best websites to buy used cars in india

Used Cars for sale by owner in India. Find the best Second Hand Cars price & valuation in India! Sell your used Maruti Suzuki Swift, Toyota Innova. The automobile sales figure in India is growing at a robust pace. of a middleman in the deal ensures that the buyer gets the used car at a good price. Searching for New/Used Car? People who are looking to buy New/Used car at a best offers. Carlo team will help you buy the best New/Used Car at the best.

: Best websites to buy used cars in india

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Best websites to buy used cars in india
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Best websites to buy used cars in india

Toyota U Trust

Toyota Kirloskar Motors in India started the Toyota U Trust Program in 2007. Our main aim is to provide the used car buyer and sellers an experience at par with New Car buyer.

Toyota U Trust is set to facilitate Sales, Purchase & Exchange of Toyota and Non Toyota Cars. It allows potential customers an opportunity to exchange their old cars of any make for a brand new Toyota or a competitively priced used Toyota car.

Used car segment in the country is largely unorganized and with Toyota U Trust we want to ensure our customers gets necessary choice, convenience and transparency when they buy or sell a used car.

Each car is purchased at fair price and will go through extensive inspection and refurbishment process so that customers get the best quality cars.

When customer purchase Toyota used car at Toyota U Trust they are eligible to obtain certification and warranty offer backed by Toyota. Along with upto 2 Years/30,000 km warranty offer customer can get upto three labour free services at any Toyota dealerships.


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Published On Sep 30, 2017 07:00:00 AM


Dealing with used car brokers or salespersons can prove quite tricky.


Ideally, you should buy a vehicle from the first owner.


Decide on your budget before-hand and stick to it even under duress.

The inside story on how to find the best car for you.

Here’s a fact. For every three new cars sold in India, there are about four used ones that exchange hands. As you can imagine, the used car market is thriving, and how. The reasons to consider going for a pre-owned car are centred around, but not limited to, how much financial sense they make. With new cars losing value literally the moment they roll out of the showroom, you can save big money by even going for a car that’s just a few months old. For others, the decision to go for a used car opens the doors to multiple options to suit a limited budget.

And with the used car sector becoming more organised – with banks offering loans and many retailers even offering warranties on the cars they sell – you can buy a pre-owned car with more confidence than ever before. That said, buying used still does not come with the same peace-of-mind of a new car. At times, you’ll have to swallow a brave pill before committing money to someone else’s, possibly abused, old car. It’s really to do with the fear of ending up with a lemon. Over the following pages, we’ve tried to allay some of the fears a used car buyer might have by listing out what they must look for in a prospective car.

There are three main avenues for buying a used car in India – an individual, a used car broker and the franchised pre-owned dealer. The customer-to-customer model certainly seems to be the easiest choice if the seller is known to you. The fact that there’s no middleman involved to make a quick buck out of the transaction also gives you more leeway to fix a good price. Used car classifieds in newspapers, and websites are also a fast way of getting in touch with private sellers. But do not buy on face value itself, do all the checks necessary and be prepared to do a little bit of running about for the vehicle transfer.

Small-scale used car brokers are the other option to search for cars. While such dealers may have the car you want in ready stock, and are happy to close a deal fast, be sure to thoroughly check all details before signing any papers. Dealers and brokers are known to act high-handed once a deal is done. And they seldom entertain any comebacks. Also, be sure to bargain because the quoted price has some room for negotiation.

The organised used car sector, with players like Maruti Suzuki True Value and Mahindra First Choice to name some, is the costliest option for a used car. But the premium price also buys you peace of mind with regards to the condition of the vehicles. The cars are professionally inspected before being put on sale, and most retailers also add benefits like service packages and warranties. The transparent paperwork and buying experience also make this largely a fuss-free transaction. Prices at such retailers are often said to be fixed but you can bargain for sure.

First up, be sure if the car you are eyeing is suited to your needs and offers a hassle-free ownership experience. Read reviews of the car and try to speak to a couple of existing owners to get an idea of running best websites to buy used cars in india, the typical problems associated with it and the price of spares and maintenance.

