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Mobil 1 Lube Express provides Full Service Oil Changes and are dedicated to serving you with quality service and products for a reasonable price. s your local Mobil 1 Lube Center, we are dedicated to providing high quality Auto Repair & Lube Services at a standard of excellence on which you can depend. 2017 Hyundai Sonata Sport · Condition: Used · Body Style: 4dr Car · Model Code: 28442F45 · Engine: 4 Cyl - 2.4 L · Drive Type: FWD · Transmission: Automatic · Ext.

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Oil Change Services:

Wiper Blade Replacement
starting at$11.99

Radiator Fluid Exchange
starting at$99.99
Replace cooling system fluid with new fluid. Protects to -34ºF and maintains proper engine temperature.

Air Conditioner Evacuation & Rechargestarting at$139.99
Provides interior cooling efficiency.

Differential Fluid Exchange
starting at$79.99 per unit
Drain and refill the transfer case, final drive or
differential(s) to extend the life of the unit and provide smoother operation.

Power Steering Fluid Exchange
starting at$54.99
Replace power steering fluid with new fluid to maintain smooth steering.

Ultimate Engine Package
starting mobil one oil change near me 4 products that will clean Fuel System and Engine block components. This will help to improve engine and fuel performance

Tire Rotation
starting at$19.99
Maintains even wear and prolongs tire life.

Head, Tail & Marker Light Replacement
starting at$11.99

Serpentine Belt Replacement
starting at$79.99
Replace serpentine belt which powers the air conditioner compressor, water pump, alternator, power steering pump and pollution control pump.

Fuel Filter Replacement
starting at$89.99
Replace gas or diesel fuel filter which filters debris entering fuel system.

Air Filter Replacement
starting at$21.99
Prevents dust, dirt, and other particles from entering the engine. Helps to prevent engine disruption.

Cabin Air Filter Replacement
starting at$34.99
Provides better interior air quality and helps protect against pollen, road dust, soot and unpleasant odors.

Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchange
starting at$139.99
Replace automatic transmission fluid with new fluid to extend the life of the unit and provide smoother operation.

Brake Fluid Exchange*
starting at$119.99
Replaces old brake fluid with new brake fluid to help remove any moisture build up that may be absorbed through the seals and can cause corrosion in the braking system. Recommended: Per Manufacturer's Specifications.

*Currently available at these locations: Niagara Falls Boulevard in Amherst; Walden Ave.,  in Cheektowaga. NY; Henrietta, NY; Crestwood, IL and Naperville, IL.

Delta Sonic now fixes brakes and performs minor repairs including tune-ups, suspensions, emissions and more! Available at the following locations:

Delta Sonic Oil Change Technicians
Delta Sonic Oil Change Technicians

Delta Sonic sells and installs all brands of tires, including Michelin, Bridgestone, Continental, Goodyear and Pirelli. We also offer mounting and balancing plus tire repair. Available at all Delta Sonic Oil Change locations except Penfield and Williamsville.


Mobil 1 EP 5W30 (Case - 6 Quarts)

Mobil 1 5W-30 Extended Performance high-endurance fully synthetic motor oil offers guaranteed performance and protection for up to 15,000 miles. It is the most widely recommended grade of motor oil by car builders over the mobil one oil change near me 10 years, and is currently recommended for most General Motors vehicles and many imports. The 5W-30 is a good viscosity for a wide range of applications and climates.

Mobil 1 Extended Performance 5W-30 meets the following industry approvals: ILSAC GF-5, ACEA A1/B1, API SN,SM,SL,SJ as well as, the requirements for diesel powered vehicles where an API CF or CD motor oil is recommended.

Benefits of Mobil 1 EP 5W30:

  • Guaranteed performance and protection for up to 15,000 miles.
  • Proprietary fully synthetic, enhanced formulation to help keep your engine strong under extended oil change conditions.
  • Helps extend engine life by reducing wear and oil breakdown.
  • Mobil 1 technology has been field tested over the last 30 years in the most severe driving conditions.
  • Suitable for cars, vans and light trucks.

