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Brenda Bernstein recorded a presentation called “Grow Your Reach the LinkedIn Way” October 16, 2018 for Mindvalley's online learning platform. Founder and CEO of Mindvalley, Vishen Lakhiani leads a dedicated team of over 100+ and online learning platforms such as the Mindvalley Academy. Role — Concept Development, Creative & Art Direction, Design & Front-end Dev. Team — Head of Marketing: Troy Allen Copywriter: Tania Safuan. mindvalley academy customer service

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VERDICT: Is MindValley Academy a Scam? No.


MindValley Academy

mindvalley academy review





User Friendly







  • Credible instructors (some even celebrities)
  • High quality video training
  • Valuable topics including self-actualization, esteem, spirituality, and career development
  • High quality events


  • No real community component for online course-takers
  • Customer complaints suggest contention with the refund policy
  • Spirituality courses are targeted at Shamanism, Chakra healing, and other religions excluding the Biblical Worldview

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Mindvalley Academy Review With Discount Code 2018: (100% Verified)

In this post, we have featured Mindvalley Review 2018 that includes detailed insights of its pricing, features, functionality, courses and more. Let's take a look.

Mindvalley Academy Review With Discount Code December 2018

About Mindvalley

Mindvalley was founded by Vishen Lakhiani and oversaw the remarkable success of the company. With no loans, investors or government grants, Lakhiani has transformed Mindvalley into a $ 100 million company that employs more than 200 people from more than 40 countries over the last decade. Mindvalley is considered the most democratic workplace in the world, revolutionizing the way people learn.

Mindvalley Academy Review With Discount Code 2018: (100% Verified)

CEO Lakhiani is also a very popular author in the NY Times and was recently ranked as the most popular author on Amazon. He is a member of the Innovation Council of the XPRIZE Foundation. Lakhiani was born in Kuala Lumpur and studied electrical engineering at the University of Michigan. After moving to New York and virtually bankrupt, Lakhiani faced a $ 700 meditation strategy and laptop in a Starbucks to train Mindvalley. Lakhiani determined to revolutionize the global education system.

Who is Vishen Lakhiani?

Vishen Lakhiani Entrepreneur and innovator in educational technologies, speaker, investor and author of the "Code of Extraordinary Mind": Vishen Lakhiani is the founder and CEO of Mindvalley, a company that specializes in innovation in education through the introduction of awareness and innovation personal development in the field of comprehensive education and lifelong learning. Vishen is also a member of the Transformational Leadership Council and the XPRIZE.MINDVALLEY Foundation Innovation Council.

Mindvalley Academy Review With Discount Code 2018: (100% Verified)

Vishen Lakhiani is an entrepreneur, author, and speaker. He is the founder and CEO of Mindvalley, and also the proud author of The Code of the Extraordinary Mind.

Born Place: 14 January 1976 (age 42 years), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Education: University of Michigan

What Mindvalley Says:

"Our mission is to train people to lead a healthier and happier life, to unleash their full potential and to be extraordinary, by introducing tools and ideas that are currently lacking in traditional education systems. And also our Aim?" Build a School for one billion people worldwide. "

What Vishen Lakhiani Says About Becoming Limitless

In the first module, he explains that Becoming Limitless is to put together the most powerful ideas he has learned for ten years as the organizer of some of the best personal growth products in an elegant setting.

This course includes exactly what I thought the course should be.

What Becoming Limitless Does Well

Vishen says that there are four states of consciousness, namely:

A sacrificial state in which things are done to you.

A condition in which you understand that your thoughts give you some control over your life.

A state of Infinity in which you will feel a strong reason behind life and your purpose.

A state of immersion in God in which you feel like a higher power because you become one with Him.

This program was created to motivate people to reach an unlimited state and thus become unlimited.

How conscious am I? Do I feel like a victim? Do I feel that I have some control over my life? Do I see the effects of my actions and intentions on myself and others? You will think about these things when you attend the course.

Becoming an unlimited person can help you raise your awareness to the point where you feel you are living according to plan, connected to everything in your environment, and more than fulfilling your basic needs.

In other words, when you become unlimited, you feel unlimited.

More About Mindvalley Academy

Mindvalley Academy, which is online at Mindvalley Academy.com, is a company dedicated to helping everyone create an "epic life" using the skills and techniques of the world's largest experts and teachers. ,

The traditional education system has proved to be a kind of disappointment on its website because it is incredibly expensive and people are often in debt, unsatisfactory in normal jobs or dislike.

Mindvalley Academy Review With Discount Code 2018: (100% Verified)

The Mindvalley Academy aims to help its clients fill in the gaps of the traditional education system, with courses that help people lead a successful life, but above all, a "profoundly meaningful" life.

To help you achieve your goals and help you achieve your goals, the Mindvalley Academy offers classes that can help you improve the physical, mental, vital and social aspects of your life. You can also search for your main courses, such as the notes of philosophers and Modern Qi Young. and Silva Life. His team told me three excellent courses, which are offered here as viable solutions for the New Year.

Before looking at targeting sessions, let's take a look at the media that Lakhiani has developed into applications that accelerate the online learning success rate.


Mindvalley has produced Omvana, the most cost-effective health, and wellness app on the iTunes Store, in more than 30 countries. In mid-2014, Mindvalley's second mobile app, Dormio, became the second-most-downloaded health and wellness app in the United States.

