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Old Bank Inn. Adults-only guesthouse in Scott. Welcome to Scott! “Where the West Begins” Circa 1910, This French Eclectic style building was built as The. Home · About Us · Contact · Events · Gallery · Menu · Statcounter. <div class="statcounter"&amp. Great Food, Craft Beer/Cider, Live Music, Good Times!

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Financial Wellness Check-up

Electronic Disclosure Consent Statement

NOTE: Please read this entire disclosure and click “Accept” at the bottom to proceed.

This statement asks for your consent so that we can provide communications and information to you in an electronic format bank of hawaii main branch hours than in paper format. Before you decide whether or not you wish to provide your consent to receiving electronic disclosures, you should read and consider the following information. Then, if you decide to consent, you can click the “Accept” button confirming you have read and agreed to the terms of this disclosure. For your consent to be effective, your computer and browser will need to meet the hardware and software requirements discussed below.

This statement contains important information that we are required by law to provide to you. You should keep a copy for your records. If you have any questions about these disclosures that are not answered, feel free to communicate with us using any of the following contacts:

By mail:

WesBanco Bank, Inc.
Attention: Electronic Banking
One Bank Plaza
Wheeling, WV 26003

By telephone:


Our Online Account Opening Service (the “Service”) along with the required documents and disclosures to open an account on the Service were designed and built to provide records to you in electronic form. You cannot establish an account relationship online without agreeing to receive account agreements and disclosures in electronic form.

If you consent, we will also provide you agreements and other disclosures in an electronic format. These disclosures may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Initial review and approval, along with any updates or amendments to, our Deposit Account Agreement;
  • Initial review and approval old bank initial customer disclosures for account opening including, but not limited to, the Bank’s Overdraft Services Consent Form

Notice of change in account terms;

  • Notice of fee changes;
  • Responses to any questions you may have about electronic funds transfers;
  • Privacy and security notices.

1. How to Obtain Electronic Disclosures (E-Disclosures)

If any amendment(s) to this or other agreements result in an adverse effect upon our customers, we will provide at least 30 days prior notice through a closest 1st convenience bank online message and/or external email alert.

We may also send you an external email notice and/or secure message through the Wells fargo bank one 800 number to inform you where other important disclosures can be viewed on our website or within the Service.

You may download or print all electronic notices and disclosures from your computer if you have the hardware and software described below. You can also financial partners credit union zelle old bank of electronic notices and disclosures to your hard drive or other media for viewing and printing at a later time.

If you have trouble printing or if you need a paper copy for a special situation, you may request a paper copy from us by contacting us through any of the methods listed above. If you need a paper copy of any Edisclosure, we will provide the first copy for free. Charges may apply for additional paper copies.

2. System and Equipment Requirements

Prior to accepting the electronic delivery of disclosures, you should verify that you have the required hardware and software necessary to access the system and retrieve documents and disclosures in an electronic format.

You will need:

  • Internet Access.
  • A computer and Internet browser that can support 128-bit encryption.
  • Adobe Reader software, or a similar utility capable of old bank PDF files.
  • For security purposes, we support the most current version of popular browsers, such as Microsoft Edge, Mozilla/Firefox, Google Chrome or Apple Safari browser. The most current browser versions are typically more secure and will support 128 bit encryption.
  • A printer connected mass gov dua login your computer for printing E-disclosures and/or sufficient hard-drive space or other media (e.g. CD, USB drive) if you plan to save disclosures in an electronic format.
  • An external email address. This is necessary so that we can send you notices when E- disclosures are available on our website or within the Service.

We may revise hardware and software requirements from time-to-time. If there is a material chance that the changes may impact your ability to access the system or E-disclosures, we will notify you of these changes thirty (30) days in advance. At that time, you will be given an opportunity to change the format of your disclosures (e.g. change from an electronic format to paper format) without the imposition of any fees.

3. Cancellation of E-Disclosures

If you consent to receive E-disclosures and later change your mind, you may withdraw your consent and change to paper delivery format.

You can notify us of your intent to cancel E-disclosures by sending us a secure message through the Service, or by contacting us through any of the methods listed above.

If you send us a secure message or write us a letter, please be sure to identify yourself and the applicable accounts.

If you have agreed to receive electronic-only account statements, you can “opt-out” on the “Change Document Delivery Method” page within the Documents section in the Service. After your opt-out request is processed, you will begin receiving paper copies of account statements and additional charges may apply.

4. Address Changes

In order to provide E-disclosures, we must maintain current customer email address at all times. It is your sole responsibility to provide us with your correct contact information, including your email address.

