time in bremen germany

Bremen (Germany) prayer time for any date. Namaz timing and timetable, muslim holidays calendar 2021-2022, Qibla direction (online map). Get prayer times in Bremen. Calculate Islamic namaz timing in Bremen, Germany for Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib and Isha. Special: Current Date, Time & Weather in Bremen / Germany, Sonnenauf- und Untergang, Themen: Weltzeit, Sommerzeit, Kalender, Wetter, Mondkalender. time in bremen germany

: Time in bremen germany

Time in bremen germany
Time in bremen germany
Time in bremen germany
Time in bremen germany

Current local time in Bremen, Germany


Friday, November 26, 2021 (CET) UTC+01:00

Sun: ↑ 08:08 ↓ 16:16 (8 h 8 m)

CET walmart family t mobile pay bill Central European Time (UTC+1)
CEST- Central European Summer Time (UTC+1)
+01:00 hours during Central European Time, currently in use.
Daylight saving time 2021 in Bremen begins at March 28 at 01:00 AM, Set your clock forward 1 hour. It ends at October 31 at 01:00 AM, Set your clock back 1 hour.

Bremen Information

Time in bremen germany you planning a trip or online meeting to Bremen? Just confirming the current local time? Bremen is a city in Germany with a population of 546501 people. The Euro is the official currency, The international dialing codes is 49, that lies in Longitude 53.0752 and Latitude 8.80777. Bremen follows Central European Time with an UTC offset of UTC +01:00. Bremen does not follow daylight saving time. The Bremen Time Zone Converter helps you to convert Bremen time to local time in other time zones.

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As COVID-19 cases surge, Germany, Austria close many Christmas markets

A day later, it was announced that the whole of Austria would go into a three-week lockdown — and that, for the second consecutive year, all Christmas markets, hotels and retail stores would have to close until Dec. 13; it was unclear whether they would be able to open again.

In Germany, the Bavaria and Saxony regulations hit some of the oldest and most traditional Christmas markets in Germany. Saxony has the lowest vaccination rate in Germany — just 58% of the population is fully vaccinated, and it is home to many anti-vaxxers.

Holger Zastrow, organizer of various Dresden Christmas markets, told the local MDR broadcaster: "I am very disappointed. I have never experienced anything so ignorant and insensitive."

Zastrow said he was worried that the Christmas culture in Saxony was being lost. He said he believes the area is the authentic motherland of Christmas. He said he sees Christmas not in terms of religion, but in terms of century-old customs.

In Berlin, only a few big markets opened Nov. 22 under stringent conditions. Since the 2016 terrorist attack on Berlin's Breitscheidplatz, the Berlin markets have had concrete barriers and an increased deployment of security personnel.

In Osnabrück, Bishop Franz-Josef Bode called on people get vaccinated against COVID-19. He opened church premises for public vaccination campaigns.

"Getting vaccinated against coronavirus is a moral obligation for everyone — unless there are health reasons for not doing so. We have a responsibility not only to ourselves, but also to our neighbors," the bishop said. "Those who do not get vaccinated should consider that they are harming the weakest in society."

On Nov. 22, the permanent council of the German bishops' conference met in Würzburg. Afterward, it issued a statement saying bishops were witnessing "the progression of the fourth wave of the coronavirus pandemic taking place at a pace that is almost unstoppable. The incidence figures, new infections and deaths are reaching frightening proportions."

"We strongly urge Catholics and all people in our country to get vaccinated, to the fullest extent possible. Vaccinating in time in bremen germany pandemic is an obligation of justice, solidarity and charity. From an ethical point of view, it is a moral duty. We must protect ourselves and others," the statement said.

Источник: https://www.ncronline.org/news/coronavirus/covid-19-cases-surge-germany-austria-close-many-christmas-markets

Current Local time in Bremen, Germany

Question: What time is it in Bremen? Answer: Bremen is located in "CET" time zone [*1] (GMT offset in hours: +1) and daylight saving time is NOT active ⇒ Current Local time is (in moment when this page 2020 jaguar f pace seating capacity generated): Friday, 26. November 2021, 01:29Refresh page if necessary

Time change

Bremen will switch to Summer time (daylight savings time = DST) at 02:00, Sunday, 27 March 2022. Clock set: +1 h. Time left: 121 day, 0 hour(s), 30 minutes. (in moment when this time in bremen germany is generated)

