maybelline super bb cream shades

So the colours are very suitable for the Indian skin tones. Once you put in on, there is a slight white cast but after some 10minutes the BB cream oxidizes to. Blurs imperfections. Smoothes. Enhances. Oil-free and without any heavy ingredients. Available in 5 skin-tone perfecting shades. This skin hydrating beauty balm. Also bb cream always tend to give white tone due to high spf I prefer going for natural shade. I picked up 02 light shade which is still.

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Maybelline Dream BB Creams: Review and Comparison

Maybelline Super Cover BB Cream SPF 50, 02 Medium, 30ml


Blemish balm, beautifying balm, bag balm. It's fitting that such a multi-purpose product has more than one meaning to its name. To us, the BB in BB Cream stands for Beautifying Balm. Because that's what it does!


At its heart, BB cream is a hybrid of skincare and makeup. Instead of having to use a separate moisturizer, sunscreen, and foundation, you can get all of those benefits—coverage, hydration and SPF—with one BB cream. OurDream Fresh BB Creamhas a whopping 8 benefits in one tube: Hydrates. Protects with SPF 30. Brightens. Blurs imperfections. Smoothes. Enhances. Oil-free and without any heavy ingredients. And if you're concerned about shine and breakouts ourDream Pure BB Creamhas a bonus ingredient of Salicylic Acid for clear skin.


On days when you want a little coverage but don't have the time or inclination to apply a full face of foundation, a BB cream is an easy way to even out your skin tone ASAP, without having to pile on the makeup. Plus, it leaves your complexion super-fresh and radiant.


BB creams' signature finish is soft, dewy and glowing. On its own it will give you a fresh-faced, natural radiance that looks great with just a touch oflip color andmascara.


Use it daily if you'd like and apply it on your face with your fingers or a sponge, as you would a regular moisturizer. A dime sized amount at a time will be plenty to cover your whole face. Reapply as needed throughout the day for coverage, or after about 6 hours or so for continued SPF coverage.


If you're looking forfoundationorconcealerlevel coverage. BB creams provide a light, luminous tint to skin, giving it an even glow and reducing redness, but won't cover blemishes or discoloration.

It's not for people looking for a matte or porcelain finish to their skin—putting a powder on top of a BB cream kind of misses the point of it! And while the SPF is high, it doesn't provide the same kind of lasting SPF coverage needed if you're prone to burning in the sun. Don't substitute BB cream for sunscreen at the beach or pool or while doing sports in the sunshine. Use a waterproof high SPF sunscreen in those cases always!


If you’re suffering from dry skin despite your best efforts to hydrate and moisturize, you’re not alone. Dry skin is common and can happen for myriad reasons at any age. The truth? Some people are simply genetically prone to dry skin, explains Anna Guanche, MD, a dermatologist at Bella Skin Institute maybelline super bb cream shades Calabasas, California.

On the other hand, “some may have a medical condition that can exacerbate dry skin, such as thyroid disease or diabetes, while others may be healing from peels or exfoliating creams, which can lead to dryness and flakes on the skin,” she explains.

You may also notice your skin feeling especially dry during the colder months, thanks to the cold temps, low humidity, harsh winds, and drying indoor heat. All of these things zap the moisture from you skin, says Hadley King, MD, a dermatologist at Skinney Med Spa and clinical instructor of dermatology at the Weill Medical College of Cornell University.

If you’re dealing with dry skin for any of these reasons, one of the best products you can own in your beauty arsenal (besides an ultra-hydrating moisturizer) is a BB cream. Short for blemish or beauty balm, these products act as both skin care and makeup because they offer beneficial ingredients like SPF and antioxidants while providing a tint to even out the complexion. Win, win! Most BB creams tend to be lighter than foundations, but heavier than tinted moisturizers.

How to choose the best BB cream for your dry skin

Pull in moisture: Look for humectants like hyaluronic acid and glycerin, which attract moisture to hydrate the skin, Dr. King explains.

Lock in hydration: Humectants are no good if you don’t have emollients to seal them in. For this reason, Dr. King also recommends looking for ingredients like petrolatum, ceramides, beeswax, coconut oil, cocoa butter, and shea butter to prevent moisture from evaporating.

