old pokemon cards that are worth money

There are certain Pokemon cards that are usually worth money: Old Pokemon cards (mainly Trainer cards) that are reprinted and are. Some of the old and/or rare cards can be super valuable. However, most Pokemon cards- especially the newer ones are not worth much. 190. “Overnight the prices doubled or tripled,” LaFontaine said. “Influencers move markets.” However, what goes up must come down, and some fear that.

Old pokemon cards that are worth money -

Modified date: Jul. 6, 2021

On October 13th, 2020, rapper Logic shocked the world when he paid $220,574 for a Pokemon card.;

Thats right he paid the price of a new Ferrari or a three-bedroom home in Ohio for a shiny picture of a lizard.;

And yet, perhaps the most amazing part of the news is how little young people judged him for it. Rather than react with memes or mockery, people our age got excited:;

Are any of MY cards worth anything??

Even if they werent familiar with Pokemon cards, many young investors instantly perked up:

Wow, $4 in 1999 to $220,574 today is it time to start investing in Pokemon cards?;

Both are totally fair questions that Im going to address in this feature!

Whats Ahead:

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The Rarity Of The Pokemon Card

Pokemon cards come in a number of different rarities. Different Pokemon card rarities can be seen from the rarity symbol, which is normally displayed in the bottom left or bottom right corner of the card.

Common: the card has a circle symbol.

Uncommon: the card has a diamond symbol.

Rare: the card has a star symbol.

Ultra rare: the card has a holographic star symbol, possibly gold or silver in colour.

There are many different types of ultra rare Pokemon cards, including EX, GX, Prime, Level X, and V cards. Normally these types of Pokemon cards will have this distinction next to their name.

As a general rule, most common/uncommon Pokemon cards arent worth much typically less than $0.10 each. As a result, theyre normally sold in bulk. There are exceptions to this rule though, especially with very old first gen Pokemon cards.

Rare and ultra rare Pokemon cards can vary in what theyre worth quite dramatically. For example, a typical non-holo rare from the latest set will normally be worth $0.50 – $1.00 or so. But a holographic Base Set Charizard could be worth $500 or more.

The Authenticity Of The Pokemon Card

How Much Are My Pokémon Cards Worth?

Fake Pokemon cards have become increasingly prevalent in recent years as the Pokemon TCG has become more popular. Theyre commonly found on eBay, at flea markets, and in dollar stores.

Fake cards are not worth anything. Theyre illegal for use in tournaments and collectors will not buy them. Therefore, its important to determine that you have genuine Pokemon cards before you try to sell them.

You can use our guide to fake Pokemon cards to tell if your cards are fake.

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Charmander 1st Edition $330

Charmander’s value has been all over the place in the last 12 months. After the;2020;summer of;record sale;after record sale, baby Zard’s value has taken a dip recently, but don’t be surprised if Charmander rebounds due to the power Charizard yields on the market.;

PSA Pop: 1521 – 652 – 661

Current Value: PSA 10 $1186;PSA 9 $330

Video Of Me Looking Up How Much My Pokemon Cards Are Worth:

If you get too many results that include cards NOT like yours, use the checkboxes to pick the ones just like yours. Choosing a few comparable items by using the checkboxes gives you a much more accurate estimate of what your Pokemon card is worth.

What to do next:

Once youve gone through and searched for what your Pokemon cards are worth using mavin.io, you have several options:

If your Pokemon cards are worth a lot of money You could hold onto the cards and collect them, as most collectors do, and hope they appreciate in value over time. It may be a good investment to get them professionally graded by PSA, this will dramatically increase their value.

You could sell your Pokemon cards to a local card shop, knowing full well what theyre worth . Keep in mind dealers will buy them from you at wholesale prices they have to make a profit after all, and selling a large collection takes a considerable amount of time and resources so dont expect to get 100% of what youd get online.

Selling your Pokemon cards online will get you the highest prices, but it can be time consuming: taking pictures, writing descriptions, responding to customers, packing, shipping, returns its a lot of work. If you have the time and patience, selling them online is a great way to make money. Read our guide to selling on eBay.

