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bob world is a safe and secure mobile banking application by Bank of Baroda. Download our mobile banking app & get access to the best in class features. You can call Bank of Baroda Credit Card Customer Care Toll-free Number - 1800 223 224 for all your credit card related enquiries. This number will be. You need to include your basic information such as account form, account number, type of complaint, etc. if you want to raise a complaint. You should wait for. bank of baroda account check toll free number

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Bank of Baroda Missed Call Balance Enquiry Toll Free Number

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SMS Services


Now enjoy receiving BoB Credit Card account related services instantly on your registered mobile number, through
Instant SMS service. For example, in case you need to know your balance enquiry, simply send SMS BAL XXXX
to 9223172141 and instantly know your card balance.
So, what are you waiting for ? Save 9223172141 in your phone’s contact list now.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.1. What is Instant SMS Service?

Ans : The Instant SMS service lets you receive information related to your BoB Credit Card on an SMS. You only need to SMS KEYWORD (specified for your query) XXXX where XXXX = Last 4 digits of your BoB Credit Card number to 9223172141 from your registered mobile number.

Q.2. What are the kinds of services I can avail through the Instant SMS service?

Ans : The services that you can avail through Instant SMS service are listed below, along with the keywords you need to use:

  • Balance enquiry: SMS BAL XXXX
  • Block lost or stolen card: SMS BLOCK XXXX
  • Reward point summary: SMS REWARD XXXX
  • Last Statement summary : SMS STAT XXXX
  • To set Domestic Ecom Limit to Credit Limit : DOM XXXX
  • Last Payment Details : PAYMENT XXXX

Please note, for every SMS request that you send to 9223172141, there is a charge applicable as per your mobile tariff plan. This amount goes to your telephone operator and the SMS provider. BoB Credit Card does not charge you anything for this service. Please check with your operator to know more about the charges levied for this service

Q.3. Convert 90 c to f I need Data Service/Internet/GPRS to access the Instant SMS service?

Ans : No, you do not need a Data Service/Internet/GPRS connection to use this service. You can avail this service from all bank of baroda account check toll free number phones using the standard SMS service.

Q.4. Can I avail this service from any mobile number?

Ans : No, you cannot avail this service from any mobile number. To use this service, you must send your SMS only from the mobile number registered with us, against your BoB Credit Card.

In case your mobile number is not updated with us, you can update the same in 2 simple ways:

Q.5. I have just received my upgraded/replaced BoB Credit Card. Can I still fetch information about my old card?

Ans : If you have upgraded/replaced your BoB Credit Card, all details of your old card would have been migrated to your new card. You need to SMS query-specific KEYWORD XXXX, where XXXX will be last 4 digits of your new BoB Credit Card.

Q.6. How soon can my card be blocked once I send the request through Instant SMS service?

Ans : We will block your card the moment we receive your card block request through SMS. An instant block confirmation SMS will also be sent to you. If you do not receive a confirmation SMS from us within 5 minutes of central bank of boone county customer service request, please do not consider the card to have been blocked. Please call up our Toll-free Helpline, and get your card blocked immediately in order to avoid any misuse or Log-in to your online card account at with your username and password.

IVR Services

No Hold, No Wait! Quick Solution 24*7 Liberty mutual commercial agent login.

Our IVR self-service support on the toll free nos. 1800-103-1006 / 1800-225-100 is always open for our Bank of Baroda Credit Card customers.

Self Service

1. Balance Enquiry

2. Card Block

3. Pin Generation/Reset

4. Last 3 Transactions

5. Card Status

You can also contact our help desk 24*7 support for assistance on other services like: Card Replacement, Loyalty Point Redemption, Post Purchase EMI booking.

Merchant Business (POS Machines)

Merchant Contact Centre

For technical support & paper rolls call at : 022-40426060 / 18602332332 (on all days between 7 am to 11 pm)
For all other support & request call at: 1800223225 (between 9.30 AM to 6.00 PM on all working days) or e-mail at

Bank of Baroda is one of the biggest public sector banks in India. This bank provides numerous services and benefits so as to facilitate the customers. It has introduced one of the simplest ways to find your bank account balance through a quick missed call. The Bank of Baroda has launched missed call bank of baroda account check toll free number inquiry service to the users so as to ease the way for checking the balance. All the customers who have an account in Bank of Baroda can utilize this facility provided they must register their mobile number with the bank account.