Product Data Sheet


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The New Standard for Fast Oil Changes

Services • Radiator • 4X4 services (Differentials & Transfer case) • Fuel injection • Tire rotations • Seasonal tire changeovers (on rims) • Glass/windshield services Windshield chip repair • Aquapel glass treatment • Fuel filters • Air filters • Cabin air filters • Premium wiper blades • Lights • Serpentine belts • Variety of additives Radiator • 4X4 services (Differentials & Transfer case) • Fuel injection • Tire rotations • Seasonal tire changeovers (on rims) • Glass/windshield services Aquapel glass treatment • Fuel filters • Air filters • Cabin air filters • Premium wiper blades • Lights • Serpentine belts • Variety of additives • Services •

Services • Radiator • 4X4 services (Differentials & Transfer case) • Fuel injection • Tire rotations • Seasonal tire changeovers (on rims) • Glass/windshield services Windshield chip repair • Aquapel glass treatment • Fuel filters • Air filters • Cabin air filters • Premium wiper blades • Lights • Serpentine belts • Variety of additives Radiator • 4X4 services (Differentials & Transfer case) • Fuel injection • Tire rotations • Seasonal tire changeovers (on rims) • Glass/windshield services Aquapel glass treatment • Fuel filters • Air filters • Cabin air filters • Premium wiper blades • Lights • Serpentine belts • Variety of additives • Services •

Services • Radiator • 4X4 services (Differentials & Transfer case) • Fuel injection • Tire rotations • Seasonal tire changeovers (on rims) • Glass/windshield services Windshield chip repair • Aquapel glass treatment • Fuel filters • Air filters • Cabin air filters • Premium wiper blades • Lights • Serpentine belts • Variety of additives Radiator • 4X4 services (Differentials & Transfer case) • Fuel injection • Tire rotations • Seasonal tire changeovers (on rims) • Glass/windshield services Aquapel glass treatment • Fuel filters • Air filters • Cabin air filters • Premium mobil one oil change near me blades • Lights • Serpentine belts • Variety of additives • Services •

Oil Change Services and More

Our oil change packages are just the beginning. From tire rotations to transmission services and beyond, we’ll work fast to get you back on the road and ready for adventure.

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Trusted by the world’s best drivers, our Mobil 1 products help you get more from your vehicle.

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Drive your fleet to Mobil 1 Lube Express. Our skilled team will keep your company vehicles running so your business can win the day—every day. And just wait until you hear about the savings.

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"Always exceptional and friendly service! I go there for my oil changes and my state inspections."
—Cheryl R.

"Always fast, great service. Our go-to for oil changes."
—Margaret L.

"I have been coming here for the last several years, and I never fail to be impressed by their speed, efficiency, and professionalism."
—Matt S.

"I have been coming here for years. Always great service, quick efficient, straightforward, helpful and reasonable prices. Another very positive feature of this great operation is comfortable waiting area and CLEAN restroom."
—Moe M.

"Great staff who are attentive, efficient & honest."
—John O.

"Clean, neat, helpful, friendly, fast, reasonable prices, great job! Highly recommend getting your car serviced here! Oil change is insanely fast!"
—Sarah O.

"Always come to you guys for inspections. As I did today. Prompt, friendly and courteous! Thanks."
—Bruce S.

"I came in for an inspection sticker the other day and was impressed with the clean waiting room, friendly staff, and quick service. So when one of my co-workers asked where to get an oil change around here, I sent him to you. He was very impressed too!! Thanks, and keep up the good work!"
—Dawna G.


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When it’s time to choose the best motor oil for your vehicle you naturally opt for synthetic oil, so what makes Amsoil synthetic oil so good? As there are so many brands in the market today you tend to wonder which the best for your vehicle. One of the most popular choices today is Amsoil synthetic motor oil, and if you want to know what makes it so good, read on.

Does Your Car Need A Quick Service – Here’s Our Top Picks

About AMSOIL oils

Amsoil has been making top-notch oils since 1972 and is today considered to be a leader in the industry and they keep striving at setting higher engineering benchmarks in their oils. The company has never lowered their formulas in a bid to cut costs but instead, manufacture oils with their own patented base stock oil technology to make it the best in the industry. Their products drastically outperform various conventional motor oils by effectively reducing friction and heat to give your vehicle or equipment maximum power for maximum performance and fuel efficiency.

