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Tan, Bun-Chin. (202)205-1561. (202)481-0833 Edmonds, Denise. (202)401-2694 8235 Forsyth Boulevard Suite 520 St. Louis, MO 63105. Picture Book of Louis Braille, the. Adler, David Russell, Ching Yueng. N. 3. Fllying Dragon Room, the. Wood, Audrey Edmonds, Walter D. Get Mary Chin's contact information, age, background check, white pages, MA • Plymouth Meeting, PA • Brookline, MA • Saint Louis, MO • Waterville, ME. louis edmonds chin


The Structure of Chinese History: Presidential Address (G. William Skinner) Journal of Asian Studies, Vol. 44, No. 2, Feb., 1985

As elegant and succinct a statement as you'll find.

Societies and civilizations develop in real space, as people make use of resources and evolve trading systems to supply whatever is not produced locally. In general drainage basins and travel-constraining landscape features form physiographic macroregions, which have cores and peripheries. Towns and cities develop as central places in a matrix of exchange, and thrive and decline cyclically with their regions. Many cultural features map themselves onto the same geography:

For the most part, each of the major speech groups of southeastern China dominated one macroregional or subregional core. In the Lower Yangzi, it was Wu speakers of the Taihu subgroup. In the Ou-Ling subregion of the Southeast Coast macroregion, it was Wu speakers of the Oujiang subgroup. The core areas of the other three subregions of the Southeast Coast were each dominated by a distinct Min-speaking group: Hokchius in the Min basin, Hokkiens in the Zhang-Quan subregion, and Teochius (Hoklos) in the Hanjiang basin. For new mobile homes for sale in indiana rest, Cantonese dominated the regional core of Lingnan, Gan speakers that of the Gan Yangzi, and Xiang speakers that of the Xiang basin subregion of the middle Yangzi.
(G. William Skinner's Introduction to Leong's Migration and Ethnicity in Chinese History: Hakkas, Pengmin, and their neigbors [1997], pg. 3)

We have several books that deal with East Asian macroregions, such as Philip Huang's The Peasant Family and Rural Development in the Yangzi Delta, 1350-1988 (HN740 .Y36 H83 1999). searches in Annie for 'chin* region*' and 'japan* region*' produced the following (among many others), for perusal:

CALL NO. DS894.39.I924 A8 1992. TITLE As Iwate goes-- is culture local? [videorecording] / Media Production Group ; produced in association with the National louis edmonds chin Institute of Multimedia Education, Japan. IMPRINT Richmond, Ind. : Center for Educational Media, Institute for Education on Japan, Earlham College, c1992. CALL NO. DS894.39.Y349 S546 1985. AUTHOR Kelly, William W. (William Wright), 1946- TITLE Deference and defiance in nineteenth-century Japan / William W. Kelly. IMPRINT Louis edmonds chin, N.J. : Princeton University Press, c1985. CALL NO. HC427.8 .S3 1976. AUTHOR Schran, Peter. TITLE Guerrilla economy : the development of the Shensi-Kansu-Ninghsia border region, 1937-1945 / Peter Schran. IMPRINT Albany : State University of New York Press, 1976. CALL NO. GF666 .T68 1960. AUTHOR Trewartha, Glenn Thomas, 1896- TITLE Japan, a physical, cultural and regional geography / Glenn Thomas Trewartha. IMPRINT Madison : The University of Wisconsin Press; London : Methuen, 1960, c1945. CALL NO. DS897.O814 O837 1999. TITLE Osaka : the merchants' capital of early modern Japan / edited by James L. McClain and Wakita Osamu. IMPRINT Ithaca, N.Y. : Cornell University Press, 1999. CALL NO. DS509.3 .K6313 1971. AUTHOR Kolb, Albert, 1906- TITLE Ostasien. English. TITLE East Asia: China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam; geography of a cultural region. Translated by C. A. M. Sym. IMPRINT London, Methuen, 1971. CALL NO. HT395.C552 P453 1998. TITLE Beijing and Tianjin : towards a millennial megalopolis / edited by Brian Hook. IMPRINT Hong Kong ; New York : Oxford University Press, 1998. CONTENTS History and culture / Colin Mackerras -- Government and politics / Jane Duckett -- Geography and natural resources / lafayette bank and trust credit card Richard Louis Edmonds -- Human resources / Brian Hook and Lee Wing On -- Economic development / Luo Qi and Robert F. Ash. CALL NO. HC427.92 .H833 1997. TITLE The China handbook / edited by Christopher Hudson ; advisers Marc Blecher, Judy Curry. IMPRINT Chicago : Fitzroy Dearborn Publishers, c1997. CALL NO. DS777.55 .S455 1972. AUTHOR Shabad, Theodore. TITLE China's changing map; national and regional development, 1949-71. IMPRINT New York, Praeger [1972] CALL NO. DS793.F8 F83 1996. TITLE Fujian : gateway to Taiwan / edited by Brian Hook. IMPRINT Hong Kong ; New York : Oxford University Press, 1996. CALL NO. HC428.K9 G77 1996. TITLE Guangdong : China's promised land / edited by Brian Hook. IMPRINT Hong Kong ; New York : Oxford University Press, 1996. CALL NO. HN761.H62 H39 1977. AUTHOR Hayes, James, 1930- TITLE The Hong Kong region, 1850-1911 : institutions and leadership in town and countryside / by James Hayes. IMPRINT Hamden, Conn. : Archon Books, 1977. CALL NO. DS760.9.L49 S6 1964. AUTHOR Spector, Stanley, 1924- TITLE Li Hung-chang and the Huai Army; a study in nineteenth-century Chinese regionalism. Introd.: Regionalism in nineteenth-century China, by Franz Michael. IMPRINT Seattle, University of Washington Press [1964] CALL NO. DS731.H3 L46 1997. AUTHOR Leong, Sow-Theng. TITLE Chase bank fraud email and ethnicity in Chinese history: Hakkas, Pengmin, and their neighbors / Sow-Theng Leong ; edited by Tim Wright, with an introduction and maps by G. William Skinner. IMPRINT Stanford, Calif. : Stanford University Press, 1997. CALL NO. DS730 .N33 1998. TITLE Nationalism and ethnoregional identities in China / edited by louis edmonds chin William Safran. IMPRINT London ; Portland, Ore : Frank Cass, 1998. CONTENTS Introduction : nation, ethnie, region, and religion as markers of identity / William Safran -- State discourses, minority policies, and the politics of identity in the Lijang Naxi people's autonomous country / Sydney D. White -- Han-Muslim and intra-Muslim social relations in northwestern China / Colin Mackerras -- Language education, pay victoria secret credit card online, and symbolic representation : being an urban Mongolian in a new configuration of social evolution / Naran Bilik -- Texture of tongues : languages and power in China / Arienne M. Dwyer -- Preferential policies for ethnic minorities in China : the case of Xingjiang / Barry Sautman -- Ethnic identity change in the People's Republic of China : an explanation using data from the 1982 and 1990 census enumerations / Matthew Hoddie -- Unforgiven and remembered : the impact of ethnic conflicts in everyday Muslim-Han social relations on Hainan Island / Keng- Fong Pang -- Patriotic villains and patriotic heroes : Chinese literary nationalism in the 1990s / Yingjie Guo. CALL NO. DS796.S25 G66 1995. AUTHOR Goodman, Bryna, 1955- TITLE Native place, city, and nation : regional networks and identities at home store hours near me in Shanghai, 1853-1937 / Bryna Goodman. IMPRINT Berkeley : University of California Press, c1995. CALL NO. DS796.S24 S538 1998. TITLE Shanghai and the Yangtze Delta : a city reborn / edited by Brian Hook. IMPRINT Hong Kong ; New York : Oxford University Press, 1998. CALL NO. HC427.6 .M37 1998. AUTHOR Marks, Robert, 1949- TITLE Tigers, rice, silk, and silt : environment and economy in late imperial south China / Robert B. Marks. IMPRINT Cambridge [England] ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 1998. CALL NO. HD1537.C5 L58 1989. AUTHOR Little, Daniel. TITLE Understanding peasant China : case studies in the philosophy of social science / Daniel Little. IMPRINT New Haven : Yale University Press, c1989. CALL NO. DS793.H644352 S36 1989. AUTHOR rooms to go credit card payments online Schoppa, R. Keith, 1943- TITLE Xiang Lake--nine centuries of Chinese life / R. Keith Schoppa. IMPRINT New Haven : Yale University Press, c1989.
Источник: http://oook.info/easia/macroregion.html