Go for dewy: Skip matte formulas, which often contain ingredients that absorb oil—not what you want if you’re dealing with dry skin. Instead, look for words like radiant, dewy, glow, and water on the packaging to ensure a creamier formula with a natural-looking finish.

Now that you know the basics, here are the best BB creams for dry skin—from drugstore to high-end—to give your face a healthy, hydrated glow.

1Belif Moisturizing Bomb Cushion Compact Broad Spectrum SPF 50


This BB cushion compact is jam-packed with moisturizing ingredients like ceramides (which create a barrier to prevent moisture loss) and comfrey leaf (an herb with hydrating properties), explains Dr. King. It also contains SPF 50 for an added boost of protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays, which not only dry your skin out further, but also cause long-term damage. 

2Dr. Jart+ Premium BB Beauty Balm SPF 45


This BB cream is a cult favorite due to its outstanding coverage and hydrating ingredients, like glycerin (a humectant to attract moisture) and dimethicone (to help lock in the moisture). It also contains niacinamide (aka vitamin B3) to target discoloration. The result? A lightweight, dewy finish that doesn’t emphasize dryness and texture

3Physicians Formula Argan Wear Ultra-Nourishing BB Cream SPF 30


Due to its moisturizing properties, you’ve likely encountered argan oil in your favorite hair care products. But the ingredient also has anti-inflammatory benefits for your skin and helps improve brightness, tone, texture, and elasticity, says Dr. King. “This BB cream also contains glycerin, a good humectant to attract moisture and shea butter and dimethicone to lock in the moisture,” she adds.

4Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream


If you’re looking for light coverage (read: not cakey at all), try this water gel formula from Maybelline if maybelline super bb cream shades have dry skin. It contains zero oils and heavy ingredients. Instead, it utilizes moisture-attracting glycerin, as well as lecithin, an ingredient that locks in hydration because of its fatty acids, explains Dr. King. Bonus: It also contains aloe vera extract to calm inflammation, she says.

5Garnier SkinActive BB Cream SPF 15


If you’re going for a smooth, radiant finish, this BB cream from Garnier is a safe bet, thanks to ingredients like glycerin and shea butter. The thicker, creamy formula glides over skin effortlessly, so it won’t cling to any dry patches. The result? A natural, glowing complexion.

6Bobbi Brown BB Cream SPF 35


With seven different shades to choose from, all in a lightweight formula, this BB creams leaves the skin looking dewy and youthful. “It contains a number of hydrating ingredients including squalene, urea, and glycerin, as well as titanium to help defend against the sun’s damaging UVA/UVB rays,” says Erum Ilyas, MD, a dermatologist at Montgomery Dermatology.

7e.l.f. Cosmetics BB Cream SPF 20


The affordable price tag isn’t the only perk to using this BB cream. It multitasks by priming, protecting, hydrating, and perfecting the skin with a slew of anti-aging and skin-nourishing ingredients like vitamin E, jojoba oil, aloe, and cucumber. “This one has a hydrating base and really gives nice coverage to even out skin imperfections,” says Dr. Ilyas.

8Kiehl’s Actively Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream


This hydrating BB cream offers a lightweight, buildable coverage to conceal imperfections without that heavy feeling. Glycerin maybelline super bb cream shades in moisture, vitamin C offers anti-aging benefits, while SPF protects your skin against harmful UV rays. What’s more, it’s noncomedogenic and fragrance free, so it won’t clog pores or irritate sensitive skin.

9Alastin HydraTint Pro Mineral Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 36


Although this tint from Alastin isn’t marketed as a BB cream, it feels and is used like one, with the same lightweight formula and sun protection. “This is one of the most popular products at my office and is used as a light foundation,” says Dr. Guanche. “It maybelline super bb cream shades collagen with TriHex Technology as well as elastin (a protein in your skin) and contains a daily SPF with a beautiful color matching tint.”

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Maybelline Super BB Cream Fresh Matte Review

For those who don’t like using foundation every day or never, at all, the Korean beauty industry has really blessed us with the creation of the BB cream. And a decade after they released it, many western brands have now followed or rather copied this product like Maybelline. Admittedly, their first attempt with BB cream sucks. They claim it will give you flawless skin but personally, I find the shades and formula look unflattering on the skin. But with this second attempt, did they live up to the standard BB cream expectations? Scroll down to read my Maybelline Super BB Cream Fresh Matte review to know more.