You should notify WesBanco Bank, Inc. of any changes to your personal contact information by calling us at 1-800-905-9043 or you can update your personal information at any of our branch locations. If you wish to notify us electronically, please update your personal information through the Customer Service menu within the Service.

5. Proceed with Acceptance of E-Disclosures

With your acceptance, you agree to accept the Overdraft Services Consent Disclosure and other related account disclosures in an electronic format. You also agree that old bank have the necessary equipment for accessing and viewing the disclosures and you agree to notify us if you change your email address or if you no longer want to receive disclosures electronically.

If you do not want E-disclosures, do not checkmark the box confirming that you agree to the terms within the account opening process. If you do not accept E-disclosures you will not old bank able to continue with establishing your account relationship online.

Источник: https://www.wesbanco.com/

Exchanging old banknotes

With old bank Bank of England

By post

You can always exchange withdrawn notes with us by post.

Be aware the banknotes are sent at your own risk. So please take appropriate measures to insure against loss or theft.

Please complete a postal exchange form for individuals or businesses (available below). Send it with your banknote(s) and photocopies of ID (one photo ID and one proof of address) for any exchange (mandatory for any exchange of £700 or more) to Department NEX, Bank of England, Threadneedle Street, London EC2R 8AH. To check what we accept please see ‘Identification and proof of address’ below.

We can pay your money into a bank account (normally within ten working days), by cheque or, if you live in the UK and your exchange is worth less than £50, in new banknotes. We do not send banknotes overseas.

For payments to an overseas bank account, please provide the BIC/SWIFT Code and IBAN or Account number. Please note we can only pay into accounts that accept sterling (GBP). We do not charge for this service. However your bank or their intermediaries may charge you.

If we are unable to make an electronic payment, we will send a sterling cheque payable to you. We will always cash the cheque if presented at the Bank of England counter. Please give us 24 hours' notice if you wish to cash the cheque at our counter.

If you are an individual

To exchange your banknotes by post, please fill out the banknote exchanges application form and send it to us with the banknotes along with copies of your photo ID and proof of address.

If you are a business

To exchange your banknotes by post, please fill out the business banknote exchanges application form and send it to us along with:

  1. old bank A covering letter on headed company paper containing the following: 
    • the company name
    • registered company number
    • registered office in country of incorporation
    • the full address for the business
    • preferred payment type – if this is a bank account, please provide the sort code and account number.
  2. A copy of photo ID and proof of address for the person signing the covering letter.

The Bank of England counter

The Bank of England Counter at Threadneedle Street, London, EC2R 8AH is currently open from 9.30am to 3pm Monday to Friday. It is closed at the weekend and on bank holidays. Unless you require your banknotes immediately, we would suggest sending your banknotes via the post.

The Bank of England counter can have long queues and waiting times may be up to an hour. Due to social distancing measures in place behind our Counter, we are operating on two tills.

Please note the Bank’s Counter will be closed on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.

Safety measures in place 

Additional Security measures are currently in place and access will only be permitted to the individual who is exchanging banknotes, we will ask members of your party or family to wait outside the building. Your bags will be searched and we request that liquids, bikes, scooters and motor cycle or bike helmets are not brought into the building.

We ask that customers wear a face covering and observe social distancing while in the building and remain two meters apart where possible. Please do not visit the Bank of England if you are supposed to be isolating or in quarantine after international travel.

Exchanging banknotes in person

You may be asked to complete a form and need to provide two original identity (ID) documents (one photo ID and one proof of address) for any exchange (mandatory for any exchange of £700 or more). To check what we access, please see ‘Identification we accept’ below.

Before the exchange is complete you may be asked to provide more information or evidence to support the origin of the banknotes. If the money forms part of an estate, you need to provide copies of death certificate, wills or grant of probate.

We will give you new banknotes or pay the money into your bank account (normally within 10 working days). Please note we can only pay into accounts that accept payments in sterling (GBP). We do not charge for this service, however your bank or their intermediaries may charge you.

If you are exchanging the banknotes on behalf of someone else, you need to provide us with an original signed letter of authority from the owner, naming you and stating how they would like to be paid. You need to provide two forms of ID for both you and the owner of the banknotes.

If you are exchanging on behalf of a business, you need to bring the following with you:

  1. Original photo ID and proof of address for you.
  2. An original letter of authority naming you and signed by a representative of the company on headed paper. The letter must contain the following:
  3. A copy of photo ID and proof of address for the representative who signed the letter.


There are steps at our front entrance on Threadneedle Street so we have a button to call for assistance next to the steps. It’s on the bottom left handrail at wheelchair level.

A portable writing table (eazydesk) is available for wheelchair users. Please ask a member of staff if you would like to use it. 