While synthetic motor oils naturally have better molecular uniformity that protects and lubricates engines much better than conventional blends, even in cold temperatures. Amsoil oil, in fact, exceeds global performance standards and meets the warranty requirements of both domestic and imported motor vehicle engines. And as Amsoil has various blends formulated for specific applications, customers seeking the best performance oils with maximum protection, reliability and drain intervals prefer using Amsoil products.

AMSOIL’s molecular engineering is also a plus point as it’s not refined but synthesized oil. Refining doesn’t remove the oil’s impurities’ and has limited lubrication and performance qualities. On the contrary, Amsoil is impurity free and offers better performance and versatility. Besides, Amsoil oils are made using polyalphaolefins and the best additives. And as the company has much more years of experience than other companies their formulated oils offer the following advantages:

Heat reduction

They are helpful at reducing temperatures because of the oil’s natural resistance to high-temperature volatility. In other words, the oil doesn’t evaporate at moderate to high temperatures. This is the oil’s advantage over other blends that tend to vaporize to give heavier and thicker oils. Heavy and thick oils only leads to poor circulation, low fuel economy, and increased oil consumption.

All this however doesn’t happen to Amsoil products. On the contrary, these oils effectively protects all moving parts from potential damage and stress inflicted in high temperatures and high-stress conditions through minimal oil consumption, emissions and wear and tear. It actually cools down the lubricated systems so that they perform better for a longer time.

Increased shear strength

While most conventional oils have a shear strength of only 800 psi, Amsoil oil has much higher shear strength at 3,000 psi. This is how and why the oil maintains a sturdy and dependable lubricating film for engines in normal operating temperatures and conditions.

Longer drain intervals

Amsoil offers extended drain intervals as it has a much longer service life than petroleum lubricants and more. The extended intervals, in turn, reduce oil costs, wastage, environmental damage and of course, downtime. This especially proves to be a huge benefit to truckers because of reduced downtime, oil costs, and engine protection.

Amsoil products were in fact, the first oil to introduce this concept to the market in 1975 and have since then introduced quite a few long-drain synthetic diesel oils. Their recommended drain interval is after 25,000 miles or once a year.

Less oil consumption

Being highly stable oils, Amsoil synthetic lubricants don’t boil and evaporate even n extremely high temperatures. This leads to clean lubricated systems, longer engine life, and superior performance.

Reduced oxidation

It is the oil’s completely hydrogenated molecules and strong, uniform intermolecular bonds that protect it from oxidative damage. Oxidation however is inevitable, so the oil does undergo some oxidation to lubricate and keep your systems deposit free and corrosion resistant for a longer span of time. This helps prolong the oil life, which again leads to extended oil change intervals.

what makes amsoil oil so good

Better mileage

When compared to refined petroleum lubricants, Amsoil oils tend to develop reduced intra-lubricant drag. This benefits the lubricated systems because they use the fuel energy only to work, and don’t have to use it to overcome any form of drag.

Maintains fluidity at cold temperatures

Amsoil oil also boasts of a low cold weather pour point which means that the oil remains fluid even at temperatures as low as -75°F. Travel medical insurance canada to usa helps your engine start up easily in cold weather which in turn leads to faster lubrication, better protection, and the best fuel economy.

Better filtration properties

Unlike other engines, Amsoil oil and its air filters are much better than conventional filters in their ability to filter and trap and hold contaminants. It, in turn, helps to preserve the oil’s cleanliness for its improved performance and longer system life.

Large product line to choose from

Amsoil boasts of a large line of synthetic lubricants, motorcycles, advanced filtration systems, coolants and fuel additives that can be used in most commercial, industrial and consumer applications. In other words, you know and can rely on using Amsoil to protect practically any mechanical system or engine you use.

Company warranty

Amsoil is confident about their oils they even have a warranty for them. The company guarantees that their oils don’t cause any form of mechanical damage to your equipment, as long as the oils are used as per Amsoil recommendations. For example, according to oil analysis, their extended drain interval recommendation is a minimum of twice or more than the engine manufacturers’ recommendations. Even diesel Amsoil operators are protected during extended drains.