Most commonly, people utilize the manual procedures to check their bank account balance. One is visiting the ATM center and acquiring the mini statement slip from the machine. Another method is checking the balance by visiting the nearby bank branch. In the recent times, the net banking and mobile banking facilities have come into the picture. People who don’t have access to the internet and smartphone might face trouble in finding their bank balance. For such folks, the missed call balance inquiry service is a boon. It is an instant balance checking service to each and everyone in the current contemporary era.

Bank of Baroda Account Balance

The Bank of Baroda bank offers hassle-free and comfy banking services to all the customers by utilizing the technological advancement in a proper way. If you are struggling hard to find your BOB account balance, we are here to help you through this post. Here is a detailed guide on how to check Bank of Baroda balance and get mini statement through a missed call from your registered mobile number. Take a look!

How to Check Bank of Baroda Account Balance via Missed Call?

If you are unable to access your net banking account then, there is a feasibility to check your balance just by giving a missed call. Yes, you heard it right! The bank facilitates the customers to easily view their balance through a Toll-Free number. You don’t have to spend call charges for balance inquiry. All you need to do is to register your mobile number with your Bank of Baroda bank account. If you have already registered the mobile number, you can easily access this method. Follow the below steps to acquire this facility to check your bank balance through the Toll-Free number:

  • First of all, you need to dial the Toll-Free number given below through your registered mobile number.
  • 8468001111 Or 8468001122
  • Immediately, after the first ring, the call will be disconnected automatically.
  • In a minute, the customer will receive an SMS to their registered mobile number displaying their bank account balance.
  • Keep in mind that the customer can utilize this facility only 3 times per day.
  • That’s it! This is the easy process to check your bank account balance in Bank of Baroda through a missed call.

Get Bank of Baroda Mini Statement through Toll-Free Number

  • For receiving a mini statement for your bank account, you need to make a call to the below number from your registered mobile number.
  • 8468001122
  • The call will be disconnected soon after the initial ring.
  • In a minute, you will receive an SMS showing your bank account’s mini statement.
  • That’s it! This is the simple method to track your monthly transactions through your bank account via the missed call.

In case, you have multiple accounts in the Bank of Baroda then, you can register with your preferred bank account number. You can register just by sending the following SMS through your mobile number:

“REG Last 4 Digits of Account Number”

You can send the above SMS to the below Numbers:

  • For Normal Call Charges: 9176612303
  • For Premium Call Charges: 5616150

Bank of Baroda Missed Call Services:

There are numerous ways to check the balance of BOB account holders. Some of them include passbook, ATM or debit card, SMS, internet banking, mobile banking, missed call service, and mPassbook. Among all these ways, the missed call is one of the simplest and instant methods to find your bank balance. If you are an account holder in BOB bank, you can utilize the missed call facility.

You can easily register your mobile number with the bank account and get the balance in the form of SMS to the registered number. This is absolutely free service available for all the account holders 24×7. Regardless of the location and the time, people can check their balance through this method. The account holders with the following account types can utilize this service:

  • Savings Bank Account (SB)
  • Current Account (CA)
  • Overdraft Account (OD)
  • Cash Credit Account (CC)

Final Words:

That’s all! This is the easiest way to track your bank account balance in Bank of Baroda through a missed balance. We have even included the method to get BOB mini statement through the Toll-Free number. Hope this guide has helped you to find your bank of baroda account check toll free number balance with much ease. If you still have any queries or doubts, never hesitate to ask us through the comments section.


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Bank of Baroda Account Balance Check By Missed Call Number, SMS

In this post you are going to learn how to check Bank of Baroda account balance. I am not going to tell you to enquire bob balance by passbook. You will learn BOB Balance Enquiry by various online methods and few offline methods as well.

Bank of Baroda Balance Enquiry Missed Call Number

To know Bank of Baroda balance, just give a missed call for basic account balance enquiries.