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Bremen info:
Currency:EUR, Euro
Population:≈ 546 501 = 6.681‰ DEU Population
Elevation:≈ 18 m
GPS coordinates53° 4' 30.6" North, 8° 48' 28" East
Distance from * Equator:5901.4 km (3667 mi)
Distance from * North pole:4105.7 km (2551.1 mi)
Languages: [*2]German
AC power plug230 V • 50 Hz • C,F [*3]

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Time in Bremen, Germany now



Friday, November 26, 2021, week 47

Black Friday

Sun: ↑ 08:08 ↓ 16:16 (8h 8m)More info

Time zone

  • Currently Central European Time (CET), UTC +1
  • Daylight saving time (Central European Summer Time (CEST), UTC +2) starts March 27, 2022

The IANA time zone identifier for Bremen is Europe/Berlin.

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Sunrise, sunset, day length and solar time for Bremen

  • Sunrise: 08:08
  • Sunset: 16:16
  • Day length: 8h 8m
  • Solar noon: 12:12
  • The current local time in Bremen is 12 minutes ahead of apparent solar time.

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Bremen on the map

  • Location: Germany
  • Latitude: 53.08. Longitude: 8.81
  • Population: 547,000

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Sunrise Sunset Times of Bremen, Germany

Current Time:

2021-11-26 01:29:18

Sunrise Today:

08:08:53 AM

Sunset Today:

04:15:51 PM

Daylength Today:

8h 6m 58s

Sunrise Tomorrow:

08:10:29 AM

Sunset Tomorrow:

04:14:54 PM

Daylength Tomorrow:

8h 4m 25s

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05/07/202105:38:19 AM09:04:38 PM15h 26m 19s
05/08/202105:36:30 AM09:06:21 PM15h 29m 51s
05/09/202105:34:43 AM09:08:03 PM15h 33m 20s
05/10/202105:32:58 AM09:09:44 PM15h 36m 46s
05/11/202105:31:15 AM09:11:25 PM15h 40m 10s
05/12/202105:29:33 AM09:13:04 PM15h 43m 31s
05/13/202105:27:54 AM09:14:43 PM15h 46m 49s
05/14/202105:26:16 AM09:16:21 PM15h 50m 5s
05/15/202105:24:41 AM09:17:58 PM15h 53m 17s
05/16/202105:23:08 AM09:19:34 PM15h 56m 26s
05/17/202105:21:37 AM09:21:09 PM15h 59m 32s
05/18/202105:20:08 AM09:22:43 PM16h 2m 35s
05/19/202105:18:42 AM09:24:16 PM16h 5m 34s
05/20/202105:17:18 AM09:25:47 PM16h 8m 29s
05/21/202105:15:56 AM09:27:17 PM16h 11m 21s
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05/28/202105:07:37 AM09:37:02 PM16h 29m 25s
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05/30/202105:05:40 AM09:39:33 PM16h 33m 53s
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06/05/202105:00:59 AM09:46:12 PM16h 45m 13s
06/06/202105:00:23 AM09:47:10 PM16h 46m 47s
06/07/202104:59:51 AM09:48:05 PM16h 48m 14s
06/08/202104:59:21 AM09:48:57 PM16h 49m 36s
06/09/202104:58:55 AM09:49:47 PM16h 50m 52s
06/10/202104:58:32 AM09:50:34 PM16h 52m 2s
06/11/202104:58:13 AM09:51:18 PM16h 53m 5s
06/12/202104:57:57 AM09:51:59 PM16h 54m 2s
06/13/202104:57:44 AM09:52:37 PM16h 54m 53s
06/14/202104:57:35 AM09:53:12 PM16h 55m 37s
06/15/202104:57:29 AM09:53:43 PM16h 56m 14s
06/16/202104:57:26 AM09:54:12 PM16h 56m 46s
06/17/202104:57:27 AM09:54:37 PM16h 57m 10s
06/18/202104:57:31 AM09:55:00 PM16h 57m 29s
06/19/202104:57:38 AM09:55:18 PM16h 57m 40s
06/20/202104:57:49 AM09:55:34 PM16h 57m 45s
06/21/202104:58:03 AM09:55:46 PM16h 57m 43s
06/22/202104:58:20 AM09:55:55 PM16h 57m 35s
06/23/202104:58:40 AM09:56:00 PM16h 57m 20s
06/24/202104:59:04 AM09:56:03 PM16h 56m 59s
06/25/202104:59:30 AM09:56:01 PM16h 56m 31s
06/26/202105:00:00 AM09:55:56 PM16h 55m 56s
06/27/202105:00:33 AM09:55:48 PM16h 55m 15s
06/28/202105:01:09 AM09:55:37 PM16h 54m 28s
06/29/202105:01:48 AM09:55:22 PM16h 53m 34s
06/30/202105:02:30 AM09:55:04 PM16h 52m 34s
07/01/202105:03:15 AM09:54:42 PM16h 51m 27s
07/02/202105:04:02 AM09:54:17 PM16h 50m 15s
07/03/202105:04:52 AM09:53:48 PM16h 48m 56s
07/04/202105:05:45 AM09:53:17 PM16h 47m 32s
07/05/202105:06:41 AM09:52:42 PM16h 46m 1s
07/06/202105:07:39 AM09:52:04 PM16h 44m 25s
07/07/202105:08:39 AM09:51:22 PM16h 42m 43s
07/08/202105:09:42 AM09:50:38 PM16h 40m 56s
07/09/202105:10:47 AM09:49:50 PM16h 39m 3s
07/10/202105:11:54 AM09:49:00 PM16h 37m 6s
07/11/202105:13:04 AM09:48:06 PM16h 35m 2s
07/12/202105:14:15 AM09:47:09 PM16h 32m 54s
07/13/202105:15:29 AM09:46:09 PM16h 30m 40s
07/14/202105:16:44 AM09:45:07 PM16h 28m 23s
07/15/202105:18:02 AM09:44:01 PM16h 25m 59s
07/16/202105:19:21 AM09:42:53 PM16h 23m 32s
07/17/202105:20:41 AM09:41:42 PM16h 21m 1s
07/18/202105:22:04 AM09:40:29 PM16h 18m 25s
07/19/202105:23:27 AM09:39:12 PM16h 15m 45s
07/20/202105:24:53 AM09:37:54 PM16h 13m 1s
07/21/202105:26:19 AM09:36:32 PM16h 10m 13s
07/22/202105:27:47 AM09:35:09 PM16h 7m 22s
07/23/202105:29:16 AM09:33:42 PM16h 4m 26s
07/24/202105:30:47 AM09:32:14 PM16h 1m 27s
07/25/202105:32:18 AM09:30:43 PM15h 58m 25s
07/26/202105:33:51 AM09:29:10 PM15h 55m 19s
07/27/202105:35:24 AM09:27:35 PM15h 52m 11s