It’s all these features that make Amsoil much more chemically advanced oil that exceeds industry standards. It thus ranks high in the oil’s overall protection and performance as it also helps reduce oxidation and consequent sludge formation due to heat build-up, and a killer for today’s engines. To top it all, most motor oil test comparisons prove that Amsoil products are indeed superior quality synthetic motor oils, much more superior to petroleum motor oil.

Here’s A Little more on our Top Picks

Amsoil AZOQT-EA Signature Series SAE 0W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil Quart


  • Amsoil AZOQT-EA offers optimal protection against wear and tear.
  • It comes with additives that help to keep your engine clean and healthy.
  • You enjoy extended oil change intervals of up to 25,000 miles.
  • The synthetic oil does not evaporate in high temperatures.
  • It offers you enhanced shear stability.
  • The resistance to evaporate and extended drain intervals make it cost-effective.
  • You also enjoy reduced oxidation which keeps your engine free of deposits.
  • The synthetic oil also prevents the formation of acids which might cause corrosion to the part of the engine.
  • Amsoil AZOQT-EA maintains its fluidity even at low temperatures.


  • It will cost you more than buying conventional oils.

What we like

Are you looking for the best synthetic oil to use for your automotive needs? Your search ends when you get Amsoil AZOQT-EA synthetic oil.
Amsoil AZOQT-EA is synthetic oil, and it comes with a lot of additives. The additives are formulated to meet the different needs of your engine. You will, therefore, have an engine that offers you the best performance.

For instance, it is the wish of every driver to have a clean engine. This guarantees a longer lifespan and better performance. The synthetic oil is formulated using molecules. The molecules do not break down even in high temperatures, but they remain suspended in the engine. As such, there will be no formation of sludge inside the engine. You will, therefore, have a clean and better-performing engine.

Also, the synthetic oil comes with properties that help in cleaning the engine. As the oil circulates in the engine, it provides the necessary lubrication to prevent the formation of deposits. It also collects and mobil one oil change near me all deposits from the engine. Your oil is, therefore, free from contamination, which gives it a longer life. The engine is also clean, which extends its life and performance.

During cold weather, conventional oils may lose fluidity. That means they will not offer the necessary lubrication even during startup.
Well, not so for Amsoil AZOQT-EA synthetic oil. The synthetic oil maintains its fluidity even in extremely low temperatures. When the engine starts, the synthetic oil will flow fast to provide the necessary lubrication. This protects against friction that would prevent engine protection and shorten its life.

The synthetic oil also does not break down in high temperatures. As such, it offers protection for your engine even when it heats up.
Additionally, it is resistant to oxidation. Therefore, it prevents the formation of deposits and acids in the engine. Acids may cause corrosion of the engine parts, which reduces the lifespan of your engine.

Apart from the initial cost, you also consider the maintenance cost while looking for engine oil. Although the Amsoil synthetic oil is expensive, it helps to reduce maintenance costs. It provides optimal protection for your engine so that you have fewer visits to the mechanic.

Also, it does not break down or evaporate in high temperatures. That guarantees you extended change intervals. Thus, it saves you a lot of costs.

What we do not like

Some customers say they received the wrong product when they ordered.
It is expensive, which might be unaffordable for some motorists.

Amsoil Signature Series Synthetic Motor 5W-20


  • Amsoil Signature Series synthetic motor oil comes with properties that help to cool down your engine.
  • It is also rust and corrosion-resistant.
  • The synthetic oil does not increase its viscosity even in high temperatures.
  • It prevents the formation of deposits that may contaminate the oil and clog the engine.
  • The synthetic oil also does not breakdown in high temperatures.
  • You will also have a cleaner engine as it collects all the deposits and prevents the formation of sludge.
  • Enjoy extended change intervals and shear stability.
  • It also maintains fluidity even in extremely low temperatures.
  • Offers enhanced filtration.


  • The synthetic oil is not the American Petroleum Institute (API) certified. It may, therefore, cause issues with the warranty of your automobile.