Missed Call Number:

8468 00 1111 for Account Balance

8467 00 1133 for Car Loan Balance

8467 00 1111 for Education loan enquiry of Bank of Baroda

  • All customers who have registered mobile number with their bank account can get the balance by just giving a missed call from their registered mobile number.
  • Once you dial the missed call number, it will automatically disconnect after first ring. After that customer will receive an SMS which contains current balance of all accounts of the customer.
  • This facility is available 24X7 at free of cost.
  • Balance of accounts under Saving Bank (SB), Current Account (CA), Overdraft (OD) and Cash Credit (CC) will be provided through this facility. You cannot get loan account balances through this facility.
  • If the customer has more than one account with same mobile number, SMS will be sent upto 320 characters. For remaining accounts, customer can avail the Bank of Baroda SMS Banking Services or call our Contact Centre
  • This facility is limited to 3 times a day, which means you can get balance updates by missed call for only 3 times a day.

BOB Balance Check by SMS

You can find BOB Balance by sending SMS from your registered mobile number. The customers can also request a mini statement and cheque status by using this facility. Charges are applicable for the Bank of Baroda SMS Banking service

SMS Number & Format:

Send SMS To: 8422009988

SMS Format:

ServiceSMS Format
Balance EnquiryBAL < space > Account Number Last 4 Digits
Mini StatementMINI < space > Account Number Last 4 Digits
Cheque StatusCHEQ < space > Account Number Last 4 Digits< space > Cheque No.
Un-subscribing SMS alert facilityDEACT < space > Account Number Last 4 Digits
Subscribing SMS alert facilityACT < space > Account Number Last 4 Digits

Example: To verify account balance, just send ‘BAL 1234’ to 8422009988.

Here 1234 is last 4 digits of my bank of baroda account number.

Bank of Baroda Balance by Mini Statement

To get BOB account mini statement, just give missed call.

Missed Call Number:

8468 00 1122 for Mini Statement

This is just like getting balance sms. If you give missed call to the above mentioned number, you will receive interest rate on capital one 360 savings 10 transactions in your BOB savings account, current account, OD & CC accounts.

Customers who have registered their mobile number can use this service by giving missed to the above mentioned BOB Missed Call Number.

BOB Mini Statement – Process Flow:

  • Customer dials the above said number and system will disconnect the call after one ring.
  • If you have multiple accounts like savings bank account, super savings account, education loan, car loan etc., system checks for registered preferred account number. In case customer has not registered preferred account number previously, a SMS request to register his preferred account number to avail Bank of Baroda Mini Statement Facility by missed call.
  • To register preferred account number, you have to send SMS “REG < Last 4 digits of preferred account no.>” e.g. REG 1026 to 9176612303 (Normal Charges) or to 5616150 (Premium Charges). Customer can change preferred account number at any point of time by sending SMS bank of baroda account check toll free number 9176612303 with preferred account number.
  • If the same mobile number is associated to multiple customers and customer has not configured his/her preferred account then customer can avail only balance enquiry service.
  • In case the mobile number is not associated with any account then no SMS will be sent to the customer.
  • This facility is available 24X7
  • Mini Statement will be available once in a day only.

BOB Balance Enquiry Toll Free Number / Contact Center

All Bank of Baroda (BOB) customers can enquire account balance through Contact Center by dialing the Toll Free Number 1800 102 44 55 from anywhere in the country. This service is available at free of cost

Contact Center Toll Free Number:

1800 102 44 55 (for all customers except PMJDY customers and other Financial Inclusion scheme)

1800 102 77 88 (Dedicated Toll free no. for Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY) customers and other Financial Inclusion schemes)

Contact Center services available throughout the year without any holiday.

For the above mentioned methods to work, you just have to register mobile number with bank account. Usually we all provide mobile number while opening bank account. So, most of us are able to get balance from above procedures.

The following methods to know BOB Can i apply for food stamps online in tn need prior activation at santander car loan settlement branch. If you have already activated these services, you can get account balance details.

Internet Banking: Once logged into BOB Net Banking Portal, you have to register for the “View facility”. Then it will enable services like balance enquiry, account statement etc. This portal can be accessed from smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

BOB mPassBook App: Bank of Baroda mPassbook mobile app just contains all the transactions carried out by the customer which is similar to a physical bank of baroda account check toll free number. To avail this facility, Customers should have registered their mobile numbers to their bank account. In addition to balance check, the customers can also download their account statements. The app synchronises and updates automatically whenever the customer opens the app.