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The Pokémon Trading Card Game has released thousands of different cards over the past two decades. While most of the cards are readily available to those looking to add them to their collection, only the wealthiest of collectors can acquire some of the rarest cards out there.

For those avid collectors looking to find these rare Pokémon cards, you can expect to pay thousands of dollars to get your hands on just one of them if you’re lucky enough to find one—and some are selling for thousands of dollars at a time.

But which cards are the rarest and most valuable ones out there? Well, we’ve scoured the internet to find some of those cards to let you know exactly how expensive they are.

There’s a bunch of rare cards out there that could sell for a lot more money than the ones on our list, but we’ve picked five of our favorites either for what they represent or how prized they are in the TCG community.

Pikachu Illustrator Promo Card

Image result for Pikachu Illustrator Promo card

The Pikachu Illustrator Pokémon Card was originally given to those who had a winning entry in the Japanese Pokémon Card Game Illustration Contest in 1997. Only six copies were made.

Due to its short print and how old the card is, collectors from across the globe shell out thousands of dollars to get one for themselves. It’s the most sought-after Pokémon card in the world, and for collectors looking to get them all, having one makes you TCG royalty.

One of these cards sold for $224,500 last October when it went up for auction in New York through Weiss Auctions.

20th Anniversary Gold Pikachu Card

Image result for 20th anniversary gold Pikachu card

It’s a Pokémon card that’s forever framed in a special case. The card is also made out of 24k gold after The Pokémon Company collaborated with Japanese jeweler Ginza Tanaka to bring to life a special version of the base set Pikachu card.

Originally priced at around $2,000 when they hit the market, the limited edition, solid-gold Pikachu card most recently sold for around $9,000 in 2019.

1998 No. 1 Trainer First Place Pikachu Trophy

The Trophy Pikachu cards were given out as prizes to TCG players competing in various top-level Pokémon TCG events over the years, but there’s a specific draw to the prize from the 1990s.

These cards are so rare and hard to find that they’re effectively priceless. Only printed in Japanese, a mint version of this card is so highly coveted that players only ask for insane returns for them. The 1998 No. 1 Trainer has been listed on eBay but has been marked up from the expected price of $70,000 all the way to $450,000.

Master’s Key Prize Card

Selling for more than $10,000 when they hit the market, The Master Key card is another prize card that’s highly sought after by collectors. This card was awarded to all the competitors from each age division in the TCG and VGC events at the 2010 Japan World Championship.

Only 34 cards of this specific version were printed and it can sell for as high as $21,201, according to the most recent auction involving this card.

Holographic Shadowless First Edition Charizard

1999 Pokemon Charizard HOLO first edition card sold at auction

What do you get when you combine one of the world’s most popular Pokémon, a holographic card, and a host of errors that are a treasure trove to card collectors? You get one of the rarest cards to hit the market.

Depending on the rarity, this Charizard in question can sell from anywhere between $3,000 for a PSA grade 8 to an incredible $55,650 for one PSA 10 that was sold on eBay in 2017. The reason for its rarity is that it’s a holographic card that has an error known as “Shadowless,” which means that it’s missing a shadow in the right of the card’s image that’s typically present in the base set holo.

It’s unclear how many of these misprinted cards were released and still exist in the wild, but finding one in even good condition can net you a five-figure profit at auction.

Источник: https://dotesports.com/pokemon/news/top-five-most-valuable-expensive-pokemon-cards
Sold - Oct 2020

A Gold Star Pokemon card featuring a black-colored Charizard

This is the first of two Charizard variations that appear on this ranking, and it hails from the 2005 Ex Deoxys TCG expansion as well. This specific variant differs from the more sought-after “base” (the very first cards released) Charizards in a few key ways, the most obvious being the artwork. The card sports a more active fire-breathing dragon that’s shaded a little darker than other variants. These Gold Star cards are so powerful that you can only have one in your deck during battles.