After you have finalised on the choice of car, do some homework before setting out on your search and beginning negotiation. Find out about the going rates of the vehicle you are interested in. Prices vary according to the year of manufacture, variant, vehicle condition and even colour. Also, familiarise yourself with the features of the car and variant; this will be helpful in spotting things that may be missing on the car. All the information will put you on firmer ground while buying.

Make up your mind on the amount of money you want to spend, including the room for stretching it. When shopping, it is very easy to get tempted by an enthusiastic salesperson into buying above your means for the sake of a larger car or more features. So, it’s up to you best websites to buy used cars in india be vigilant and remain grounded during the purchase. If finance is what you are looking at, then be aware that interest rates for used car loans are usually higher than those for new cars and as a result you might pay a lot more than the sticker price. If finance is a must then opt for short-term loans with lower interest rates. Check with your regular bank for loan options. Facilities like an overdraft on your fixed deposit could work out to be cheaper options.

4. Best websites to buy used cars in india I TRUST THESE GUYS?
Sales personnel and brokers are usually smooth operators who are trained to sweet-talk buyers into making purchases they may not be in the market for. With sales commissions at stake, they usually go all out in convincing customers to part with their money. So, take everything thrown at you with a pinch of salt, what they say, how they say it, facial expressions and even the tone of voice. For example, they might steer a customer towards a lemon (a model that’s not selling), paint a rosy picture of its virtues and offer higher discounts, without mentioning any of best websites to buy used cars in india drawbacks. Filter the facts from the fluff coming your way and argue on any point you feel is a false claim; this is where your homework comes into good use. Pay for a car’s worth and do not be swayed with freebies like a full tank of fuel or car polish coupons.

This can be a bit tricky as you are buying a singular piece of used machinery rather than a brand-new car. And while the outer façade may look clean and fetching, what’s underneath is what needs a thorough look. Make an assessment of the car yourself. This is also recommended at organised used car showrooms that already have a certification mechanism in place. A good idea would be to take along a friend or a mechanic who knows a thing or two about cars. Insist on the service history and make a detailed study to check for major repairs done, recurring problems, etc. Do a visual inspection of the exteriors to check for any tell-tale signs of an accident; for example, dents, repainting and scratches on the body surface may suggest that the car has been in an accident before. Raise it on a lift and check for any underbody and suspension damage. Also, check condition of tyres for uneven wear, as replacing tyres can be expensive. For the interiors, check the condition of the roof liner, signs of rust perforation, the seat and its mechanisms, all electricals and lights, air conditioning, signs of airbag deployment, etc.

Insist on driving the car and check for any oddities, and also ask the expert at hand for a thorough opinion. At the end, if you feel that there could be a problem with the car, point out the same to the seller and see if there is any impact on the price. Also, if you are not fully satisfied with the car, please feel free to end the negotiation. Be patient, it’s not the end of the world, there’s a good chance that there is another vehicle out there that fits your bill better.

6. HOW OLD A CAR SHOULD Park community federal credit union jobs BUY?
Prices of new cars tend to drop sharply after the first three years of ownership and, post that, values tend to plateau. This is a good sweet spot to find a used buy. Generally speaking a two- to three-year-old buy carter bank and trust near me have seen its major chunk of depreciation but will be in relatively good condition if used well. Also, if a warranty or extended warranty is still prevailing then it could help keep repair bills down in case of faulty parts. Keep a cautious eye on the condition of models that have racked up a high mileage as they could have been subjected to greater levels of wear and tear. As a general rule, it’s best to stay away from cars that are above five years of age as chances are high that they may need repairs. Also, steer clear from brands which have been discontinued in the market as spares can be elusive and expensive. Again, it helps to know about the big expenses that occur in a car’s life cycle. If a car is approaching a major engine or gearbox overhaul, you’d be looking at a big expense in the near future.

Remember, you are the customer at the end of the day and the customer is king. Do not hold back while bargaining, be stubborn, stick to the price you feel the product is worth and give a sound reasoning for it. Listen to the counters thrown back at you. These could be ‘obvious’ logic, emotional pleas, angry reactions, tales of loss, etc., but do not give in. Remember, it is a normal tactic. If you have to drop the expected price, do so only marginally and say that you want to seal the deal right away. If they hesitate, give them your card and walk away. It’s likely that you will get a call back sooner or later. At a used car dealer or broker, the longer a car is on the lot, the longer their money is blocked. So, if they lose some money over here, they’ll make it up on another car elsewhere. Stand firm and don’t be swayed by emotions. So, keep calm, and go in for the kill. It’s all part of the game.

