transfer money from bank of america to td canada trust

TD Cross-Border Banking offers Canadians helpful advice and great Transferring money between your Canadian based TD Canada Trust and. Send and receive funds in dollars or foreign currency with City National Bank's international wire transfer services. Contact us to get started today. With TD, you can bank conveniently and securely whenever and wherever. We offer mobile, e-transfer, online payment options to help you stay on top of your.

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How do I transfer money from Bank of America to another bank?

Transfer money from bank of america to td canada trust -

Set up a Canadian bank account

Opening a Canadian bank account (in-person or online) is one of the first things you should do as an international student. When you're able to, follow these steps to set up a Canadian bank account: 

1. Gather your documents 

You’ll need at least two pieces of identification (ID) to open a bank account in Canada. Acceptable identification may include your:

  • Passport
  • Study permit
  • Letter of acceptance
  • Travellers’ cheques

The University of Waterloo branch of CIBC (in the lower level of the Student Life Centre) will accept your WatCard as one of the pieces of identification. You should also note that some branches require you to provide your local home address in Waterloo in order to open a new account. 

2. Select a bank/credit union 

All of Canada's major banks have branches in Waterloo and there are also several credit unions for you to choose from. They all offer a variety of accounts and services, interest rates, and service charges. Consider these features, as well as their location, hours of operation and online banking features, when you choose a financial institution. 

Once you have chosen a bank or credit union, make an appointment to set up your account. You can book an appointment online or by phone. 

3. Choose your account type(s)

Set up one or more accounts. Most people have both a chequing and a savings account.

Chequing account:

This everyday account earns little or no interest. You can regularly withdraw money, pay credit card bills, and write cheques from it.

Savings account:

This account type is useful for storing money over longer periods of time as your money earns more interest here than in a chequing account.

Foreign currency account:

If you want to keep some money in a different currency, you may want to open this type of account.

Ask the bank advisor about your bank’s terms and conditions, and transaction fees as these vary between the banks.

4. What happens next? 

When you open your new account, your Canadian bank representative will give or send you a bank card, also known as a 'debit card'. You'll be given a PIN (personal identification number) to access your account through an ATM or debit machine. Your PIN is your only protection against unauthorized use, so do not reveal it to anyone — even bank employees. This debit card allows you to:

  • Use Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) for withdrawals, deposits, and bill payments.
  • Pay for items at stores and restaurants that accept debit card payments. This is a good alternative if you prefer not to carry too much cash on you.

Most financial institutions offer internet banking, which allows you to check your account balance, pay your bills, and transfer money without needing to visit your branch in person. Financial institutions are usually open during the day, Monday to Friday, and closed on holidays. Some branches are open on evenings and weekends.

5. Other services to consider

Signing up for a credit card

In Canada, banks generally issue one of three credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. Visa and MasterCard are accepted at most major stores and restaurants. Credit cards are convenient, allowing you to make purchases without carrying cash and giving you a grace period before you have to pay for your purchases. Just like your debit card, your credit card will also have a PIN (personal identification number) that you should not share with anyone.

If you consider applying for a credit card, understand the terms and conditions of repayment and be certain you can pay your credit card balance on time when your bill arrives. If you do not pay your credit card bill by the due date, the company will charge you interest on the total amount of the bill, regardless of any amount you paid off over the course of the month. You'll also be charged interest on any purchases made after the due date.

Taking out bank loans and lines of credit

When you set up your account, some banks may offer you a loan or line of credit. If you accept, you may be required to provide some collateral or a safety deposit in the form of cash or goods. This collateral is usually forfeited if you do not make the payments on your loan. Once you start using the credit, you'll be charged a high interest rate if you do not pay it back according to the bank’s payment terms. If you consider a loan, be confident that you can make the payments to avoid financial penalties and discuss the conditions of your loan with the bank advisor.


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TD Bank Review

TD Bank is one of America’s largest banks by assets. It maintains 1,220 branches along the East Coast of the U.S., with footprints in 15 states and Washington, D.C. The bank has more than 150 years of history and serves 9.5 million customers.

TD Bank offers some features and perks that are worthy of attention. If you’re in the market for a new bank account or want to move your personal banking relationship to a different place, TD Bank could be a good fit.

Learn more about how TD Bank may be able to support your personal financial goals. This review focuses on TD Bank’s personal banking services.

Account details and annual percentage yields (APYs) are accurate as of April 6, 2021. TD Bank’s product details, rate and fee information may vary slightly by location. We used the bank’s New York location for this review.

Account Basics


TD Bank offers five checking accounts with different levels of benefits and features.