The Impressionist Chinrest Comforter - Black Large

Excellent, innovative

When I first opened the envelope containing the Impressionist, I didn't really know what to expect: it arrives as a small rubber puck, slightly thicker on one side, with a texture somewhat like that of a practice mute. The instruction sheet has a little spiel about how the Impressionist is the best thing since Spohr invented the chinrest, along with bios of the two jolly looking fellows who came up with the thing. Somewhat incredulous, I popped the thing in a cup, poured on the water, set the timer, and proceeded to brew a couple cups of Impressionist tea. After the heating and following cooling process, I placed it on my chinrest, made an "impression," and then let it set in. The whole process took less than 30 minutes. So far so good, but how does it work in practice? Quite well, as I soon discovered. This product does two things: it adds to the height of the chinrest, and serves to fix the chin/jaw into position on the rest itself by virtue of the impression that you make on it. It does both of these things very well. At first I was worried about it potentially falling off (they actually included a bit of double-sided tape in the package), but after the Impressionist had cooled it ended up "sealing" itself to the rest, to the point where taking china wok 1st street off required a bit of prying. So, no worries there: once it's on it's on! However, I did find that once on my case wouldn't close: the extra height ended up being just a little too much. Taking it off obviously necessitates breaking that "seal," though, which I thought was going to be an issue when putting it back on later (as once it cools it doesn't form that seal like it does when it is fresh out of the water, and who has boiling water handy wherever they play?). What I found, though, was that after putting it back on and playing on it for 45 minutes or so, it actually started to heat up a bit: it acts like a body-heat sink in this respect. This caused it to gradually re-seal, and while this seal wasn't as strong as when it had come out of the water, it was still more than enough to hold it on, even when my violin was inverted or moved around (contrast this to when it was cold and first put on, where it would have fallen on the floor). Bottom line is, if you have to take it off louis edmonds chin on, as long as you have a chance to warm up (you AND the Impressionist) before performing then you'll be fine (alternatively, I suppose it would also be possible to fix it into position with a rubber band as well, which could then be removed later once the Impressionist had resealed). Now, there are a few more things to mention. First, this thing is a bit of a lint magnet: when I was drying it off after the heating process I noticed that some lint from the towel stuck on it, so it might be advisable to use a microfiber cloth or something similar for that. Likewise, hair is also something that can stick to it, even when it cools (it sort of retains a tacky sort of feel). Depending on how clean your case is, this could be more or less of an issue. Because I take it off after playing, I stow it in the plastic bag it arrived in inside my case. This keeps it from snagging any stray bits of dust or whatnot. Even if it does pick up some stuff over time, though, the instructions say it IS washable, so this isn't a deal breaker for me by any means. Just don't let your cat get a hold of it. The other thing about it is that it does a really good job of locking your chin into apple pencil 1st gen model number. Like, a really good job. If you're one of those people who likes to move your head around a lot when you play (I'll admit, stuff like that can add a lot of dramatic flair during a performance) then you might be taken aback by the stability that the Impressionist provides. What I'd recommend is it to experiment with multiple impressions when it is cooling: it might be possible to make a "main" impression and then a "secondary" one that you could switch to while playing. Obviously, this is going to be an individual thing and I can't guarantee it'll work for you, but when it was fresh out of the water it was quite malleable. Just something to consider. Overall, I feel this is a great product. It makes your chinrest feel like it was custom fitted to you, at a fraction of the cost. Yes, it might have a tendency to attract lint, but at this price point I consider that a non-issue. As for durability, I can't speak on that yet, but the product is advertised as being "Long lasting," so there is that. The best louis edmonds chin since the chinrest? I don't know, but it works and I'm happy with it. I'll leave that one to the historians.

Источник: https://www.sharmusic.com/Accessories/Chinrests/The-Impressionist-Chinrest-Comforter---Black-Large.axd

Chinese Studies - R - Oxford Bibliographies

Economic Reforms, 1978-Present

Ralph W. Huenemann

Subject:Chinese Studies »

Date Added:2013-04-22

Economic Reforms, 1978 to the Present Introduction Between 1949 and 1976, under Mao Zedong’s the independent bankers bank leadership, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Economy, 1895-1949

Tim Wright

Subject:Chinese Studies »

Date Added:2013-04-22

Economy, 1895–1949IntroductionThe nature of the pre-Communist Chinese economy and the degree of its success, if any, at least up to the outbreak of wa.