A little info about BB creams, if you’re still not familiar with it (you probably live under a rock), BB Creams are make-up and skin care in one.It is also commonly known as the supercharged moisturizer. BB stands for “Blemish Balm” and was originally prescribed to post-surgery patients in Korea. Celebrities caught on how effective the medicated make-up was in improving the skin’s texture and overall quality, it eventually became a commercialized product; now renowned in beauty counters around the world over.


Maybelline Super BB Cream Fresh Matte is the brands first matte-finish BB cream. It claims to provide high coverage with a lightweight and non-greasy feel; helps even out skin tone with color-correcting minerals; leaves a shine-free finish that won’t feel dry or look flat; delivers intense hydration with 80% water essence, blended water lily and aloe vera extract; protects with SPF 25.


APPLICATION: After applying a sunscreen (yes, I still apply a layer of it even though products claim they already have sunscreen. It’s because I live in a tropical country and products with add-on sunscreen are not enough), apply an appropriate amount the face and blend evenly.

SCENT: It smells a little floral like rose but it’s a mild scent.

maybelline super bb cream fresh matte review

PACKAGING: It is packaged in a sleek-looking chrome tube. I like BB creams in a tube because you can squeeze out everything in it and you cut it in half to scrape everything out.

FORMULA: This is the most lightweight BB cream I’ve ever used. It’s creamy but the formula is not that thick, it’s how bad is mozzarella cheese for you water when you blend it on your face. And I think the reason for that is it contains 80% water essence. You can check its ingredients in this CosDNA Analysis.

maybelline super bb cream fresh matte review

RESULT: So far, this is the best BB cream I ever used for oily skin. It has a matte finish but it does not look dry nor highlights my dry patches even though I didn’t layer it with moisturizer. It feels light and doesn’t look cakey as well no matter how many layers I applied, it really looks natural yet my skin looks healthy, moisturized that isn’t dewy, unlike most BB creams especially those from Korean brands that look way too dewy for oily skin.

But just like most BB creams on the market, this also has two shades only. The 02 Natural shade, which is a little darker than the other, surprisingly matches my brown skin tone. The coverage is really good too. I thought it wouldn’t be able to cover my dark spots that much because Maybelline also released a Super BB Cream with Super Cover which is more pigmented than this one but Super BB Cream Fresh Matte effectively made my skin look smooth and flawless.

Maybelline Super BB Cream Fresh Matte Review - results


PROS: It’s lightweight and matte finish without looking dewy. It looks natural, gives good coverage, and doesn’t cake despite using many layers. Lastly, it contains 80% water essence so it’s moisturized enough for capital one 360 bank savings rate with oily skin and SPF 21 so it’s good for your skin.

CONS: It doesn’t last long unlike regular matte foundations, but hey! We can’t have it all, but I think 3-4 hours staying power (if you set it with a powder like Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Powder) is not bad.

WHERE Maybelline super bb cream shades BUY?

I bought my Maybelline Super BB Cream Fresh Matte in SM Department Store’s beauty section for the discounted price of Php349 but their regular price is Php399. (Maybelline have a holiday promo so go there now before it ends!) This is also available in Watsons and Beauty MNL for the same price of Php399.

If you live outside of the Philippines, you can try your local drugstores and Department Stores.

What do you think of this Maybelline Super BB Cream Fresh Matte review? Have you tried any BB cream? Share it below!


Maybelline Super BB Cream

Ever since Maybelline launched the commercial of this product, I've been obsessed - I mean the commercial is very genius and catchy. I've wanted to order online but I am hesitant of the swatch so I have to wait for the product to hit the stores so I can swatch it on my neck.

Finally, after some months of waiting for this product, I was able to purchase one. I opted for the Medium shade since the Natural shade is maybelline super bb cream shades light for me - or it's just me. It's priced for 399 for a 30mL tube. 