5 / 14

9. Tropical Mega Battle - Tropical Wind - PROMO card

9. Tropical Mega Battle - Tropical Wind - PROMO card


Your old Pokemon cards could be worth up to £5,300 – we reveal the most valuable

IF you grew up in the nineties, you might have spent part of your childhood swapping Pokemon cards with your friends on the hunt for the most powerful characters.

But it's also possible to make money from them, as some of the cards are now fetching up to £5,300 on eBay.

 These are some of the most valuable Pokemon cards right now


That's a pretty decent price considering Pokemon cards were worth about £3 to £4 per pack in the nineties.

So you might want to dust off your old collection, because you could be sitting on a golden treasure trove.

Of course, some cards are more valuable than others, as the highest sum ever paid for a single card was £43,450.

This was paid for the Pikachu Illustrator card, purchased at an auction in the US in 2016.

How to make money from your Pokemon cards

THE Sun asked collectables expert Tracy Martin for her best tips. Here's what she said:

  • Collect your holographic cards first: They're the most value and there are three different types: some cards have just the Pokemon image holographic, there are some where the edges are holos, while some cards are holos as a whole. 
  • Sit on the cards for a while: It could be worth just holding on to the cards for ten years to (hopefully) see them increase in value.
  • Keep them in mint condition: You can buy Pokemon books with sleeves that you can keep them in, so they don't get damaged.
  • Get them PSA rated: The Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) grades cards and verifies their authenticity, but you have to pay for its service. The PSA is an American organisation, but you can also get cards graded using services in the UK such as Ludkins Collectables and Vintage Trading Cards. Just make sure to double-check the prices in advance so you're not spending more than your card might be worth.

If you want to sell your cards:

  • Find out how much your card is worth to a collector by checking the same or similar Pokemon cards under "sold listings" on eBay.
  • Compare your Pokemon card to other higher selling auctions and ask yourself if it’s in a similar condition.
  • Look at things such as conditions, release date and whether or not it is still in its original packaging.
  • If it’s in mint condition then it might be worth selling it through an auction house or directly to a collectables website. If it’s not, it’s probably worth sticking it on eBay for a moderate sum.

Originally, the card was a prize for winners of the CoroCoro Comic Illustration Contest, and it is thought there are now fewer than six in existence.

Other than that, the most valuable Pokemon cards come from 1999 to 2000.

They are known as "shadowless" Pokemon cards and are extremely collectible and highly sought-after, according to 21st century collectables expert, Tracy Martin.

She told The Sun the differences between shadowless cards and others are due to the design change in the cards.

Essentially, shadowless Pokemon cards were printed before a redesign that added a shadow on the right hand side of the card - these shadows look like the background of the image is coming out of the right-hand border.

It's also important to check if your card has the first edition stamp as those sell for a lot more - there's an example of a first edition stamp on the Blastoise card below.

Have you caught yourself a fortune? Below are some of the most valuable cards that have sold in the UK recently.

But fear not if you only have newer cards as you can still make money from the playground craze that continues to live on.

Ms Martin of Collectablesexpert.co.uk said: "You’re probably never going to lose money, although they’re not going to reach the dizzy heights like the old ones.

"Yet there are some cards that will give you more than you paid for the packet."

1998 Holo Trophy Kangaskhan card - £5,302

 The buyer of this card forked out more than £5,300 for it



The most expensive Pokemon card sold on eBay recently is this rare Japanese card, which was released during a tournament held in May 1998.

The trophy card was awarded to the winning parent and child team and is widely considered to be the "Holy Grail" of Pokemon card collecting, according to the eBay ad.

This card has been graded by the official Professional Sports Authenticator, which has certified millions of collectables.

It was given a pretty average grading of 6.5 out of 10 (the latter means it's in mint condition), which could be explained by the fact that it's a bit greasy, according to the seller.

The card sold for an eye-watering £5,302 earlier this month after attracting 49 bids.