Emergence of Modern Banks

Linsun Cheng

Subject:Chinese Studies »

Date Added:2018-08-28

Emergence of Modern BanksIntroductionThe emergence and rapid expansion of modern Chinese banks has attracted scholars’ attention since the early 1930s.

Energy Economics and Climate Change

Andreas Oberheitmann, Chai Ni

Subject:Chinese Studies »

Date Added:2021-05-26

Energy Economics and Climate ChangeIntroductionEnergy economics and global climate change–related issues are becoming more and more important in China.

Environmental Issues in Contemporary China

Richard Louis Edmonds

Subject:Chinese Studies »

Date Added:2013-04-22

Environmental Inland bank hsa login in Contemporary China Introduction The environment is a broad category, which at its widest includes virtually everything.

Environmental Issues in Pre-Modern China

David Bello

Subject:Chinese Studies »

Date Added:2014-03-27

Environmental Issues in Pre-Modern ChinaIntroductionThe current scholarly discourse on pre-modern Chinese environmental history, in both the western a.

Establishment Intellectuals

Timothy Cheek

Subject:Chinese Birdee stephens »

Date Added:2015-07-28

Establishment Intellectuals Introduction Establishment intellectuals describes intellectuals in the People’s Republic of China. Louis edmonds chin general We.

Ethnicity and Minority Nationalities Since 1949

Colin Mackerras

Subject:Chinese Studies »

Date Added:2013-04-22

Ethnicity and Minority Nationalities since 1949IntroductionThis article covers works about ethnicity in the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and minor.

Ethnicity and the Han

Agnieszka Joniak-Lüthi

Subject:Chinese Studies »

Date Added:2018-06-27

Ethnicity and the HanIntroductionThe present article focuses on the Han (汉) in the People’s Republic of China (PRC) where they constitute the largest .

Examination System, The

Rui Magone

Subject:Chinese Studies »

Date Added:2014-04-28

The Examination System Introduction The examination system, also known as “civil service examinations” or “imperial examinations”—and, in Chin.

Fall of the Qing, 1840-1912, The

David Pong

Subject:Chinese Studies »

Date Added:2013-04-22

The Fall of the Qing, 1840–1912 Introduction The last seventy-some years of the Qing dynasty, simply put, is a story of decline. But a closer .

Falun Gong, The

James Tong

Subject:Chinese Studies »

Date Added:2013-04-22

The Falun Gong Introduction From its modest origin as a qigong group in 1992 that practiced deep breathing combined with meditation, the Falun.

Family Relations in Contemporary China

William Jankowiak, Yuezhu Sun

Subject:Chinese Studies »

Date Added:2014-05-29

Family Relations in Contemporary China Introduction Across different time periods and regions the Chinese family displays a variety of forms. .

Fiction and Prose, Modern Chinese

Kirk A. Denton

Subject:Chinese Studies »

Date Added:2013-04-22

Modern Chinese Fiction and Prose Introduction Modern Chinese literature has conventionally been seen as erupting suddenly in conjunction wit.

Film in Taiwan

Daw-Ming Lee

Subject:Chinese Studies »

Date Added:2018-06-27

Film in TaiwanIntroductionTaiwan cinema in this bibliography covers two periods in the history of Taiwan cinema: some during Japanese colonial rule (1.

Film, Chinese Language

Julian Ward

Subject:Chinese Studies »

Date Added:2013-04-22

Chinese-Language Film Introduction International interest in Chinese cinema in the late 20th and early 21st centuries is often traced back to .

Financial Sector, The

Lynette Ong

Subject:Chinese Studies »

Date Added:2013-04-22

The Financial Sector Introduction The financial sector plays a critical role in powering economic growth by intermediating between savers and .

Five Classics

Michael Nylan, Nicholas Constantino

Subject:Chinese Studies »

Date Added:2021-04-21

Five ClassicsIntroductionAlthough the term “Five Classics” (The Odes; Documents; the three Rites classics, counted as one; the Annals, and the Changes

Folk Religion in Contemporary China

Fenggang Yang, Anning Hu

Subject:Chinese Studies »

Date Added:2018-07-24

Folk Religion in Contemporary ChinaIntroduction and General OverviewsFolk religion has always been an indispensable component in the Chinese religious.

Folklore and Popular Culture

Victor Mair, Mark Bender, Levi Gibbs, Peace Lee, Haihong Fu

Subject:Chinese Studies »

Date Added:2014-07-30

Folklore and Popular Culture Introduction Classical poetry, lengthy romances such as Dream of the Red Chamber, and drama dominate accepted vie.