What we like

If you are looking for an oil with less fuel consumption, here is your pick. Amsoil synthetic oil 5W-20 does not evaporate in high temperatures. Thus, you will have less oil loss, which leads to less consumption of oil.

For conventional oils, they break down under high temperatures. This leads to the formation of sludge at the bottom of the engine when the oil settles down. Sludge makes your engine unhealthy and affects its performance.

But, Amsoil synthetic oil 5W-20 does not dissipate even in high temperatures. It, therefore, prevents the formation of sludge, keeping your engine clean and healthy.

Also, if there is an acid in the engine, it causes corrosion of the engine parts. The acid is caused by oxidation of oil and contamination by deposits in the engine. The synthetic oil is oxidation resistant. Therefore, there will be no formation of acids that might cause corrosion. This guarantees a longer life for your engine.

Engines heat up because of the rapid movements of the different parts inside the engine. For conventional oils, they do not withstand the high temperatures. They disintegrate and evaporate, which exposes your engine to friction and wear protection.

However, Amsoil 5W-2o synthetic oil comes with thermal properties that enable it to withstand high temperatures. This ensures that your engine has protection even when it heats up, which ensures a long life span. Because of its resistance to break down, the synthetic oil is also cost-effective. You will have extended drain intervals, which saves you a lot of maintenance costs.

What’s more? The synthetic oil and the filters perform optimally to ensure the oil is clean.

Additionally, Amsoil 5W-20 synthetic oil collects all the deposits in the engine. This leaves your engine clean and offers you optimal performance.
During cold weather, the engine is exposed to friction due to inadequate lubrication. When the mobil one oil change near me starts up, the oil needs to flow fast to offer lubrication and reduce friction.

For conventional oils, they do not flow fast and can even lose fluidity under low temperatures. But, Amsoil 5W-20 maintains its fluidity even in extremely low temperatures. As such, it offers the necessary lubrication in cold weather and when the engine is starting up.

What we do not like

We do not like that you may have issues with your warranty when you use the synthetic motor oil. API does not certify the oil. However, you can contact Amsoil if you have a problem, and they will resolve it.

Amsoil Dominator 10W-30 Racing Oil


  • If you have a racing car, Amsoil Dominator is the oil for you.
  • It helps to cool down the engine when it heats up.
  • The synthetic oil is also able to withstand the extreme pressure in the racing car engine.
  • Amsoil dominator also helps to keep your engine clean and healthy for maximum performance.
  • It also offers maximum shear stability.
  • It is formulated using advanced technology to accommodate the shock loading that is common with racing cars.
  • The synthetic oil is rust and corrosion resistant which keeps your engine healthy and durable.
  • You also enjoy longer drain intervals which are not usual for racing cars and high-performance vehicles.


What we like

Racing cars and high-performance vehicles are demanding. Their engines operate under extreme pressure, and they generate a lot of heat. There are rapid shifting and other movements in the engine that require proper lubrication.

If you use conventional oils, they may not meet the needs of the high-performance engines. For instance, the oil may not withstand the pressure in the engine. It also may not lubricate the rapid moving parts properly.

Amsoil dominator synthetic oil comes in handy in these circumstances. The synthetic oil has been formulated using advanced technology to protect high-performance vehicles. It comes with specialized additives that meet the needs of the racing car engines and so on.

For example, Amsoil dominator synthetic oil does not dissipate under extreme pressure and temperatures. As such, it ensures the engine has protection even when it heats up due to the high performance.

Because the racing cars generate a lot of heat, they require oil that will cool them down. Amsoil Dominator synthetic oil features properties that help to cool down the engine for optimal performance and longer life span.

Additionally, it helps to keep your engine clean and healthy by preventing the formation of sludge. The synthetic oil also collects all the deposits in the engine, leaving it clean and healthy.

The high performance in the engine makes conventional oils to dissipate fast. Thus, you will have to change the oil frequently. But, Amsoil Dominator does not dissipate in extreme temperatures and pressure. Therefore, you will have prolonged drain intervals, which is cost-effective.

The synthetic oil is also resistant to oxidation and formation of deposits. This prevents the formation of acids, which may cause corrosion of the engine parts. The protection against corrosion helps to extend your engine life. Plus, the synthetic oil provides the necessary lubrication in low temperatures and during startups.