07/28/202105:36:59 AM09:25:58 PM15h 48m 59s
07/29/202105:38:34 AM09:24:18 PM15h 45m 44s
07/30/202105:40:10 AM09:22:37 PM15h 42m 27s
07/31/202105:41:47 AM09:20:53 PM15h 39m 6s
08/01/202105:43:24 AM09:19:08 PM15h 35m 44s
08/02/202105:45:02 AM09:17:21 PM15h 32m 19s
08/03/202105:46:41 AM09:15:32 PM15h 28m 51s
08/04/202105:48:20 AM09:13:42 PM15h 25m 22s
08/05/202105:50:00 AM09:11:49 PM15h 21m 49s
08/06/202105:51:40 AM09:09:56 PM15h 18m 16s
08/07/202105:53:20 AM09:08:00 PM15h 14m 40s
08/08/202105:55:01 AM09:06:03 PM15h 11m 2s
08/09/202105:56:42 AM09:04:04 PM15h 7m 22s
08/10/202105:58:24 AM09:02:05 PM15h 3m 41s
08/11/202106:00:06 AM09:00:03 PM14h 59m 57s
08/12/202106:01:48 AM08:58:01 PM14h 56m 13s
08/13/202106:03:30 AM08:55:57 PM14h 52m 27s
08/14/202106:05:12 AM08:53:51 PM14h 48m 39s
08/15/202106:06:54 AM08:51:45 PM14h 44m 51s
08/16/202106:08:37 AM08:49:37 PM14h 41m 0s
08/17/202106:10:20 AM08:47:29 PM14h 37m 9s
08/18/202106:12:02 AM08:45:19 PM14h 33m 17s
08/19/202106:13:45 AM08:43:08 PM14h 29m 23s
08/20/202106:15:28 AM08:40:56 PM14h 25m 28s
08/21/202106:17:11 AM08:38:43 PM14h 21m 32s
08/22/202106:18:54 AM08:36:29 PM14h 17m 35s
08/23/202106:20:37 AM08:34:15 PM14h 13m 38s
08/24/202106:22:20 AM08:31:59 PM14h 9m 39s
08/25/202106:24:03 AM08:29:43 PM14h 5m 40s
08/26/202106:25:46 AM08:27:26 PM14h 1m 40s
08/27/202106:27:28 AM08:25:08 PM13h 57m 40s
08/28/202106:29:11 AM08:22:50 PM13h 53m 39s
08/29/202106:30:54 AM08:20:31 PM13h 49m 37s
08/30/202106:32:37 AM08:18:11 PM13h 45m 34s
08/31/202106:34:19 AM08:15:50 PM13h 41m 31s
09/01/202106:36:02 AM08:13:30 PM13h 37m 28s
09/02/202106:37:45 AM08:11:08 PM13h 33m 23s
09/03/202106:39:27 AM08:08:46 PM13h 29m 19s
09/04/202106:41:10 AM08:06:24 PM13h 25m 14s
09/05/202106:42:53 AM08:04:01 PM13h 21m 8s
09/06/202106:44:35 AM08:01:37 PM13h 17m 2s
09/07/202106:46:18 AM07:59:14 PM13h 12m 56s
09/08/202106:48:00 AM07:56:50 PM13h 8m 50s
09/09/202106:49:43 AM07:54:26 PM13h 4m 43s
09/10/202106:51:25 AM07:52:01 PM13h 0m 36s
09/11/202106:53:08 AM07:49:36 PM12h 56m 28s
09/12/202106:54:50 AM07:47:11 PM12h 52m 21s
09/13/202106:56:33 AM07:44:46 PM12h 48m 13s
09/14/202106:58:16 AM07:42:20 PM12h 44m 4s
09/15/202106:59:58 AM07:39:55 PM12h 39m 57s
09/16/202107:01:41 AM07:37:29 PM12h 35m 48s
09/17/202107:03:24 AM07:35:03 PM12h 31m 39s
09/18/202107:05:07 AM07:32:38 PM12h 27m 31s
09/19/202107:06:50 AM07:30:12 PM12h 23m 22s
09/20/202107:08:33 AM07:27:46 PM12h 19m 13s
09/21/202107:10:16 AM07:25:20 PM12h 15m 4s
09/22/202107:12:00 AM07:22:55 PM12h 10m 55s
09/23/202107:13:43 AM07:20:29 PM12h 6m 46s
09/24/202107:15:27 AM07:18:04 PM12h 2m 37s
09/25/202107:17:11 AM07:15:38 PM11h 58m 27s
09/26/202107:18:55 AM07:13:13 PM11h 54m 18s
09/27/202107:20:39 AM07:10:48 PM11h 50m 9s
09/28/202107:22:24 AM07:08:24 PM11h 46m 0s
09/29/202107:24:08 AM07:05:59 PM11h 41m 51s
09/30/202107:25:53 AM07:03:35 PM11h 37m 42s
10/01/202107:27:38 AM07:01:11 PM11h 33m 33s
10/02/202107:29:24 AM06:58:48 PM11h 29m 24s
10/03/202107:31:09 AM06:56:25 PM11h 25m 16s
10/04/202107:32:55 AM06:54:02 PM11h 21m 7s
10/05/202107:34:42 AM06:51:40 PM11h 16m 58s
10/06/202107:36:28 AM06:49:19 PM11h 12m 51s
10/07/202107:38:15 AM06:46:58 PM11h 8m 43s
10/08/202107:40:02 AM06:44:37 PM11h 4m 35s
10/09/202107:41:49 AM06:42:17 PM11h 0m 28s