Источник: https://www.oxfordbibliographies.com/browse?access=all&jumpTo=R&letter=R&module_0=obo-9780199920082&page=3&pageSize=20&sort=titlesort&type=document

See Who Passed the July 2021 New York Bar Exam

The New York State Board of Law Examiners examined 9,227 candidates, including U.S. domestic-educated candidates, foreign-educated candidates, first time candidates, and repeat candidates, during the July 27-28, 2021 examination. Of those candidates, 5,791 passed for an overall passing rate of 63%.

Successful candidates who also have completed the New York Law Course and taken and passed both the New York Law Exam and the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination as required by the Rules of the New York State Court of Appeals will be certified by the Board to the Appellate Division for admission to the bar. Candidates must then appear before the Committee on Character and Fitness before being admitted to the bar.

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Louis Edmonds talks about playing badguys (and Roger Collins)

From Romantic Lead to Moody Menace

The Daily Review (TV Week),  Oct.  9, 1966

Louis Edmonds has the kind of face you hiss and boo at—a quality that makes him menacingly appropriate for the role of Roger Collins, the skulking no-goodnick of ABC's new romantic suspense drama, Dark Shadows, weekdays at 4 PM on ABC.

Things, however, were not always thus. Edmonds was once a romantic lead and cavorted merrily in such off-Broadway musicals as :Candide" and "Ernest in Love."  But ever since his face "defined," he has lapsed into the roles of villainy. In two feature films soon to be released — "The Fifth Arm of the Swastika" and "Come Spy with Me"—he plays a ruthless Nazi officer and an unctuous Russian spy.

"Actually, I enjoy being the bad guy," said Edmonds. "The role is usually more interesting and fun to play. Besides, at any given time, you can be hysterical, temperamental and even scary."

And in Dark Shadows Edmonds is all of these. He cringes in the face of strength, erupts into little rages and petrifies the young girl who acts as governess to his ten-year-old son, whom, of course, he hates.

"But nobody can be obnoxious 24 hours a day," said Edmonds. "So I try to give Roger some wry or sardonic moments."

You may sometimes sympathize with Roger, but you will never love him. It is hard to love a man with bushy eyebrows, deep sunken eyes, and who always seems to be lurking. Add to this the mysterious quality of Edmond's face, which has been mistaken for Russian, English, German and Slavic. During rehearsals for his Broadway debut in "Passage to India," he overheard Gladys Cooper, the show's star, whisper, "Who is that curious-looking German boy with the English accent?"

The truth is that Edmonds is 100 percent American, so native, in fact, that he was born on a sugar plantation near Baton Rogue, Louisiana. His accent and voice have been cultivated by years of playing the classical characters of Shaw, Chekhov, and Shakespeare.

"Oddly enough, there are many people who actually believe that Roger Collins is a real person," said Edmonds. "They want to know how I can be so detestable. An actor friend of mine, who once played a similar role, had so many belligerent calls that louis edmonds chin had to get an unlisted phone number."

Still, Edmonds is so convincing as Roger, it is hard to divorce fact from fiction. In Newport, R.I., where ABC filmed the exteriors of a mansion that serves as the show's focal point, he was the only actor addressed by the cast name. And in a scene where he moved furtively along a moonlit seacoast. the cameraman  remarked, "There goes the dirty rat!"

When he is not working, Edmonds lives quietly in a large house on Long Island. But the setting is decorously perfect for a villain. Across the street is an 18th century cemetery.

Источник: http://www.collinsporthistoricalsociety.com/2012/06/1966-interview-louis-edmonds-talks.html

Boston Bruins defenseman Zdeno Chara had a rough Stanley Cup final against the St. Louis Blues this past June. Not only did the Bruins ultimately lose the championship, but Chara took a deflected puck shot to the face in Game Four that broke his jaw.

With the NHL season now over, the 42-year-old Bruins captain continues to mend from his injury that required extensive treatment. His experience highlights how jaw fractures and related dental damage are an unfortunate hazard in hockey—not only for pros like Chara, but also for an estimated half million U.S. amateurs, many in youth leagues.

Ice hockey isn't the only sport with this injury potential: Basketball, football (now gearing up with summer training) and even baseball players are also at risk. That's why appropriate protective gear like helmets and face chase app logo are key to preventing injury.

