller is to have your account suspended. For this, you may want to get Amazon suspension help from those who have dealt with this in the past. A properly written appeal letter will help you cursive m letter your Amazon suspended account reinstated.

If you're looking for someone who can help write your suspension appeal letter, we, at Seller Interactive, are the people you should call. With our extensive experience in handling sellers who have been suspended, we definitely know how to create the letter that will help in increasing your chances of getting your account reinstated.

Want to know more about this? Send us a message at [email protected] to book a consultation!

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