10/10/202107:43:37 AM06:39:58 PM10h 56m 21s
10/11/202107:45:25 AM06:37:39 PM10h 52m 14s
10/12/202107:47:13 AM06:35:21 PM10h 48m 8s
10/13/202107:49:02 AM06:33:04 PM10h 44m 2s
10/14/202107:50:51 AM06:30:47 PM10h 39m 56s
10/15/202107:52:40 AM06:28:32 PM10h 35m 52s
10/16/202107:54:29 AM06:26:17 PM10h 31m 48s
10/17/202107:56:19 AM06:24:03 PM10h 27m 44s
10/18/202107:58:09 AM06:21:50 PM10h 23m 41s
10/19/202108:00:00 AM06:19:38 PM10h 19m 38s
10/20/202108:01:51 AM06:17:27 PM10h 15m 36s
10/21/202108:03:42 AM06:15:17 PM10h 11m 35s
10/22/202108:05:33 AM06:13:08 PM10h 7m 35s
10/23/202108:07:24 AM06:11:00 PM10h 3m 36s
10/24/202108:09:16 AM06:08:53 PM9h 59m 37s
10/25/202108:11:08 AM06:06:48 PM9h 55m 40s
10/26/202108:13:00 AM06:04:43 PM9h 51m 43s
10/27/202108:14:53 AM06:02:40 PM9h 47m 47s
10/28/202108:16:45 AM06:00:39 PM9h 43m 54s
10/29/202108:18:38 AM05:58:39 PM9h 40m 1s
10/30/202108:20:31 AM05:56:40 PM9h 36m 9s
10/31/202107:22:28 AM04:54:38 PM9h 32m 10s
11/01/202107:24:21 AM04:52:42 PM9h 28m 21s
11/02/202107:26:14 AM04:50:48 PM9h 24m 34s
11/03/202107:28:07 AM04:48:55 PM9h 20m 48s
11/04/202107:30:00 AM04:47:05 PM9h 17m 5s
11/05/202107:31:53 AM04:45:16 PM9h 13m 23s
11/06/202107:33:46 AM04:43:28 PM9h 9m 42s
11/07/202107:35:38 AM04:41:43 PM9h 6m 5s
11/08/202107:37:31 AM04:40:00 PM9h 2m 29s
11/09/202107:39:23 AM04:38:18 PM8h 58m 55s
11/10/202107:41:14 AM04:36:39 PM8h 55m 25s
11/11/202107:43:05 AM04:35:01 PM8h 51m 56s
11/12/202107:44:56 AM04:33:26 PM8h 48m 30s
11/13/202107:46:46 AM04:31:53 PM8h 45m 7s
11/14/202107:48:36 AM04:30:23 PM8h 41m 47s
11/15/202107:50:25 AM04:28:54 PM8h 38m 29s
11/16/202107:52:14 AM04:27:28 PM8h 35m 14s
11/17/202107:54:01 AM04:26:05 PM8h 32m 4s
11/18/202107:55:48 AM04:24:44 PM8h 28m 56s
11/19/202107:57:34 AM04:23:25 PM8h 25m 51s
11/20/202107:59:18 AM04:22:10 PM8h 22m 52s
11/21/202108:01:02 AM04:20:57 PM8h 19m 55s
11/22/202108:02:45 AM04:19:46 PM8h 17m 1s
11/23/202108:04:26 AM04:18:39 PM8h 14m 13s
11/24/202108:06:06 AM04:17:34 PM8h 11m 28s
11/25/202108:07:44 AM04:16:33 PM8h 8m 49s
11/26/202108:09:21 AM04:15:34 PM8h 6m 13s
11/27/202108:10:56 AM04:14:39 PM8h 3m 43s
11/28/202108:12:30 AM04:13:46 PM8h 1m 16s
11/29/202108:14:02 AM04:12:57 PM7h 58m 55s
11/30/202108:15:31 AM04:12:11 PM7h 56m 40s
12/01/202108:16:59 AM04:11:28 PM7h 54m 29s
12/02/202108:18:25 AM04:10:49 PM7h 52m 24s
12/03/202108:19:49 AM04:10:13 PM7h 50m 24s
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12/06/202108:23:46 AM04:08:46 PM7h 45m 0s
12/07/202108:25:00 AM04:08:23 PM7h 43m 23s
12/08/202108:26:11 AM04:08:05 PM7h 41m 54s
12/09/202108:27:20 AM04:07:50 PM7h 40m 30s
12/10/202108:28:26 AM04:07:39 PM7h 39m 13s
12/11/202108:29:29 AM04:07:31 PM7h 38m 2s
12/12/202108:30:29 AM04:07:27 PM7h 36m 58s
12/13/202108:31:26 AM04:07:27 PM7h 36m 1s
12/14/202108:32:20 AM04:07:30 PM7h 35m 10s
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12/19/202108:36:01 AM04:08:43 PM7h 32m 42s
12/20/202108:36:35 AM04:09:08 PM7h 32m 33s
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12/25/202108:38:32 AM04:12:09 PM7h 33m 37s
12/26/202108:38:45 AM04:12:55 PM7h 34m 10s
12/27/202108:38:54 AM04:13:45 PM7h 34m 51s
12/28/202108:38:59 AM04:14:38 PM7h 35m 39s
12/29/202108:39:01 AM04:15:35 PM7h 36m 34s
12/30/202108:38:59 AM04:16:34 PM7h 37m 35s
12/31/202108:38:54 AM04:17:37 PM7h 38m 43s