Booster Shadowless Charizard Pokemon Card Holo - £4,100

 Charizard is one of the most sought-after Pokemons




Even back in the nineties a Charizard was a rare find - but it's now one of the most coveted cards out there.

Charizard is one of the most sought after Pokemons, as he’s the toughest with the most power, Ms Martin said.

Several cards with the same character were among the most valuable ones on eBay, with the most expensive one selling for a whopping £4,100 after attracting 50 bids.

It's also a so-called holo card - meaning it's holographic - a range which is also very sought after among collectors.

You might not see it clearly in this picture as the older holographic cards aren't as shiny as the newer ones.

Another Pokemon card featuring the same character sold for £2,558 in April. This was a first edition card and had a PSA rating of 8.

On this card you can clearly see the first edition stamp (on the left side of the card, beneath the Pokemon picture), making it one of the most sought by fans.

1998 Pokemon Kamex Mega Battle Trophy Card - £1,510

 This card was given out to participants at a competition in Japan but it recently sold in the UK



This card was given out to participants of the Kamex Mega Battle competition in Japan that ran from July to August in 1998.

It was made in limited numbers and attracted a whopping 45 bids on eBay in April.

The card came in a hard case sleeve, with the UK winner forking out a whopping £1,510 for it.

Booster Shadowless Clefairy Pokémon Card Holo - £1,020

 This holo card sold for just over £1,000 in May



The Clefairy Pokemon card was sold by an eBay user who decided to get rid of his or her collection that included a whopping 200 cards.

The card itself is in mint condition and over 20 years old, according to the ad.

It had not been used and didn't come with a PSA grading, but this card alone still managed to sell for a high £1,020 in May. The auction attracted 26 bids.

Booster Shadowless Venusaur Pokémon Card Holo - £970

 The card was released before a design change took place



Venusaur is a squat, quadruped Pokemon with bumpy, blue-green skin and small, circular red eyes.

This holo card featuring the character is also a shadowless version, again very attractive for collectors on eBay.

It sold for £970 last month after it attracted 24 bids from sellers across the country.

Booster First Edition Shadowless Blastoise Pokemon Card Holo - £840

 The card is a first edition which you can see under the picture of Pokemon itself



Last but not least, this first edition shadowless card sold for £840 in May by the same seller.

The card is also a holo version, and it has "a very thin print line" running through it, but is otherwise said to be flawless, according to the eBay ad.

Perhaps no surprise then that the card attracted the most bids of all of them at 67 in total.

If you were never into collection Pokemon cards, chances are some of your other toys could be also worth a tidy sum.

For example, My Little Pony, Barbie and Game Boy toys are selling for up to £1,200 on eBay.

Your childhood Toy Story memorabilia could also be worth up to £680 on the auction site.

Meanwhile, you could sell your vintage troll dolls for up to £200.

Pokémon Sleep trailer shows how its going to work with Pokémon Go on your phone

We pay for your stories! Do you have a story for The Sun Online Money team? Email us at money@the-sun.co.uk


Источник: https://www.thesun.co.uk/money/9344308/pokemon-cards-valuable-sell-ebay/
Sold Dec - 2020

A rare Pokemon card featuring a roaring Charizard.

This particular Charizard is a shadowless holographic first edition card. Super early cards didn’t have drop shadows behind art or text, and this tiny difference catapulted them in rarity and price. Plus it’s Charizard, a cool dragon everyone loves. Charizard cards have become extremely popular in recent years, with folks like retired rapper Logic and famous-for-some-reason-influencer Logan Paul both getting in on the beloved dragon action. Paul even wore a super-rare Charizard around his neck into his fight with Floyd Mayweather.

13 / 14

1. 1998 Japanese Promo Card - HOLO - Illustrator Pikachu - PSA 7 NRMT

1. 1998 Japanese Promo Card - HOLO - Illustrator Pikachu - PSA 7 NRMT


Unless you’ve been vacationing on the beach in Bora Bora, Pago Pago, or… anyplace that’s got a double name, you’re no doubt aware of the Pokemon franchise. It has, um, been in the news recently.