For any contact sport, that protection should also include a priority one bank foreclosures to absorb hard contact forces that could damage the mouth, teeth and gums. The best guards (and the most comfortable fit) are custom-made by a dentist based on impressions made of the individual's mouth.

But even with adequate protection, an injury can still happen. Here's what you should do if your child has an injury to their jaw, mouth or teeth.

Recognize signs of a broken jaw. A broken jaw can result in severe pain, swelling, difficulty speaking, numbness in the chin or lower lip or the teeth not seeming to fit together properly. You may also notice bleeding in the mouth, as well as bruising under the tongue or a cut in the ear canal resulting from jawbone movement during the fracture. Get immediate medical attention if you notice any of these signs.

Take quick action for a knocked-out tooth. A tooth knocked completely out of its socket is a severe dental injury. But you may be able to ultimately save the tooth by promptly taking the following steps: (1) find the tooth and pick it up without touching the root end, (2) rinse it off, (3) place it back in its socket with firm pressure, and (4) see a dentist as soon as possible.

Seek dental care. Besides the injuries already mentioned, you should also see a dentist for any moderate to severe trauma to the mouth, teeth and gums. Leading the list: any injury that results in tooth chipping, looseness or movement out of alignment.

Even a top athlete like Zdeno Chara isn't immune to injury. Take steps then to protect your amateur food bank of the rockies denver from a dental or facial injury.

If you would like more information about dealing with sports-related dental injuries, please contact us or schedule an appointment for a consultation. To learn more, read the Dear Doctor magazine articles “Athletic Mouthguards” and “The Field-Side Guide to Dental Injuries.”

Источник: https://www.e-sdental.com/blog/post/bruins-zdeno-chara-breaks-his-jaw-during-2019-stanley-cup.html

“Children are animals, but with one important difference.”

The schoolteacher sighs. “Ah, Jamison, why?” he says to a recalcitrant pupil. “Why did you do this? To hand in a blank sheet of paper… I know that you knew some of the spelling words, and the mathematical sums really were very simple.”

It’s a sad moment, but not because of Jamison. I mean, if the mathematical sums are really that simple, then I’m sure he’ll pick it up somewhere. Jamison will be fine.

The problem is Mr. Timothy Shaw, the mild, fussy tutor at Trask’s malevolent punishment school. Tim is played by werewolf teen idol Don Briscoe, who used to be the hottest thng on the show, breaking new ground in afternoon sex appeal by regularly tearing off his shirt on camera.

They spent all winter building Don up as a tormented bad boy serial killer, and then when the 1897 story started — nothing, for two months. He just disappeared from the show.

This week is his return, and it’s a damp squib if I ever saw one. His shirt is buttoned all the way up to his chin, and he’s got wire rim Benjamin Franklin spectacles.

And worst of all, as far as the young set is concerned, he’s scolding a child about not doing his math homework. This feels like deliberate sabotage of a once-rising star.

So it looks like it’s time for another round of our backstage guessing game: Did He Fall, or Was He Pushed?

734 dark shadows tim spectacles

Because it would be difficult to think of a role that’s less likely to appeal to the children of 1969 than Timothy Shaw. He’s a louis edmonds chin student at this Dickensian prison camp for children, and he served his time along with Rachel, the Collinwood governess and current Josette lookalike. When they were old enough to graduate, Tim and Rachel were both signed up for a non-elective tour of duty as teachers.

They managed to escape the school and make their way in the outside world, onevanilla prepaid visa card walmart while Rachel’s been building a new life for herself, Tim’s gone back to his old job, working for the odious Reverend Trask.

734 dark shadows tim rachel sellout

When Tim was introduced on Monday, he’d come to Collinwood to collect the children and bring them to Worthington Hall. That’s when Rachel found out that on the night they left, Tim accidentally killed Trask’s brother-in-law — you know how these things can happen, when you’re in a hurry — and Trask threatened to turn him over to the police unless Tim returned to his duties.

Tim:  So I just decided to go ahead and fulfill the rest of the contract. I think it was really a good thing.

Rachel:  A good thing, how can you say that? That man is a sadist!

Tim:  But you and I were very good for the children, and as long as I’m there… Besides, I’ve decided to take a new attack with him, anyway.

Rachel:  And what is that?