  • TD Convenience Checking. This is the bank’s standard checking account for everyday banking. The $15 monthly maintenance fee is waived if you keep a minimum daily balance of $100. There’s also no monthly maintenance fee for students aged 17 to 23. This account gives you a debit card, access to online and mobile banking, mobile check deposit, overdraft protection from a connected TD Bank savings account, Zelle to send money, discounts on TD Bank personal loans and home equity loans and other features to manage your financial life.
  • TD Beyond Checking. This is a checking account with more perks and features than Convenience Checking, but you need to have a more significant banking relationship with TD Bank to make it worthwhile. The account charges a $25 monthly maintenance fee. Still, the fee can be waived if you make monthly direct deposits of $5,000 or more, keep a minimum daily balance of $2,500 in the account or have a combined balance of $25,000 across multiple TD Bank accounts. Qualifying customers with the TD Beyond Checking account also get free ATM transactions at non-TD Bank ATMs, two free overdraft fees per year and other perks like free standard checks. The Beyond Checking account also pays interest, but the APY is currently 0.01%.
  • TD 60 Plus Checking. This account is designed for people aged 60 and over. It offers interest (0.01% APY), free checks and no monthly fee if you maintain a minimum daily balance of $250.
  • TD Student Checking. TD Bank’s student checking account offers special perks for students and young adults ages 17 to 23, such as no monthly fee and no minimum deposit.
  • TD Simple Checking. If you want a basic checking account and are willing to pay a monthly fee of $5.99, this account offers a debit card, online banking and other everyday checking account features with no minimum balance requirement.

Whatever age you are, whatever your banking needs may be, TD Bank offers simple checking account options that have helpful features and perks.


TD Bank offers a few savings accounts, with different APYs depending on your minimum account balance and your overall banking relationship.

  • TD Simple Saving. This savings account pays 0.02% APY. There is a $5 monthly maintenance fee for this account, which the bank will waive if you maintain a $300 minimum daily balance or link your savings account to a qualifying TD Bank checking account.
  • TD Beyond Savings. This savings account offers a “relationship bump” rate. You get a slightly higher APY if you have a banking relationship with TD Bank and link other qualifying accounts to your savings account. Beyond Savings requires a $20,000 minimum daily balance; to earn 0.15% APY, the minimum daily balance is $250,000.

TD Bank offers higher APYs to encourage customers to open multiple accounts and do more banking business with them. However, even with its relationship bump, the TD Bank savings account rates are quite low—significantly lower than the best online savings accounts.

Money Market

The TD Growth Money Market account is a tiered interest rate product paying higher APYs on higher balances. You are required to keep a minimum balance of $2,000 in the account to waive the $12 monthly fee. The monthly fee is also waived if you’re 62 or older.

TD offers a slight bump in interest rate when you grow your savings by $50 or more per month. The standard account rate ranges from 0.01% to 0.05% APY, depending on account balance. With the relationship bump rate, the account pays 0.01% to 0.10% APY, depending on account balance.


TD Bank offers certificates of deposit (CDs) with terms ranging from three months to five years. APYs vary by the type of CD, term length and amount of money deposited. Along with TD Choice Promotional CDs, TD Bank has two other CD options:

  • TD No-Catch CDs. This CD gives you one penalty-free withdrawal per term. In case you want more flexibility for when to withdraw your cash from the CD, this CD could be a good option. However, the APY is only 0.05%, which isn’t much better than a TD Bank savings account. Available terms are six months and 12 months.
  • TD Step Rate CDs. This CD gives you one free penalty withdrawal on each anniversary of opening the CD account, and it gives you guaranteed annual APY increases. You can sign up for a three-year term or a five-year term. With a five-year TD Step Rate CD, you get the best APY, which is 0.15%.

Although TD Bank has some interesting options for specific types of CDs, its APYs are quite a bit lower than the best CD rates. If you want the best APY rates for your savings, other banks or credit unions may help you earn more yield on your savings.

Other Banking Products

Besides its personal deposit accounts, TD Bank also offers the following banking products and services for its customers:

  • Credit cards
  • Home equity loans and lines of credit
  • Mortgages
  • Personal loans
  • IRAs
  • Debit cards
  • Prepaid cards
  • Small business products and services
  • Commercial lending and treasury services
  • Investing and wealth management for individuals, families and businesses

Distinguishing Features

TD Bank often has promotional offers for new customers, providing cash bonuses for signing up for specific accounts.