Maybelling promises to:

1. Perfectly covers imperfections
2. Hide pores
3. All day wear
4. Blocks UV rays with SPF 50 PA+++
5. Protects skin from polution
6. Brightens skin
7. Smoothes skin
8. Evens skintone



  • Packaging is lightweight and I love the color
  • Affordable, I think the price is only fair for the product
  • Has SPF 50 PA+++
  • I love the thickness, but it's lightweight on my face
  • Staying power is okay, but if your oily I suggest use a primer before applying the product and a setting powder on top of the BB Cream


  • Has faint smell
  • Only two shades available

I hope Maybelline introduce more darker shades of this product. I love it on my face but it tends to get oily if you don't use setting powder on top. And lastly the color of the packaging is very 2016, I love the rose quartz color of this product, very feminine. 

Bare Face
with Maybelline Super BB Cream

Maybelline Super BB Cream is available in leading Department stores and select Drug stores. You can check out Maybelline's Facebook page for more product information.



Before, I feel like the Cushion was just the same as any other BB Creams or foundations, its just that the matter of application is different. Each time that I use it though from the first time that I tried the Laneige Cushion, there is a difference. My skin looked natural and yet flawless. The ease of use is just a tap-tap away! After appreciating its effect, that was the time that I got addicted and started exploring the use of Cushions from different brands. My favorite right now is the new Maybelline Super BB Cushion and for today I will be sharing my review for the shade Natural (03).  

Brand: Maybelline

Type: Super BB Fresh Matte Cushion

Finish: Matte

Weight: 14g

Shade: Natural (03) - Its also available in Light. For your reference, I am a MAC NC20 user. 

Product Description and How To Use:


The manufacturing date is indicated on the bottom of the box. Its clear and easy to see. 

The compact case of the cushion was the same as the usual compact cases of any other cushion products that is made maybelline super bb cream shades hard plastic. 

The sponge included is separated by a connected lid from the cushion itself to avoid absorption of the product into the sponge. Upon opening, there is a sticker placed for added protection over the cushion. 

The cushion was soaked wet with the BB cream and its really full! I was amazed on how the cushion was mixed with the BB cream well. My other cushions were not as soaked with the cream compared to the Maybelline Super BB Fresh Matte Cushion. 

Let me now shorten the pros and cons for you beauties!


This Maybelline Super BB Fresh Matte Cushion is matte but it has a dewy like look when applied that made my skin looked radiant. Check out my close up photo below. Observe the shine on my cheekbones. 

According to Maybelline, this cushion was packed with 8 benefits such as: To provide fresh matte perfection, intense hydration, high coverage, poreless finish, even skintone, no stickiness, no touch-ups, with SPF 25 PA+.

The shade Natural (03) is perfect for my skint one. It looks a little white upon application but it blends evenly and looks like my natural skin once fully absorbed. 

My skin feels light and my skin can breathe even though there was a makeup on. My skin did not develop any dryness while I was using this product even though I use it everyday now. 

I love its coverage! I feel like I am wearing a real foundation. The Maybelline Super BB Fresh Matte Cushion has a medium to high coverage which is really great! My pores looked smaller and my blemishes were barely noticeable. My skin looked even and radiant. 

Another thing that I love about this compact is that, I did not feel greasy at all even after a long day. No stickiness felt specially in the summer heat right now. The cushion even have a bonus of SPF 25 PA+ that will make us protected under the sun too! I can recommend that you can use this in our hot and sunny weather. 

The reason that I want to use it everyday now besides the coverage is that, this cushion lasts long on my skin like a liquid foundation does! It remains fresh and smooth for at least 8 hours and after that my blemishes looked more noticeable but it managed to maintain the fresh and radiant look of my skin. Imagine how easy it is for me not to re-touch and still look decent for both patients and companions in my work. I don't want to scare them by looking pale and zombie-like. Right? ^_^

The cushion is easy to use just with the process of tap-tap! The tapping motion is enough to make the product flawless and mark-free. Its easy to build up the coverage with the use of this tap-tap motion. Plus, the sponge included was effective in making the skin looked flawless. 

For better results, I set it with my Maybelline Clear Smooth All In One Two Way Cake. Setting the cushion with powder lessens the risk of it melting and caking. 

Its affordable for only 749php. Its cheaper than the other Korean brands of Cushions. 


The cushion was designed to be refillable but I do not see any refills being sold in the market yet for the Maybelline Super BB Fresh Matte Cushion.