Bank of Baroda M-Connect Plus Mobile Banking App: BOB Customers should activate mobile banking service at branch level. You can check account balance, download account statement, funds transfer and avail other banking services.

This is all about Bank of Baroda Balance Check through various modes. Now i will answer few frequently asked questions related to this topic.

FAQs on Bank of Baroda Balance

1. What is the Bank of Baroda minimum balance?
Ans: As on writing this post (i.e., 1st May 2019), BOB minimum balance are as follows –

Bank of Baroda Balance Check

With effect from 1st February, 2019 the Minimum Quarterly Average Balance in Baroda Advantage Savings Account

The minimum quarterly average balance for BOB advantage savings accounts for urban and metro branches is ₹ 2,000 and for semi-urban branches, the minimum balance is ₹ 1,000. Minimum balance for rural branch customers is Rs.500/-

The minimum balance for BOB Savings Account savings account is ₹ 1,000 (for urban, semi-urban and metro locations) and ₹ 500 (for rural locations) in it bank of baroda account check toll free number all times.

Bank of Baroda Advantage Current Account Minimum Quarterly Average Balance (QAB) for Rural Branches is Rs.1000/- Semi Urban Branches is Rs.2000/- and Urban & Metro Branches is Rs.3000/. Non-maintenance of Minimum QAB in Rural Branches will attract Rs.150/-+ GST, in Semi-urban Branches Rs.200/- + GST and in Urban & Metro Branches Rs.300/- + GST as service charge.

If you still have any other questions, please comment below. I Can Help… Thanks…!

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Bank of Baroda Balance Enquiry Missed Call Number – BOB Mini Statement Toll Free Number:  Headquartered in Vadodara, Gujrat the bank of baroda is an Indian state-owned International banking and financial services company. the bank has a corporate office in mumbai and it is the second largest bank of India. the bank belongs to the public sector unit and it was nationalised in the year 1969.

The bank serves 131 million customers across 21 countries and is very popular as it offers attractive savings schemes. the bank is very tech savvy and has introduced a lot of customer centric initiatives. The initiatives include setting up of specialized NRI Branches, Gen-Next Branches and Retail Loan Factories/ SME Loan Factories with an assembly line approach of processing loans for speedy disbursal of loans.

Bank of Baroda Balance Enquiry Missed Call Number – BOB Mini Statement Toll Free Number

With its wide customer base, the Bank of Baroda has introduced a range of services through which one can procure information related to their bank account. The bank offers internet banking, ATM debit and credit card facility and remote internet banking bank of baroda account check toll free number. Listed below are the sources through which chase bank near me now can check their main account balance.

  1. Bank of baroda Missed Call Service

You can easily access your main balance details through the Bank of baroda Missed call Service using your registered mobile number. This method is safe and secure as it provides access to information only via the registered number.

Step 1: Dial 8468001111 through your registered number
Step 2: Press the call key. Give a missed call.
Step 3: You will shortly receive a message containing your main account balance details

Even if you forget to disconnect the call, it will automatically disconnect after two rings.

  1. Bank of baroda Internet Banking Service

you can check your main account balance by logging into your registered ID

Step 1: Visit the official website of Bank of baroda
Step 2: click on the login option in the personal banking section
step 3: login using your credentials
step 4: you may check your main account balance on the main page by clicking on the ‘click here for balance’ option

  1. Bank of baroda SMS Banking

You can also check your main account balance through SMS using your registered mobile number.

Step 1: SMS BAL < space > XXXX to 8422009988
Step 2: you will shortly receive your main account details through SMS

You can also check your Mini statement by sending MINI < space > XXXX to 8422009988. this method is safe and secure as it works only with bank of baroda account check toll free number registered mobile number.

  1. Bank of baroda app

Step 1: download the Bank of baroda  app
Step 2: register or login using your ID
Step 3: You can check the main account balance by selecting the option

  1. ATM

Bank of baroda  account holders can also be informed about their account balance by visiting the nearing ATM center.

step 1: walk into any nearest ATM and swipe your Bank of baroda  ATM/Debit card
step 2: enter the 4 digit ATM pin
step 3: Choose ‘Balance Enquiry/Check Account Balance’ Option
step 4: your main account balance will be displayed on ATM screen

  1. Passbook service

the customer can also be informed about their main account balance by updating their passbook on a regular basis. customer can walk in to any branch of Bank of baroda  to get their passbook updated.