Tim:  Well, I know you can’t persuade him to change his mind, it’s impossible for anyone to do that, but I am trying to temper him. I think perhaps Tucson food bank hours can get him to be more tolerant with the children.

Rachel:  But you’re not succeeding, are you?

Tim:  Oh, I’m making some progress. Rachel, listen: Isn’t it better to light even one candle than to curse the darkness?

Rachel treats this platitude with the scorn it deserves. Tim isn’t just a math teacher, which is bad enough — he’s a sellout, and in 1969, that really meant something. Back then, a sellout was even worse than a narc, or somebody with bad vibes.

734 dark shadows trask tim lenient

And in today’s episode, we see that Rachel’s worst fears are true. Tim isn’t changing the system from inside, he’s just another brick in the wall. Trask finds Tim talking with Jamison, and accuses him of being soft on the boy.

“You have a tendency to be lenient,” he barks. “Guard against it. Children are animals, but with one important difference: they can be taught. But not by talking! They learn through fear.”

Tim’s response to this Bond-villain pronouncement is to sigh, and sit down on a stool. Tim sucks.

734 dark shadows tim trask shout

So it’s not just the hair and the tie and the spectacles; it’s the fact that Tim is a completely unromantic figure. Chris Jennings was a moody bad boy who periodically snapped his chain and howled at the moon; Tim Shaw can’t even keep up his end of a difficult conversation.

Although, honestly, the hair is a factor. Those whom the gods would destroy, they first give that hairstyle.

734 dark shadows tim trask what happened

So what happened to Don Briscoe? This is a problem that we’ll see play out over the next twelve months, until he’s unceremoniously bundled out the door and replaced with a day player. Somehow, the teen idol in training has fallen from favor, and he lands on the carpet with an audible thunk.

I’ve heard some people suggest that Don was taken down a peg so that the show could build up David Selby as the show’s new heartthrob, but I don’t think that theory makes sense.

For one thing, they don’t need to do anything to build up Selby, except turn the camera on. That’s not an issue. Selby is a nonstop charisma machine.

And the idea that you could only have one popular heartthrob flies in the face of everything that we know about teen magazines. There’s an entire wing of the publishing industry devoted to asking over-stimulated teenagers which boy is cuter out louis edmonds chin any conceivable pairing of cute boys. You could set up a love triangle between Quentin Collins, his younger brother Chris Collins and any female you have lying around the studio, and it would be the soap opera sensation of the decade. Instead, they gave him a two-month vacation, and then brought him on as a quisling with spectacles who doesn’t even live at Collinwood.

734 dark shadows briscoe drugs

So here’s a thing that I know: Don Briscoe smoked pot. Now, don’t get me wrong; that’s not a shocking thing to do, especially in 1969. Lots of people smoke pot, it’s relaxing and fun, and we’ll see a couple more passionate smokers later on in the series. But for Don, it was a problem.

In the book Dark Shadows Memories, there’s a short piece written by David Henesy, who played David and Jamison. He says, “Don Briscoe was a real buddy of mine. Is it true that pot smoking hurts a performance? He made better werewolf transitions in an altered state.” Louis Edmonds also has a smoking-pot-with-Don story in Barnabas & Company. It’s kind of the only thing that anybody ever says about him.

When Don leaves the show next year, it’s because of a bad LSD trip, similar to the way Mitchell Ryan had to be replaced in 1967 when he showed up for work too drunk largest banks in the us by assets go on. When Don leaves, they have to hire another guy to come in and say his lines for a few episodes.

Now, I don’t know if any of these problems showed up on set this early in his run. But the two-month hiatus, followed by a demotion from sexy werewolf to fussy schoolmaster, makes me wonder what was happening behind the scenes.

Don Briscoe brought a much-needed jolt of energy and sexuality to the show at a time when they really needed it, and he was an important part of bringing Dark Shadows out of the doldrums of the late Adam and Eve storyline. But this week is pretty much the end of his tenure as a major force on the series, and I for one will miss him terribly.

Tomorrow: The Punishment Book.

Dark Shadows bloopers to watch out for:

In the teaser, the mausoleum gate opens without its usual squeaky sound effect. The secret door opens silently as well.

Magda tells Rachel that Barnabas and Angelique deserve each other, but we haven’t seen that Magda and Angelique have even met.

When Trask walks into the schoolroom, the camera focuses on a random shadow for two seconds.

Tomorrow: The Punishment Book.

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