Did you know the entire thing evolved out of the Pokemon developer’s childhood hobby of… insect collecting? Zillions of dollars later, here we are.

If you happened to collect Pokemon cards back in the day, and still have the following (in mint condition I would assume), you’re sitting on enough potential wealth to buy the aforementioned Bora Bora or Pago Pago (OK, that’s an exaggeration, but you could at least visit). So here we go! (We’re adding the current bid value on eBay as a guideline; see below for the total.)

1. Espeon Pop Series 5

You can Buy It Now for $1407.95. Wow. But that’s nothing…


2. Venusaur Holographic card

This guy is $2499. So, should I buy a used Honda Civic… or this card?


3. Fukano/Magic The Gathering

This one is priced to move at $2999. Guff reports that this one was a misprint, which is why it’s going for so much.


4. Charizard First Edition

Just $3,999 and this bad boy is in the mail to you.


5. Krabby (Error card)

This one was a misprint. Why $5,000 for this? The eBay ad says “If you look closely at the krabby’s fossil symbol, you can clearly see where part of it is missing!” Oh.


6. Pokemon Master’s Key Japanese National Champion Prize Card

If you won a national Pokemon tourney in Japan, this is what you got. This one’s $9,995.95. So, under $10K, at least!


7. Pre-Release Raichu

We couldn’t find one of these listed on eBay to confirm, but legend has it there are only about 10 of these misprinted cards in existence. The price tag? A cool $10,000.


8. Tropical Mega Battle

Only a dozen of these were made for the Hawaiian market. The From Japan Blog pegs this one at $10K too. Who are we to argue?


9. Magikarp Tamamushi University

A school in Japan gave these away as prizes in a tournament. Only $14,999, and one can be yours.


10. Pikachu Illustrator

Say this out loud to fully embrace how wacky this is. “A piece of cardboard. For $100,000.” Why is this such a costly card? Well, it says “Illustrator” instead of “Trainer.” See, I knew that. And the seller threw in free shipping, so that’s a plus.


The Grand Total? $160,899.90. Will that be cash or Amex Centurion Card?

[h/t Guff]

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The 20 Most Expensive Pokémon Cards Ever Sold

Which are the most expensive Pokemon cards?

Ever since Pokémon arrived on the scene, it’s always been popular in some shape or form.

Whether it’s old pokemon cards that are worth money or playing the card game, working your way through the video games or watching the episodes and movies, Pokémon offers something for everyone.

So, old pokemon cards that are worth money thought we’d put together a list of the 20 most expensive Pokémon cards in the world and show you just how expensive some of these cards have become! 


The 20 Most Expensive Pokémon Cards In the World

The Pokémon cards and figures mentioned below have been compiled from various sources around the web, such as Ranker & The Gamer. 

These are the 20 most expensive Pokémon cards in the world: 

20. Championship Arena Card

Cost: $499

Kicking off our list is at $499, is a Championship Card from the 2005 Pokémon World Championships.

The only way to get your hands on one of these was to compete in the above-mentioned tournament or a few other competitions in 2005.

The Championship Arena was limited to tournament events by Nintendo to keep it an exclusive prize.


19. Gastly – Expedition Card

Cost: $999

Gastly is not the most exciting Pokémon that springs to mind when you’re planning your next match. He’s never been a particularly popular Pokémon either; however, his card has managed to break the four-digit mark.

Most pro Pokémon players would not consider using Gastly in a match, let alone actually playing him.

However, that should give you some indication that the card’s value really has no direct correlation to its competitive significance.


18. Holographic Shadlowless First Edition Mewtwo Card

Cost: $1,500

Mewtwo was always one of the most elusive and rarest Pokémon in the game, so that also made his card worth a whole lot more than other expensive Pokémon cards on the list.

The base set shadowless first edition holographic card is exceedingly rare today despite being massively coveted in 1999.