An induction loop is available at the counter.

Identification and proof of address

We accept the following identity documents and reserve the right to request identification and proof of address for an exchange of any value:

  • valid passport
  • valid photo card driving licence (full or provisional)
  • national identity card (if you are a non-UK national)
  • firearm or shotgun certificate.

We accept the following as proof of address:

  • valid photocard driving licence (full or provisional) – if you haven’t used this as proof of ID
  • electoral register entry
  • utility bill or certificate from utility supplier (dated within the past six months)
  • Council Tax bill (dated within the past six months)
  • bank, building society or credit union statement or passbook (dated within the past six months)
  • most recent mortgage statement
  • local council rent card or tenancy agreement
  • benefits book or letter from the benefits agency (dated within the past six months)
  • telephone bill (excluding mobile phones, dated within the past six months)
  • credit card bill (dated within the past six months)
  • HM Revenue and Customs tax notification (dated within the past six months)
  • Jobcentre Plus letter confirming your National Insurance number

Banknote Exchanges terms and conditions

We may keep your banknotes to carry out additional checks if we need to.

The Bank may request additional or supplemental information in order to satisfy its security checks. These checks are to enable to Bank to comply with anti-money laundering and sanctions obligations.

The Bank will advise you about the information you need to provide given the circumstances of your exchange. Before the exchange is complete you may be asked to provide more information or evidence to support the origin of the banknotes. For example, if the money forms part of an estate, you need to provide copies of death certificate, wills or grant of probate. We won’t be able to process the exchange until we have all the information we list of house plants and you should allow time for our checks to be completed.

If you are bringing €10,000 (or sterling equivalent) or more in banknotes into the UK from any non-EU country, these must be declared on entry to the UK.

Additional information

Источник: https://www.bankofengland.co.uk/banknotes/exchanging-old-banknotes

Old Bank of England

The Old Bank of England is now managed by McMullen & Sons Old bank Brewers

One of the most stunning pub interiors in the city of London now with a new lease of life, paired with honest pub grub and fantastic, Dallas food stamp office near me brewed beers. Welcome to the Old Bank of England!

Our pub resides in the old Law Court’s branch of the previous Bank of England which operated from 1888 to 1975, although you may not be able to get a loan with us you are bound to receive attentive service, and a unique experience in the country’s capital. The location is also famously directly between Sweeney Todd's barber shop and Mrs Lovett's pie shop!

Our vintage Routemaster Bus is available for private hire, a truly unique experience in the heart of Fleet Street.

Local Attractions:

St Paul's Cathedral – 10 Minutes walk
Covent Garden – 8 Minutes walk
Thames River –6 minutes walk

Temple Underground station – 8 minute walk
Blackfriars Underground station – 10 minutes walk

The team look forward to seeing you soon,



Christmas Eve: 12:00-23:00

Christmas Day: CLOSED

Boxing Day: CLOSED

New Year's Eve: 12:00-01:00

New Year's Day: TBC

  • Free Wifi
  • Follow us on Facebook,
  • Sign up to our Mac's Family for exclusive deals, news, and birthday treats!
Booking T&C's

Keep in Touch

Источник: https://www.mcmullens.co.uk/oldbankofengland

Adam has always believed that truly knowing and understanding his ingredients, knowing what’s in season then sourcing the best quality available, is vital for him to create old bank food he loves. He also believes in sharing this knowledge with his team, taking his junior chefs to see ingredients at their source and old bank how they’re grown, farmed and nurtured.

Adam's passion for food began growing up in his parents’ pubs around the Sevenoaks area. After attending Westminster College in London he took a position at the Wentworth Golf Club. He old bank three years there working under Mark Flannagan (now Executive Chef at Buckingham Palace for Her Majesty the Queen) He then moved to The Waterside Inn, Bray, a 3 Michelin Star restaurant. Where he was mentored by the world wide acclaimed chefs Michel Roux Senior and his son Alain.

He then spent 10 years as Head Chef at Bluebells Restaurant in Sunningdale, claiming numerous accolades and awards.

Adam has recently been named Kent Life Magazine’s 2020 Chef of the Year!

Источник: paul f tompkins merch

Castro's 99-year-old Bank of America Building listed for sale

The historic 99-year-old Bank of America building (400 Castro St.) at the corner of Castro and Market streets has been listed for sale for an undisclosed price.

Built in 1922 as a branch of the Bank of Italy, the bank would later become Bank of America.

The building is currently home to indoor cycling studio SoulCycle and laser hair removal service LaserAway (410 Castro). SoulCycle's lease is set to expire in July 2030 and LaserAway's lease expires in June 2028.

Aerial photo of 400 Castro St.

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