Sunrise & Sunset Photos

sunset sonnenuntergang sunsetinmycity

sunset in my city

sunset germany bremen riverweser

wish you all a leisurely sunday!


glowing in the sunset

sunset sky night germany colorful vivid bremen crude

A crude sky

sunset germany bremen riverweser

the night came on

light sunset shadow germany de fire licht sonnenuntergang bremen feuer lightshadow lichtschatten sonnenunterganganderweser sunsetattheriverweser


light sunset fire licht spider nikon spiderweb rope september spinne tau feuer sonnenaufgang 2012 spinnennetz morgentau seil frühermorgen d7000

The Sky is on Fire [Explored]

sunset bird explore inexplore explore20150126 morethan500favs

sunset and a surprise (explore 2015-01-26)

blue sky color colour clouds river germany de gulls himmel wolken bremen weser blau fluss möwen stormclouds sturmwolken riverweser flussweser sturmfelix stormfelix thedayafterthestormfelix dertagnachdemsturmfelix

After the storm.

trees sunset black sonnenuntergang gelb bäume schwarz feldern

Sonnenuntergang über den Feldern (Explore # 63)

sunset river germany de explore bremen weser inexplore sonnenunterganganderweser sunsetattheriverweser explore20150108

where do seagulls sleep at night? (explored)

schnee winter sunset snow germany deutschland nieve alemania invierno bremen osterdeich

Sunset behind Cafe Sand

sky horse nature silhouette sunrise licht nebel natur earlymorning himmel september fantasy sonnenaufgang pferd 2012 fantasie phantasie frühermorgen

Wirklichkeit oder Fantasie? [Explored]

sunset birds plane


sunset germany sonnenuntergang bikes bremen weser radtour fahrräder abendsonne weserufer

Cycling home

camera trees sunset sun nature fog nebel power natur wiese sonne sonnenaufgang morgen baum wümme deich niedersachsen strommast unbearbeitet sonyalpha flickraward

Morning has broken

sky nature weather landscape amazing saturated colorful canvas mobilephotography

The vivid canvas

seagull gull möwe larusridibundus blackheadedgull lachmöwe specanimal sunset2012015

viewing the sunset

sunset nikon sonnenuntergang cloudy nikkor 18mm wolkig 105mm d90

cloudy sunset

sunrise cows sonnenaufgang kühe

Cows in the fog

sunset summer orange silhouette geotagged nikon sonnenuntergang sommer gelb dämmerung juli bremen schwarz gegenlicht distel dunkelheit disteln niedersachsen leuchten d7000 parklinksderweser abendlicherspaziergang blumenimsonnenuntergang

Silhouette im Gegenlicht [Explored]

park wood light shadow sun tree nature sunrise landscape scenery bremen bürgerpark parkhotel

Early morning sun

street city sunset sky beautiful sunrise germany skyscape cityscape sonnenuntergang sunny bremen ohz osterholzscharmbeck osterholz scharmbeck

City sunset

light sky travelling <b>time in bremen germany</b> beautiful sunrise germany de deutschland licht europe colours gare himmel bahnhof railwaystation bremen tones farben togstasjon treinstation schön beautifulmorning 火车站 estaçãodetrem junaasema 火車站 estacióndetrenes trenistasyonu 鉄道の駅 stazioneferroviaria tågstation תחנתרכבת dworzeckolejowy togstation 기차역 stasiunkeretaapi σιδηροδρομικόσσταθμόσ željezničkikolodvor железнодорожныйвокзал محطةالقطار fervojastacidomo रेलवेस्टेशन දුම්රියස්ථානය lestarstöðin vasútállomáshoz theworldisstillinorder

.the world is still in order

sunrise inthemorningatseven

In the morning at seven.