More recently, Mindvalley has launched the App Quests, which will increase completion rates for online learning by 800%. Quests is described as "a new multi-channel digital learning platform that combines microlearning technology and virtual communities."

THE 3 MOST IMPORTANT QUESTIONS by Growth Masterclass I learned from Mindvalley experts

Do this life changing exercise and answer the 3 most important questions in life.

Step 1. Sit alone and in a quiet place

Step 2. Open the Timer function on your phone (Allocate 90 seconds to answering each question) Step 3. Grab a pen

Answer these questions freely, let your thoughts come to you naturally and write them down.

Assume that you have all the time and money to achieve everything.

Question 1. What experiences do I want to have?

-Think the people, the travels, the events, the place you will stay, your commutes, your conversations, the quality of your relationships

Question 2: How do I want to grow as a person?

-Think about your health and fitness level, do you want to have a regular workout schedule, do you want to be able to hike up a hill effortlessly, think about character traits, do you want to be able to handle stress more effectively, be a better leader, time manager, be able to speak in public, do copywriting, build a brand, build a business. Are you able to forgive? Are you able to learn another language?

Question 3: How do I want to contribute to the world?
    Each person can choose to leave a legacy. We all have something greater than ourselves, right within us. A message to the world. think about your family, friends, country, world. What can you do? It can be as simple as smiling and appreciating people you meet day by day, or running your business in a way that gives back to people, promote better quality of life, teach children, alleviate poverty, look after our environment, our animals, promote greater human connection.

There you have it, the 3 most important questions in your life.

Live by your inner guide.

The number one reason why people are not successful or unfulfilled is because they never took the time to figure out WHAT IN THE WORLD DO I WANT, WHY AM I HERE ON EARTH FOR, WHAT IS MY PURPOSE?

The Mindvalley Model

1. Global Campuses

Learn at home, at live events or at our changing university campus, which travels to a new city every summer. With Mindvalley, you can go to school for 30 days (with your children) every summer, regardless of your age.

2. Dynamic Curriculum

Our "textbooks" live in the cloud. Constantly evolving in real time, such as humanity and technology. Meet Mindvalley Quests, the learning platform that transforms learning into an adventure and makes your learning like a game. outperforms traditional online courses by up to 500%.

3. The Teacher's Teacher

Our teachers are living legends, successful writers and brilliant minds who know how to inspire and transform. With art, film, and design, we learn the best program in the world in each category. Learn from the World's Top Transformational Teachers here.

How the Mindvalley Academy Works

Mindvalley was originally a digital publishing company that has grown slowly in many businesses across many industries, from mobile apps to health and wellness. Specifically, the Mindvalley Academy has more than 200,000 students and some of the world's best teachers, opinion leaders, and experts, all focused on building new models of education and well-being, and leading your ideal lives. Society calls this idea "cultural piracy," which implies a close integration of technology and education to "reinterpret" culture and advance humanity.

Mindvalley Academy Review With Discount Code 2018: (100% Verified)

The Mindvalley Academy currently offers several courses in various categories. It should help more than a billion people by 2050. The courses are divided into 4 categories:


According to the website, the top three courses are currently:

  1. The Silva Method: helps you "create an innovative life" and presents more than 43,000 registered students.
  2. OmLife: Helps you discover the "revolutionary technology" that allows you to enjoy the benefits of deep meditation, but in just a few minutes. Currently, more than 24,000 students are enrolled.
  3. Unlimited Abundance: This home-based training course with more than 18,000 students helps you overcome the 24 "blockages".

If you are looking for a detailed list of the best Mindvalley programs, click . It is interesting to note that the courses listed on the main course page are not displayed elsewhere on the website and vice versa.

Mindvalley Academy Pricing

Mindvalley courses currently cost between $ 36 and $ 149, depending on the duration of the training and whether it is online or contains hardware. However, the Mindvalley Academy offers a $ 1 test that will allow you to test the program of your choice for 10 days. If you want to keep the program, just wait for the end of the 10-day trial period and your method of payment in the file will be billed accordingly. To cancel before the end of the test, simply send an email to Customer Service. There are no additional costs.

Mindvalley Academy Review With Discount Code 2018: (100% Verified)

If you have requested a physical hardware program (instead of digital hardware), delivery will be via USPS within 5 to 7 business days. The shipping cost for most home tuition in the US is $ 7.95.

Mindvalley Academy Refund policy

All Mindvalley Academy courses include a 90-day money-back guarantee. To request a refund, simply fill in a contact form and a member of MIndvalley Academy customer service will be in touch shortly.

Quick Links:

Final Verdict: Mindvalley Academy Review With Discount Code 2018

The Mindvalley Academy appears to be a legitimate business focused on delivering innovative courses designed to transform your life. However, there are some things to consider before buying a course.

First, the current list of Mindvalley Academy courses is limited to 4, but the site promises other things to come. The actual number is somewhat confusing, however, as there are a number of courses listed in the four main sections of the website and another group is listed on the main courses page.

Despite relatively inexpensive online reviews, some Mindvalley Academy courses may be considered "pseudoscience" and not proven by studies that prove their effectiveness. However, like any other self-help class, some people can achieve life-changing results while others do not.

Mindvalley Academy Customer Service staff are very attentive to finding solutions to customer complaints, and your $ 1 10-day trial seems like a great way to find out if any of your courses are right for you. And even if a course has already been billed, you have a total of 90 days to request a refund if you are not satisfied with the material later.

Mindvalley Academy Review With Discount Code 2018: (100% Verified)
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