Making sure that the car’s paperwork is in order is a task as important as checking the vehicle’s condition itself. Important documentation includes the registration certificate, vehicle insurance papers, original purchase invoice, road tax receipt, pollution certificate, and form 35 if the car was financed, along with a copy of the NOC from farmers and mechanics bank durham nc financing company. Keep in mind that any change in the vehicle, like engine replacement or a new body colour, has to be updated in the registration certificate as well. Also, make sure that there is no accident history associated with the vehicle.

If the stated documents are not in order, you could run into trouble with the registration authority during the transfer of ownership. Apart from these, the owner’s manual and warranty details
of the vehicle or any accessory installed are best websites to buy used cars in india to have.

Buying a used car can seem like a tall order. But if you do your homework and follow the above steps diligently then it’s likely that you’ll be rewarded with a good vehicle that suits your needs and budget.

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As the economy gradually crawls back following best websites to buy used cars in india prolonged lockdown, so is the resumption of businesses and consumer buying. However, industry experts are best websites to buy used cars in india in their estimates. Since consumers are not venturing out much to busy markets and malls on one hand, online retailers have seen increasing consumer confidence, which is expected to result in almost double the usual volumes, hitting $7 billion in gross merchandise value, according to RedSeer Consulting. Almost 50 million shoppers are expected to come online during the first festive sale. On the contrary, the Retail Association of India is expecting business to be around 60-75% of last year, in the December quarter.

The pandemic has totally changed our way of shopping. With digitization almost indispensable in the current scenario, you can buy anything at just one click, right from buying groceries through digital Kirana platforms or even purchase a car online from the comforts of your home. The current phase is witnessing an increase in discretionary spending. Passenger car sales were up 26% in September while two-wheeler sales saw an increase of  11.64%. This is owing to the fact that people are moving away from public transport to owning a vehicle. This will also see growing numbers in the used car segment. If you are planning to buy a pre-owned car this festive season, do it after ensuring proper safety and hygiene. Here are a few platforms that are ensuring customers with a contactless car buying experience.

  1. Spinny: Spinny is a full-stack online used car buying and selling platform. The only full stack platform on the list, Spinny has an impressive 32% referral purchase rate and has earned trust of over 10,000+ happy customers. In the endeavour to make car ownership experience simple, confident and delightful – Spinny’s customer centric approach is evident with the industry first features such as Spinny 360 – an online in-depth interaction of each car and raising the standards of safe transactions with Home Test Drives and Home Deliveries. In addition to this, with Spinny Assured benefits, each car comes with a promise of quality, 5 day money back guarantee, 1 year warranty and Fixed price assurance – key measures that are focussed on happiness in every step of the customer’s car buying and ownership journey.
  1. Car Dekho: is India’s leading car search venture that helps users buy cars that are right for them. Its website and app carry rich automotive content such as expert reviews, detailed specs, and prices, comparisons as well as videos and pictures of all car brands and models available in India. has launched many innovative features to ensure best websites to buy used cars in india users get an immersive experience of the car model before visiting a dealer showroom. These include a Feel The Car tool that gives 360-degree interior/exterior views with sounds of the car and explanations of features with videos; search and comparison by make, model, price, features; and live offers and promotions in all cities. The platform also has used car classifieds wherein users can upload their cars for sale, and find used cars for buying from individuals and used car dealers
  2. Carwale: CarWale – India’s largest auto media vehicle. CarWale has always strived to serve car buyers and owners most comprehensively and conveniently possible. They provide a platform where car buyers and owners can research, buy, sell, and come together to discuss and talk about their cars. launched India’s first used car price guide through which a used car buyer or seller could see what was the actual market value of their vehicle, depending on the car’s model, variant, age, condition, mileage, city, and whether they were transacting with a dealer or an individual. Today, CarWale’s used car price guide stands as India’s most comprehensive and credible source of information on used car prices.
  3. Droom: Droom is India’s first and only online marketplace for buying and selling new and used automobiles.  Droom is the largest automobile transactions auto portal in India. The company is the only fully transactional online platform enabling end-to-end transaction between buyer and seller. Our Full Circle Trust Score, Buyer’s Protection, Orange Book Value, Droom History and Eco Inspection addresses all the buyers’ pain points and hassles involved in the stressful process of buying or selling a used vehicle.