sunrise deutschland tracks trains db bunker bremen gröpelingen güterverkehrsbahnhof

Morning view at work

morning fog sunrise 50mm nikon nebel nikkor sonnenaufgang niedersachsen morgennebel 052 frühnebel osterholz 365days 365project lesumstotel

good morning [052/365]

pink blue trees winter light sky sun snow color tree bird nature birds sunrise photography frozen photo photos morningsun sunrisetodayinmycity

sunrise today in my city

square squareformat mayfair iphoneography instagramapp uploaded:by=instagram

#goodmorning #badmood #sunrise

winter orange sun black reflection public silhouette yellow contrast sunrise river germany landscape geotagged deutschland gold golden ship gimp creativecommons bremen weser riverbank fluss 2008 sunbeam soe barge magicmoments orton naturesfinest binnenschiff supershot byncsa abigfave anawesomeshot diamondclassphotographer cosmonautirussi ysplix betterthangood theperfectphotographer goldstaraward iamflickr natureselegantshots morningmoodattheriver inlandnavigationvessel idalenahamburg

Morning Mood at the River

city light sunset sky art sunrise germany photo outdoor bremen

Golden Sun

morning light orange sun sunlight black bird nature public birds animals yellow backlight mi contrast sunrise cutout landscape geotagged golden morninglight flying singing flight pop minimal simplicity creativecommons bremen minimalism 2008 morgen 2009 blackbird silhoutte blackbirds contrejour treetop reduced twobirds earlylight morgenstunde viertel osterdeich topofthetree bync morgenstundhatgoldimmund cosmonautirussi ccbync tamebirdsaresingingoffreedomwildbirdsfly zahmevögelsingenvonfreiheitwildevögelfliegen earlylightoftheday

Two Birds

square squareformat normal iphoneography instagramapp uploaded:by=instagram foursquare:venue=4ce4e97e637c6ea8dff45a42

Er steht noch. #Bremen #Fallturm #Sunrise #clouds #sky #skyview #cloudporn #cameraplus

sunrise germany deutschland railway bremen sonnenaufgang gröpelingen

The last autum sun.

morning mist fog sunrise dawn photo haze break foto nebel shot sebastian pics picture pic photograph dämmerung bremen bild predawn morgen morgens nappi morgendämmerung exhalation morgengrauen krong breakofdawn camera:make=canon camera:model=canoneos400ddigital exif:exposurebias=0ev exif:isospeed=100 exif:exposure=025sec14 sebastiannapierkowski exif:aperture=f40 exif:focallength=200mm exif:flash=offdidnotfire napierkowski meta:exif=1287424936

Morgendämmerung - 5

city winter light sky color nature mobile clouds sunrise germany photo outdoor bremen modification effect apps iphone hipstamatic

Morning Sky

germany deutschland tracks trains bremen gröpelingen

Gröpelingen Sunrise

sunrise germany railway trains bremen sonnenaufgang gröpelingen

The railway is quite in Germany 2014.11

square squareformat iphoneography instagramapp uploaded:by=instagram

cold morning

primavera <i>time in bremen germany</i> germany deutschland spring amanecer alemania bremen weser sonnenaufgang frühling viertel osterdeich

Sunser in Osterdeich II

city light sunset sky art nature sunrise germany photo outdoor lovers bremen effect iphone

Nature's Best

Bremen, Germany Map

Bremen, Germany

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Bremen, GermanyBremerhaven, Germany

Near Places

Bremen, GermanyGröpelingen, Bremen, GermanyHalmerweg 67B, Bremen, GermanyWasserhorst 13A, Bremen, GermanyKonsul-Smidt-Straße 54, Bremen, GermanyRitterhude, GermanyBurgdamm, Bremen, GermanyBremen-Burg, Bremen, GermanyIndustriehäfen, Bremen, GermanyLesumstotel, Ritterhude, GermanyAm Hang 1, Ritterhude, GermanyStendorf, Ritterhude, GermanyAuf dem Rusch, Osterholz-Scharmbeck, GermanyCampus Ring 1, Bremen, GermanyJacobs University IRC, Campus Ring 1, Bremen, GermanyBremer Heerstraße 16, Osterholz-Scharmbeck, GermanyHabichthorster Str. 35, Ritterhude, GermanyGrohn, Bremen, GermanyFriedrich-Humbert-Straße, Bremen, GermanyBremen-Vegesack, Bremen, Germany

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