So if you have one in your collection or lurking around in the basement, dig it out, it’s worth around $1,500!


17. First Edition Shadowless Holographic Blastoise Card

Cost: $1,500

Everyone loves Blastoise, right? Blastoise was a super rare card in 1999 and has only become more sort after as time went on.

If you’re able to find a PSA 9 card for less than $1,500, you’ll have done really well.

Cards like this are very difficult to come by.


16. Gold Star Espeon Card

Cost: $3,500

First introduced in the EX line of play, Gold Star cards are the ones with the Shiny version of the Pokémon.

They were easy to identify in the game as they were slightly different from any of their adversaries.

Espeon is the most valuable of all the Gold Star cards as it was awarded to players that met certain criteria and were distributed to them by the Pokémon Players Club.


15. Shining Charizard Card

Cost: $3,500

Shining Charizard marks the first time a “shiny” Pokémon was found in the card game.

The Pokémon itself is holographic, instead of the background, and it’s worth even more if it has a first edition marking on the bottom left-hand side of the image.


14. Pikachu – Expedition Card

Cost: $5,999

Next on our list of the most expensive Pokémon cards in the world is this Pikachu Expedition.

Everyone loves Pikachu, so it’s no surprise that these loveable electrical rats cards are always in demand and command high prices.

If you’re a mega-fan of Pikachu, then you might be fortunate enough to pick one of these up on eBay.


13. Holographic Shadowless First Edition Venusaur Card

Cost: $6,500

As many Pokémon fans will know, Venusaur was a difficult card to come by, let alone a holographic one.

If you did manage to get your hands on a first edition one and held on to it, today, it could be worth a good amount of money!

If you have the one without a shadow around the image box, then you’d be able to fetch even more.


12. Black Triangle Error Booster Box Card

Cost: $8,700

Besides singular cards, you can also spend a lot of money on booster packs like this one.

The beauty with these is that you don’t know what type of rare cards you’re going to get.

The triangle booster pack is the most valuable, and a box will set you back a few quid. They were actually printed as a mistake when factories were supposed to stop printing any more “first edition” packs.

The price comes from them being sealed in a booster box, instead of just a booster pack.


11. Master Key Prize Card

Cost: $8,799

The master key Prize card is only one of 34 cards to have ever been produced. The cards were awarded to players in a 2010 trading card tournament in Japan, creating exclusivity and value.

If you want to get your hands on one, you’re going to have to do a lot of digging around online, as these cards a rarely available for sale!


10. Computer Error – Kamex Mega Battle Card

Cost: $9,999

Originally distributed with the CoroCoro comic’s monthly issue, the Computer Error – Kamex Mega Battle card was then awarded to prize winners competing in the 1998 Kamex Mega Battles.

The card did earn some later reprints, but the original Japanese versions are worth far more than any of the English ones, hence the $9,999 price tag. 


9. Articuno – Tropical Mega Battle Card

Cost: $9,999

Next on our list of the most expensive Pokémon cards in the world is the 1999 Articuno.

This card was old pokemon cards that are worth money as a prize during the 1999 Tropical Mega Battle tournament.

However, there are standard versions that you can purchase, however because of their rarity and association with some of the worlds top players, $9,999 is the bare minimum of what you’re going to have to pay to get your hands on one!


8. Tropical Wind Card

Cost: $10,000

The English Tropical Wind was awarded to participants of the 2004 World Mega Battle tournament and old pokemon cards that are worth money really cost a lot of money to purchase if you wanted your own.

However, the 1999 version handed out to prize winners of another Tropical Mega Battle Tournament, is worth a great deal more!

Because it’s been awarded to some of the worlds best players, it now demands $10,000.

7. No. 3 Trainer Promo Card

Cost: $32,499

The No.3 Trainer was awarded to the third old pokemon cards that are worth money player in the annual World Championships.

To many, this card is seen as a badge of honour and highly regarded in the industry.

Therefore its price is mainly derived from its exclusivity and kudos, but whether someone is willing to pay it’s asking price or not is a different story.