In addition, TD Bank bases its brand on being more convenient than other banks, and “Unexpectedly Human.” The bank offers 24/7 customer service 365 days a year via its mobile app, website or phone at 1-888-751-9000. The bank also encourages customers to reach out via Facebook Messenger and Twitter. Its bank branches are open on Saturdays and Sundays to help people complete banking tasks more conveniently on weekends.

Access on the Go

TD Bank offers more than 1,200 locations and more than 700 ATMs. The TD Bank mobile app has high ratings, with 4.8 stars on the App Store and 4.6 stars on Google Play. Key features of the TD Bank mobile app include:

  • Mobile check deposit
  • Peer-to-peer payment with Zelle
  • Online bill pay
  • View account balances
  • Transfer money between accounts
  • TD ASAP Live Customer Service (available 24/7)

TD Bank cards are also compatible with digital wallets. So, if you are ever on the go without your debit card, you can still make payments via your mobile device.


  • Highly rated mobile app
  • 24/7 customer service via multiple channels
  • Convenient weekend hours at bank branches
  • Checking accounts for students and seniors
  • Offers various types of CDs


  • Low APYs on savings accounts, money market accounts and CDs
  • Monthly fees for some of its accounts

How TD Bank Stacks Up

Like many other major banks, TD Bank is currently operating in a near-zero interest rate environment that makes it hard to offer very compelling APYs on savings accounts, money market accounts and CDs. If you want higher APYs on your savings, you may want to consider an online bank or credit union.

However, if you want the convenience and accessibility of banking at a larger regional bank with a footprint throughout the East Coast, TD Bank offers some valuable features and benefits. The mobile app is highly rated and well designed for everyday banking. It offers convenient features like compatibility with digital wallets, mobile check deposit and the ability to send money with Zelle.

TD Bank is a full-service bank that offers loans, credit cards and other financial products. If you have a checking account with them, it may provide you with a better deal on a personal loan, a mortgage or other financial accounts. It places a strong emphasis on customer service and makes it easy to contact customer service via in-app communication, social media channels, as well as email or phone.

This East Coast bank is worth considering for your personal banking needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, TD Bank is FDIC insured (FDIC #18409). All TD bank accounts are FDIC insured up to $250,000 per depositor, for each account ownership category, in the event of a bank failure.

Where are TD Bank’s locations?

TD Bank has branches and ATMs in 15 U.S. states and Washington, D.C., covering much of the East Coast, Mid-Atlantic and Northeast, stretching from Maine to South Carolina and Florida.

Does TD Bank offer mortgages?

Yes. TD Bank offers mortgages, as well as home equity loans and lines of credit.

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Banking in Canada is reliable and convenient, though not always free. With some research, you can find out which is the best bank in Canada for you.

It’s becoming more common to offer free banking for your first year, so shop around and don’t be afraid to say you will bring your business elsewhere.

Before you decide on a preferred bank, take into consideration which branches are convenient to your home and place of work, what their opening hours are, and who offers the best credit cards in Canada for your needs.

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Which is the best bank in Canada for me?

The ‘Big Five’ banks in Canada all (BMO, CIBC, Scotiabank, TD Canada Trust, RBC) have programs for newcomers, as do other banks including HSBC Bank Canada and National Bank of Canada. These come with special newcomer incentives, so be sure to look into them. The best bank in Canada for you will depend on your specific needs. The banks that’ll be covered in this article are as follows:

  • Bank of Montreal (BMO)
  • CIBC
  • HSBC Canada
  • Scotiabank
  • TD Canada Trust
  • National Bank of Canada


Since 1817, BMO has been helping customers from all walks of life pursue opportunities, navigate challenges, and achieve great things. As Canada’s first bank, BMO is backed by more than 200 years of tried and trusted expertise. BMO is driven by a single purpose — to boldly grow the good in business and life, and that means a sharp focus on building, investing, being a champion for progress, and a catalyst for change.

With more than 12 million customers across personal and commercial banking, wealth management, and investment services, BMO is viewed by many as one of the best banks in Canada. The team has extensive experience in serving newcomers, helping them settle, and getting their new life started in Canada.

Through the BMO NewStart program, you get access to banking products and services which are specifically designed to make life a little easier. BMO offers newcomers (those who have arrived in Canada within the last five years) 12 months of no-monthly-fee banking, first year free safety deposit box, unlimited electronic transfers, and more. Plus, BMO is the only bank with a joint telco offer that gives you bonus cash and 3GB of monthly bonus data for one year with chatr Mobile™, so you get to keep your friends and family close wherever your new life in Canada takes you.

Find out more about what BMO offers here.


In 1961, Canadian Bank of Commerce and the Imperial Bank of Canada merged to form the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, or CIBC as it is more commonly known today.