Giga Cars">Open from 10 am to 8 pm on all days of the week.

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Are you trying to buy a best websites to buy used cars in india car? Or want to buy or sell a used car?
CarWale app is one of the top rated car apps in India for new and used car research. Today, finding a suitable car for your needs can be exhausting with a multitude of options available.
CarWale app, answers all your car related queries online. At CarWale, we work towards simplifying your car buying journey by providing accurate on road prices of cars, genuine user and best websites to buy used cars in india reviews, option to book test drives with nearest dealers. You can also compare different cars with the car comparison tool. This app also helps you to connect with your nearest car dealers for the best offers available.
If you are looking to buy second hand cars, this app provides more than 50,000 verified used car listings from genuine sellers. You can also sell your second hand car in just a few steps and know the right price for your car with the car valuation tool.

Features of the CarWale App:
• On road car price – Get accurate and up to date ex-showroom, on road price and price breakups for all cars sold in India of brands such as Maruti Suzuki, Ford, MG, Kia, Honda, Hyundai, Renault, Tata, Toyota, Mahindra, Nissan, Datsun, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and so on
• Car features and specs - Up to date features and specifications (such as mileage, seating capacity, transmission type, etc.) of cars including the most recent launches
• Compare Cars - Best car comparison app for comparing prices, features, specifications and colours
• Customer Review of cars - 10,000+ user reviews to help you make the right choice. Write review on your cars and get a chance to win amazing vouchers and get featured on our platform
• Expert Reviews - 5000+ video reviews of cars by industry experts
• CarWale Advantage – Get incredible offers in car service from Authorised Service Centers, insurance, car care, accessories, tyres and more
• Buy or sell old cars - 50,000+ used cars listed for sale across various cities in India. Buy second hand cars from a wide array of listings from genuine and top rated sellers. List your second hand car for sale with a few simple steps and get connected with genuine buyers
• Car News - Latest domestic and international car news including a special section for upcoming cars in India. Stay updated with all the latest events in the Automobile Industry in India such as Auto Expo 2018 and Track Day 2019. Share your favourite car news with friends and families
• Used Car Valuation - Check the right market price for used cars in different cities
• New and used car dealers - Locate dealers in your city/area
• Car photos, videos - Experience car features including 360 degree view, interior/exterior views of popular cars
• Feedback – If you have any car related queries or want to give us suggestions to improve your car buy or sell experience, write to us using the feedback option
• Share Car - Share your shortlisted cars and content with your friends
• Luxury Cars - For the car enthusiast in you, we have up to date information on luxury cars
Download now, and experience the new way of doing car research.
We value your feedback. Write to us on
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It’s a great app for an Indian consumer. This app contains all the information for a person who is looking to buy a new car or preowned car. Furthermore, this app also provides on road price for almost every car available in India. Moreover, you also compare cars in terms of, technical specs, price, picture and etc.

Thank you very much for your review. Keep using our app and have safe rides :)

A good app

This is a great app and has all the information and permutations ans combinations that’ll be needed for a buyer.
Having said that, there are some really silly mistakes one finds while using the app (that’s why the 3stars). If you all check out the Tata Safari interior images there are at least 3 images from the MG Hector (not sure if it’s a mistake or a specific comparison to pull customers).
Saw the same with other cars as well. Some vehicles just don’t have enough images, and I’m not writing about vehicles which cost crores but generally good selling cars. It would be good if you all get the facts “bang on” regarding the features listed.
Rest it’s a great app.

Incomparable App

This app has every input related to your budget. You can customize your budget in this app and the price breakup is also presented in a great way. Apart from this, It seems as if you are sitting in a car and experiencing it whether it’s indoor/outdoor. I get all www sbi online banking login inputs in this app, incomparable in trueing sense.

Thank you very much for your feedback. That is the best motivation to keep improving our app. Hope you continue to user our app.

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best websites to buy used cars in india

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