  1. Bank of Baroda mpassbook

customers can also check their main account balance by downloading the app. the mobile passbook facility in the app provides free and easy access to check your account balance.

we hope this section was helpful bank of baroda account check toll free number resolving your Bank of baroda bank account main balance enquiries. we shall continue to update this page for your easy access. Feel free to reach out to us for any queries.


IDBI Bank Balance Enquiry Number 2021, IDBI Bank Balance Check Number, IDBI Bank Toll Free Number, Email Address: A well known Government-owned Bank in India. It is known for its fast processing of tasks and excellent customer care services. The balance enquiry number is- 18008431122. For mini statement, the number is- 18008431133. Follow the same missed call process.

IDBI bank has issued balance enquiry number- 09212993399 Call mass gov dua login this number IDBI BANK automatic enquiry system will send you mini bank balance details. You may call on 18008431133 and 18008431122 to know balance of your IDBI bank (But Both are not working well.

Important – Official Missed call balance enquiry number of all Banks

The services vary across all banks Missed call banking is convenient for basic banking activities. Banks don’t charge you for the missed calls. But since you have to first avail the SMS facility, which costs about Rs. 15 per quarter, it’s not ‘free’ after all. However, there are some banks that don’t charge for the SMS that they send to you.

IDBI Bank Balance Enquiry through Missed CallMiss call on 18008431122 or 09212993399
IDBI Mini Statement18008431133
IDBI Bank Balance Enquiry through SMSBAL CUSTOMERID PIN [ACCOUNT NUMBER] to 9820346920 or 9821043718
IDBI Bank Last 3 Transaction through SMSTXN CUSTOMERID PIN [ACCOUNT NUMBER]to 9820346920 or 9821043718
IDBI Bank Balance Enquiry through Net BankingVisit Here
IDBI Bank Balance Enquiry through Mobile BankingIDBI Bank GO Mobile
IDBI Bank Balance Enquiry through USSDEnter *99*49#

IDBI Bank Balance Enquiry Number, IDBI Bank Toll Free Number

If your Mobile number is Register with IDBI Bank

If you mobile number already registered with IDBI Bank then you will require to Dial Following Number to check your IDBI Bank Balance…

Bank Balance Detail: 18008431122 or 09212993399

Last 5 Transactions Mini Statement – 18008431133

If your Mobile number is Not Registered with IDBI Bank

If you mobile number is not registered with IDBI Bank, then Please follow below instruction…

Send SMS as REG < Space > Account Number to 5676777 or 9820346920 / 9821043718 
*Eg. REG < space > 103104xxx134378 to 5676777 or 9820346920 / 9821043718

confirmation SMS message will be sent indicating status of registration. If successful, you can immediately start using the service. If un-successful, check the SMS format and destination mobile number (it should be either 5676777 or 9820346920 / 9821043718). Kindly also ensure that your latest mobile number is updated in bank records.

After Successfully Registration Please check Balance By Using Following Number….

  • Check IDBI Balance Detail – 09212993399
  • Last 5 Transactions Mini Statement – Not Available

IDBI Bank Swift Code : IBKLINBB

IDBI Toll Free Number for General Enquiries

For queries related to Loans, Deposits, Service charges, Rate of interest on Deposit/Loans & information related to ATMs

1800 200 1947


IDBI Debit Card Blocking Toll Free number:1800-22-6999

Debit Card blocking through SMS:

In case you remember your Card number
SMS BLOCK < Customer ID > < Card Number > to 5676777
Eg: SMS BLOCK 12345678 4587771234567890 to 5676777

In case you do not remember your Card number
SMS Bank of baroda account check toll free number < Customer ID > to 5676777
Eg: SMS BLOCK 12345678 to 5676777

Anti-Corruption Hotline: 1800-22-8444 (10.00 am to 6.00 pm)

IDBI Bank Credit Card Queries

For any queries relating to Credit Cards (Product information/Hotlisting/Grievances) you can reach us at :
24 – Hour Customer Care Toll free number: 1800 425 7600
Non-Toll free bank of hawaii main branch hours 022 – 4042 6013 (Call Charges Applicable)
Email us at

IDBI SMS Banking Services

While using SMS Banking service using SMS, a user has to give a request as a short message through a mobile phone. The short message should be in a particular format. For availing SMS Banking services, message has to be sent to 9820346920 or 9821043718. After the message is sent, within few seconds, the user will receive a response on his or her is bbva compass online banking down phone as a short message.