6. Tropical Mega Battle No. 2 Trainer Card

Cost: $60,000

As a prize derived from a series of tropical Mega Battles, which consisted of 7 tournaments depending on player ability, the top three players were given a trainer card with an Exeggutor on the front.

They were then able to present these cards to gain world-class treatment at any Tropical Mega Battle.

The cards are now incredibly hard to find, and it’s thought that the gold card is worth more than $100,000.


5. No. 1 Trainer Promo Card

Cost: $70,000

Next on the list is Pikachu’s No. 1 Trainer Promo Card.

The Pokemon franchise held a two-day competition in 1997 to celebrate their success. This gave birth to the official Pokémon Card Game tournament.

The No.1 Trainer Promo card was reprinted multiple times and used in several competitions, so that’s why this card is not the most expensive Pokémon card in the world but still worth a good chunk of change. 


4. Pikachu Illustrator Card

Cost: $100,000

The fourth most expensive Pokémon card in the world is the Pikachu Illustrator.

Supposedly there were 39 of these mystical cards, but it’s thought that there are only six left old pokemon cards that are worth money existence.

So, if you manage to get your hands on one of these, then you’re looking cashing it in for roughly $100,000!


3. Kangaskhan – Parent/Child Promo Card

Cost: $133,000

This card was awarded as a prize at a 1998 parent and child tournament.

It is one of the most prestigious cards left globally, and thousands competed in the competition for the right to be named Pokémon’s ultimate piece of merchandise.

After the competition, the card was instantly retired, which dramatically increased its value.


2. No. 2 Trainer Promo Card

Cost: $200,000

The No.2 Trainer Card costs more than double the price of the No.1 card; however, it’s pretty difficult to find, and single listings like this are rare; therefore the owner can demand whatever price they like for it.

If someone is prepared to pay $200,000 for it, then so be it; however, it could sit on the market for several months and dramatically reduce in price if know one id willing to pay that much. 


1. Pre-Release Raichu Card

Cost: Unknown

Kicking it old pokemon cards that are worth money the top spot on our list is the Holy Grail of Pokémon cards – Pre-release Raichu.

There are an estimated eight cards in circulation that have the “PRERELEASE” badge.

Everything else on the card remains the same as the base set version, except a stamp that serves as the main differentiator.

This card is so rare that it’s impossible to value, so it’s left unknown until one finally, if ever, goes up for sale!



We hope you enjoyed our list of the 20 most expensive Pokémon cards in the world. 

This is another incredible example of how much expensive collectable items can get. Who’d of thought Pokémon cards could become this valuable!

Here’s a quick recap of the 20 most expensive Pokémon cards in the world:

  1. Prerelease Raichu – Unknown
  2. No. 2 Trainer Promo Card – $200,000
  3. Kangaskhan – Parent/Child Promo Card – $133,000
  4. Pikachu Illustrator – $100,000
  5. No. 1 Trainer Promo Card – $70,000
  6. Tropical Mega Battle No. 2 Trainer Card – $60,000
  7. No. 3 Trainer Promo Card – $32,499
  8. Tropical Wind – $10,000
  9. Articuno – Tropical Mega Battle – $9,999
  10. Computer Error – Kamex Mega Battle – $9,999
  11. Master Key Prize Card – $8,799
  12. Black Triangle Error Booster Box – $8,700
  13. Holographic Shadowless First Edition Venusaur – $6,500
  14. Pikachu – Expedition – $5,999
  15. Shining Charizard – $3,500
  16. Gold Star Espeon – $3,500
  17. First Edition Shadowless Holographic Blastoise – $1,500
  18. Holographic Shadlowless First Edition Mewtwo – $1,500
  19. Gastly – Expedition – $999
  20. Championship Arena – $499

What’s your favourite most expensive Pokémon card in the world? Leave a comment below.

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A rare Pokemon card featuring a roaring Charizard.