Compare the coverage the Maybelline Super BB Fresh Matte Cushion did on my skin.

Final look after setting with powder plus addition of blush and lipstick. 

Buy again? 100% (Oh yes!)

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 749php

Where to buy? Maybelline Counters nationwide, Lazada

You want to try this cushion? I will be giving away one Maybelline Super BB Fresh Matte Cushion in shade Natural (03) (plus I will add some surprise freebies) to one lucky reader. Just join below! Have fun and take care beauties!

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It’s a tough job to be a beauty balm (BB) cream. In one small tube, you are supposed to tick quite a number of beauty responsibilities:

  • Medium to full coverage
  • Sun protection
  • Moisturizing
  • Anti-oxidants
  • Non-comodgenic
  • Anti-inflammatory

Initially created in Korea to help women face the world while healing from rather intensive skin treatments, BB creams have grown in popularity because of formulations that give adequate coverage, sun protection, and actually help heal the skin. Maybelline’s Super BB Cream should definitely be put up there as something worth trying if you’re lucky enough to match maybelline super bb cream shades two shades that this BB Cream comes in.

The coverage is quite adequate, so much so that that you’ll only need the tiniest bit of concealer on bumps and under the eyes. What’s also great about this cream is that it doesn’t make your face make up look heavy or flat. It appears to have light reflecting particles that make the skin look dewy instead of cakey. And though it has a slight floral scent, which I’m not partial to, it thankfully goes away after just a short while.


There is no product to showИсточник:

Maybelline BB Cream Price in Pakistan - Latest Nov, 2021 Prices

A well-known name in the field of beauty products, Maybelline, is an American brand that manufactures and sells more than 200 products all over the world. Maybelline offers a variety of BB creams for every skin type and different looks; fresh look or matte finish.

Following are the types of BB creams offered by Maybelline:

Maybelline Dream Pure BB cream:

Dream Pure BB cream combines 8 skincare benefits in only one cream. It is lightweight, skin clearing, and gives a smooth and natural matte finish. It also contains 2% salicylic acid to clear acne. Available in 5 different shades, it is perfect for every skin tone. It can be easily applied as it glides on smoothly. BB cream combines makeup and skincare and gives a perfect look in one easy step. Its 8 benefits include clearing acne, hydration, concealing imperfections, minimizing the look of pores, and more. You can wear it with or without a moisturizer.

Maybelline Super BB cream:

Super BB cream is the 1st high coverage BB cream from Maybelline. It features a Mineral Guard Filter that protects your skin from all the damage. This cream is called super because it is anti-oxidant and anti-pollution as well. It is long-lasting and has a good texture. It gives even skin tone while moisturizing your skin. Moreover, it covers pores and blemishes and has super coverage and super protection. For application, take a small amount and apply evenly on the whole face. Blend with fingertips.

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream:

This BB cream from Maybelline has a lightweight formula with 8 benefits all in a single cream tube. It protects the skin with a broad-spectrum SPF 30. It gives a natural look by gliding on smoothly and easily. It is suitable for all skin types and it is available in 5 different shades. It protects, blurs imperfections, and smoothens. Dream Fresh BB cream provides sheer coverage with a natural finish. It's America's no. 1 BB cream.

Maybelline Super BB Moist Matte Cream:

It is a high coverage BB Cream and provides a moisturized matte look for the whole day. This next-generation mousse BB has matte pigments and beauty essence that provides a poreless matte finish. Its moisturizing sensation lasts for 8 hours. It is the best suited BB cream for oily as well as acne-prone skin. It features Revolutionary moisture-locking technology that covers the pores and moisturizes the skin as well.

Maybelline Clear Glow BB Cream:

Clear Glow BB cream has a special mineral clay formula that gives flawless coverage. It acts as a concealer and moisturizer at the same time and delivers 12 hours of shine control. It protects your skin from UV rays. This BB cream brightens, smoothens, hydrates, and evens out your skin. It is dermatologist tested, non-comedogenic, and allergy-tested. It suits all skin types. serves as a directory/search engine to locate resources on the internet. The company names, product names, product images, and service names on this page are federal pension benefit guaranty corporation for identification purposes only. This does not imply any kind of endorsement or affiliation.


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