Business RequestInput
Bal 400001 aaaaa
(All fields would be separated by spaces)
Account number is optional. By default, information is available for primary account number.
2. Fixed deposits enquiryFD CUSTOMERID PIN [ACCOUNT NUMBER]
Fd 400001 aaaaa
(All fields would be separated by spaces). Account no is optional.
txn 400001 aaaaa
(All fields would be separated by spaces). Account number is optional.
4. Cheque Payment Status (to ascertain whether the cheque is paid or not)CPS CUSTOMERID PIN CHEQUE NUMBER gold cash card login NUMBER]
Cps 400001 aaaaa
(All fields would be separated by spaces). Account number is optional.
Cbr 400001 aaaaa 30 P – (By Person / By Mail)
(All fields would be separated by spaces). Account number is optional.
6. Request for statement one can this
reference number to check the status of the request any time. The bank mails the
statement of account.
(All fields would be separated by spaces)
From date MMYY
To date MMYY
Account number is optional.
Stm 400001 aaaaa 0899 1200
(All fields would be separated by spaces).
Cpn 400001 aaaaa bbbbb

Requirements to Use IDBI Bank Balance Enquiry Facility

  • To use this free facility, your mobile number should have been registered for mobile banking services with IDBI Bank (IDBI)
  • If your number is already registered with your bank, you can directly call the above listed number’s .
  • If your mobile number is not registered, you will get an SMS as global cash card card account overview mobile number is not registered for this service”, then please follow registration procedure or Visit o IDBI Bank Branch and Register your Mobile number with your IDBI Account.
  • If you have multiple savings accounts with the same bank, the default account will be the latest opened account and you will be able to check only default account balance…
  • Some banks limit the  no of times that you can avail this facility in a day. For example – Bank of Baroda customers can avail this facility maximum “5 times in a day”. Bank of India Customers can avail this facility maximum “2 times in a day”
  • This service is available on bremen high school registration mobile numbers only

IDBI Balance Enquiry by *99# Facility

For use this Service you will require to Dial *99# from your phone and check your bank balance, check your statement, Send Money Using MMID, Send Money Using IFSC Code etc.

*99# Facility

IDBI Balance Enquiry by UPI App Facility

check your IDBI Bank Balance by using IDBI UPIAndroid App, Download any Bank UPI App and then link your IDBI Bank Account bremer financial Check Your IDBI Bank Balance…


Official Balance Enquiry Number of Other Banks

We also Write a Separate Article for all banks Balance Enquire Toll Free Number, In this article you may find complete details for All Banks Toll Free Balance Enquiry Numbers

Balance Enquiry

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BOB Balance Enquiry Toll Free Number – If you don’t know how to check bob account balance then here is the simple guide for you which helpful to get your bob account balance on mobile.

Do you have account in Bank of Baroda? For sure, at any time, you may want to make use of valuable service created by Bank of Baroda. Yes, what is that valuable service?

In today’s situation, people don’t have time to stand in queue to fulfill their tasks with banks. Online facility is there to achieve this. Missed call or SMS is more than enough for you to clear your account related doubts.

As each bank has its own toll free number, people can just contact through that number or send SMS to that number regarding their concerned queries.

BOB Balance Enquiry Number

bank of baroda balance enquiry

How to Check Bank of Baroda Balance Enquiry By Missed Call or SMS ? – Procedure

Bank of Baroda has its own generated Toll Free Number. Using this number, people can send either SMS or give missed call. Busy schedule for everyone may make difficult to stand in large queue to achieve anything. Imagine, if you are able to verify your account balance by being on own place, it is really good.

Bank of Baroda has few toll free numbers to make customers to access to services. Though there are two alternative options, missed call is the best option to help customers to resolve their queries. People can get solution for their queries immediately without any long waiting time.