This particular Charizard is a shadowless holographic first edition card. Super early cards didn’t have drop shadows behind art or text, and this tiny difference catapulted them in rarity and price. Plus it’s Charizard, a cool dragon everyone loves. Charizard cards have become extremely popular in recent years, with folks like retired rapper Logic and famous-for-some-reason-influencer Logan Paul both getting in on the beloved dragon action. Paul even wore a super-rare Charizard around his neck into his fight with Floyd Mayweather.

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1. 1998 Japanese Promo Card - HOLO - Illustrator Pikachu - PSA 7 NRMT

1. 1998 Japanese Promo Card - HOLO - Illustrator Pikachu - PSA 7 NRMT


The Top 12 Most Valuable Pokémon Cards In History

Three valuable Pokémon cards spread across a background image of money.

The ongoing demand for rare and valuable Pokémon cards has led to a frenzy old pokemon cards that are worth money there, as people spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on unopened boxes and rare cards. Celebrities and popular influencers have got involved over the last two years too, blowing up the situation further. It’s gotten to the point where stores are being flooded with collectors, scalpers, and fans, all of which have come together to create chaotic scenes. As a result of all this, some retail stores started suspending the sale of Pokémon cards altogether. It’s wild times, for sure.

(This list was originally published July 3, 2021. It has been updated with more valuable cards.)

Perhaps old pokemon cards that are worth money seeing all that, you might be wondering what, exactly, people are hoping to unearth in packs. Or maybe you’d like to know if that binder full of cards up in your attic is worth anything?

After speaking to a large-scale auction house called PWCC Marketplace and doing some independent research, I’ve compiled a list of the rarest, most valuable Pokémon cards around. For this list, I decided against duplicates, as otherwise this article would be composed of mostly different types of Charizard cards and one lone trainer card.

(Also, a quick shoutout to the rare Ishihara Pokémon card that recently sold at auction for a mind-blowing $240,000. It features artwork depicting Pokémon company’s actual CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara and was only given out during his 60th birthday party in 2017. What made this particularly rare card even more valuable was that the CEO had actually signed this copy, which helps explain how it sold for so much. Cool card, crazy price, but the signature keeps it off our list as it makes it something different than a standard, rare Pokémon card in our opinion.)

Be warned: The numbers you’re about to see are large. Here are, as of now, the top 10 most expensive Pokémon cards in history.

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12. Ex Deoxys GOLD STAR HOLO Rayquaza #107

12. Ex Deoxys GOLD STAR HOLO Rayquaza #107

$45,100 Sold - Feb. 2021

A 3D Pikachu holding a trophy as seen on the rare NO. 2 Trainer card from 2006.

Another rare tournament card, this Pokémon World Championship promo card is old pokemon cards that are worth money of the hardest to find. It’s believed only old pokemon cards that are worth money were actually given out in 2006 during a 3-day tournament held in California. The card’s artwork features a cute 3D-rendered Pikachu holding a large trophy. According to the PWCC, this is the only example of one of these rare promo cards to have been publicly graded—receiving a super high Mint 9 rating. Because of its extreme rarity and its high mint grade (and the adorable Pikachu on the front) this card sold for over $100k via an auction held earlier this year by the PWCC.

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5. 2000 - Neo Genesis 1st Edition Holographic Lugia

5. 2000 - Neo Genesis 1st Edition Holographic Lugia

$144,300 Sold - Jan. 2021

This isn’t a normal Blastoise Pokémon card. What makes this one so valuable is the lack of any printing on the side opposite to the art, hence the name “Backless Blastoise.” Really, the card was never meant for public consumption, as it was part of a test run made by Wizards of the Coast. The tentative printing happened in ‘98, before the launch old pokemon cards that are worth money the series in the US—and before anyone knew the franchise would explode in the way that it did.

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2. 1st Edition Charizard, Holographic – SGC GOLD LABEL PRISTINE 10

2. 1st Edition Charizard, Holographic – SGC GOLD LABEL PRISTINE 10


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