CIBC’s success as one of the best banks in Canada is tied to its continued and sustained investment in the future. They have recently modernized their banking platforms to enhance their clients’ experience. The consistent execution of their client-focused strategy is paving the way for transformation of how banking is carried out in Canada, and it also enables CIBC to bring the best service possible to their clients. For example, CIBC Mobile Banking® App continues to earn top spot (6th year in a row!) in the Forrester ranking for functionality and user experience.

Moreover, CIBC’s chequing account has evolved over time to meet the needs of its customers. This account will allow you to bank just how you want to bank. In addition, with one of the largest ATM networks across Canada and top-ranked online and mobile banking as well as Apple Pay, all choice is yours. This is especially helpful for newcomers to Canada who will have one less thing to worry about.

Find out more about banking with CIBC here.


HSBC Bank Canada is part of the global HSBC network, with a footprint in many countries across the globe. Their 130+ branches are predominantly located in Canada’s major cities. They offer a service called “Global view”, which is a big draw for people who already have HSBC accounts in other countries, and makes accessing and transferring their money between their personal HSBC accounts worldwide simple.

Find out more about banking with HSBC in Canada.

Moving2Canada has also partnered with HSBC Canada on a range of guides, including:


TD canada trust

With REMITR, you can make international transfers for a flat fee of $5 for business payments, and personal payments are totally free to most countries, regardless of where in the world you’re sending money to.
REMITR was created to make cross-border payments easier, faster and more affordable. There are no hidden service fees and no unfair exchange rates, and when you register now you can start making cross-border transfers for nearly 6x cheaper.

ProviderService FeeExchange RateTotal Cost
TD bank$25 - $100Exchange rate + hidden markup$25 - $100 in service fees + foreign exchange markup + receiving fees charged to recipient
REMITR$0 - $5Real time market exchange rate, updated 24x7$0 - $5 fee Nominal fx markup No receiving fees to be paid by recipient

Fees charged by the bank depend on your account type, which may be a personal account or a small-business account. The information represented here is as taken from the bank website and REMITR website as of end-July 2018. You are advised to verify their current wire transfer rates directly with the bank.


External Transfers FAQs

This service can be used to transfer funds from your accounts at other financial institutions and into your Washington Trust accounts or vice versa.

Once you have added your accounts at other financial institutions and your Washington Trust accounts, you can set up a transfer to or from your Washington Trust accounts.

Any checking or savings account may be used with in the service. Money Markets may also be used; however, you may wish to check with your financial institution to verify if the account can be used. Loan, Brokerage and Business accounts cannot be used within this service.

You can add any account to the service provided you are able to verify ownership by confirming trial transactions.

Access the External Transfers service within Online Banking and click the 'Set Up New Account' link. Simply complete the requested information including Institution Routing Number, Account Number, Type of Account and your Name.

For verification, a small deposit and small withdrawal will be made to each account added to the service within 3 business days. Don't worry - we won't overdraw your account. The deposit will always be more than the withdrawal.

Once the deposit and withdrawal post to your account, return to the 'Manage Accounts' page and click on 'Activate' link. You will be asked to enter the amounts of both transactions. If both values entered are correct, the account(s) will be activated.

Currently, you can use this service to transfers between your accounts.

Yes, you can set up a future-dated, one-time transfer or you can schedule a recurring transfer.

International transfers are not available through this service.

Standard Transfers will be completed within 3 to 5 business days. Expedited Transfers will be completed within 2 business days. Please note, transfers cannot be scheduled to process on Bank Holidays or weekends.

Accounts must be activated before a transfer may be processed. Refer to the 'Manage Accounts' section to determine the current status of an account. If the account is Locked, please contact the Customer Solutions Center at 800-475-2265 for assistance.

Yes, any fees or transaction limits associated with your accounts by individual financial institutions apply to transactions submitted through the External Transfers service.

Please contact the individual financial institution to determine if there are any fees or limits associated with accounts you have added to this service.

You may cancel a transfer by clicking the 'Cancel' link within the Pending Transfers screen. Transfers that list a status other than 'Pending' cannot be cancelled.

You can check the status of your transfer with the service by clicking on the History menu and reviewing the 'Transfer' section.

A Transfer request will be unsuccessful if it cannot be posted to your account. The most common reasons for failed or returned transfers include:

  • Insufficient Funds
  • Closed Account
  • Dollar or Transaction Limits exceeded

You will receive an email regarding the status of your transfer. Please contact the Customer Solution Center 800-475-2265 with any additional questions.

transfer money from bank of america to td canada trust

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