As this number is owned by bank, it is completely available for free of charge. Today, most cases of banks have missed call banking service the independent bankers bank provide account balance or mini statement to customers through mobile phones.

Step to Know Account Balance By Missed Call:

There is a defined missed call procedure to check account balance of BOB. To help people to stand out from rush, BOB has its own unique toll free number. Missed call banking service provides services by missed call. One has to just give missed call to particular toll free number built up by bank.

In addition to missed call service, people are also allowed to access SMS service created by BOB. Most people use missed call bank of baroda account check toll free number service to check out their balance enquiry and mini statement.

What Are The Services Included In Missed Call Banking Service?

Few services included in missed call banking service are,

  • Cheque book request
  • Account statement request

Though these services vary from bank to bank, BOB has its own number. Prior to accessing this service, one has to register with bank.

BOB Account Balance Enquiry Toll Free Number : 8468001111

In order to check balance in Bank of Baroda, one is more than enough to give missed call to the toll free number created by Bank.

Bank of India Mini Statement Enquiry Number : 8468001122

You can get your account statement by dial toll free number, In order to know you account balance or mini statement. it is must that your mobile number should be registered with your BOB bank chase bank checking coupon Will You Get Response using Bank of baroda account check toll free number Balance Enquiry Number?

As you try to contact to BOB through toll free number, after few rings, your connection will be cancelled. Now, you will receive SMS through registered mobile number with details of account balance in few seconds.

People can access to toll free number based on particular service needed to be offered by bank. In order to fulfill each service, different numbers are created. For example, in order to get solution for missed call balance inquiry, one has to use toll free number 8468001111.

Things To Resolve Missed Call Banking:

In order to use free facilitation, mobile number should be prior registered to activate mobile banking. All customers whose numbers are registered with bank can make a contact to numbers based on their requirement. This is a way to use missed call alert service. In case, mobile number is not registered for mobile banking service, one will receive SMS which indicates, mobile number is not registered for service.

In case, if customers have multiple savings accounts under the same bank, last account opened by customers will be set as default account. One has to remember that, this service is available on mobile numbers.

Bank of Baroda is managed by Government. BOB operates across India. It is one of the most important banks in banking sector.

Net Banking:

If account is created to net banking service of Bank of Baroda, one is allowed to log on to official website of BOB to check at available balance details.

You no need to search for more details to fulfill your queries. One is required to just give user ID, password and MPIN. These are the required details to check account balance available in recent account. Online facilitation is also accessible via mobile using BOB.

Missed Call Feature:

BOB customers are really fortunate as they no need to wait for long time to verify account balance details. Through missed call from registered number, customers can simply retrieve account balance details. It is worth to notify that, only registered customers are allowed to access this service.

If you give missed call to 8468001111, you will receive SMS as soon as possible from BOB regarding account balance details. The number is only created for BOB customers.

How Often Customers Can Use This Service?

Do you want to access to this missed call or SMS service, BOB allows you to use for maximum 5 times per day. Customers can try to access this service for 5 times in total.

Bank of Baroda SMS Banking:

BOB customers can use SMS banking service to check account balance details. This is the most effective method for people as it saves time.

In order to receive replies through SMS, customers have to follow certain format.

One have to type “BAL” followed by space and last 4 digits of account number to receive replies regarding account balance. Based on user’s demands, keyword will vary, but format remain to be same. For example, if you want to retrieve mini statement to your account, you should type “MINI” followed by space and last 4 digits of account number.

FunctionSMS Text
BAL <space> Last 4 digit of account
(e.g. if account number is 27940100012345 type:
BAL 2345) and sent text at 5616150)
Mini StatementMINI <space> Last 4 digit of account
(e.g. if account number is 27940100012345 type:
MINI 2345) and sent text at 5616150)
Cheque StatusCHEQ <space> Last 4 digit of account
number <space> Cheque No.
(e.g. if account number is 27940100012345 and
cheque number is 006789 type: Cheq 2345
006789 and sent text at 5616150)

Banks have created more technological advancement methods to provide easier access to customers. Missed call and SMS are effortless methods which gives accessibility to customers for usage at any time and also from any place. These two methods are used to determine balance of BOB. These numbers will vary from bank to bank. Bank of Baroda customers will find this article as useful one to retrieve account balance details and other details concerned to account.

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