What we do not like

The synthetic oil comes at a high price, which may be a challenge for some motorists.


Is Amsoil better than Royal Purple?

Amsoil and Royal Purple are reputable brands in the oil field. Automotive enthusiasts have mixed feelings on which brand is better between the two. The best verdict on which one is better would be through a lab test.

As such, Amsoil sought the services of a third-party lab to determine which between the two is the best. Amsoil 5W-30 synthetic oil prevents deposits formation 3.6x better than Royal Purple.

Also, Amsoil offers you twice the performance that you get from Royal Purple. It has an enhanced layer of security that makes it more heat resistant. As such, the oil will withstand even when the engine heats up.

Amsoil synthetic oil also performs better under extreme temperatures. The oil also reduces friction between the disk and plates. When you use Amsoil synthetic oil, you enjoy a prolonged engine life.

Is Amsoil really better than Mobil 1?

Amsoil prevents the formation of deposits 4x better than Mobil 1. The samples of the tests were coded to avoid any bias or pre-conditioned verdicts. For automotive enthusiasts, synthetic oil should prevent deposit formation is paramount. It means you will have a cleaner and healthier engine with better performance.

Also, a synthetic oil should resist viscosity breakdown for optimal lubrication. Amsoil synthetic oil resists change of viscosity 46% better than Mobil 1. Maintenance of viscosity guarantees better protection even under immense pressure.

Amsoil also comes out as better than Mobil 1 synthetic oil in preventing corrosion. It resists oxidation and contaminants that may lead to the formation of acids in the engine. Due to its resistance to breakdown, Amsoil also offers an extended service interval.

Is Amsoil really worth the money?

Amsoil synthetic oil is more expensive than its other synthetic counterparts and conventional oils. But is the price worth it?

Yes, it is. Although it is expensive, it offers your engine enhanced performance and protection.

First, Amsoil synthetic products resists breakdown under high temperatures. It also resists change in viscosity better than other synthetic oils. Thus, it ensures a longer lifespan for your engine. Because it does not breakdown, Amsoil offers an extended drain interval. This saves you a lot of maintenance costs.

Amsoil also gives you better performance for your vehicle. It is thus ideal for use in a variety of engines including racing, trucks. It is also rust-resistant and oxidation resistant. As such, it prevents your engine from corrosion. It also keeps your engine clean and healthy.

Which synthetic oil brand is the best?

Many brands offer synthetic motor oils in the market. Amsoil stands out among them because of its advanced features. Though it is expensive, Amsoil offers enhanced additives.

The additives meet the specific needs of your engine. The additives help to keep your engine clean and healthy. They also help to protect under extreme temperatures and pressure.

What are synthetic motor oils?

Synthetic oils are lubrication fluids for the engine that have been made artificially. For conventional oils, they are made through purification of crude oil. As such, they do not come with any additives.

Synthetic oils are human-made. As such, they have a formulation to meet the specific needs of the engine. They come with properties that help to keep your engine clean, healthy and performing maximally. Such additives include thermal properties, cleaning agents, shear stability and so on.

Since they are human-made, their molecules do not break down under extreme pressure and temperatures. Thus, you will enjoy optimal performance and protection at all times.

Why do I need synthetic oil for my racing car?

Racing cars and other high-performance vehicles are very demanding. They operate under a lot of pressure and high temperatures. There are many rapid movements and shifting that goes on in a racing car. This leads to the generation of a mobil one oil change near me of heat. If you use conventional oils for your racing car, they may not withstand the high temperatures and pressure in the engine.

As such, the oil breaks down and exposes your engine to friction and wear. They also do not clean the engine, which keeps it clean and healthy. But, if you use synthetic oils, they will not disintegrate under high temperatures.

So, your engine will not be exposed to friction and help with wear protection as your engine will perform well and last a longer time. The synthetic oils also prevent sludge and deposit formation. This leaves your engine clean and healthy, which is suitable for the optimal performance of a racing car.
Also, the synthetic oil extends the oil drain interval, which minimizes maintenance costs.

Are synthetic oils worth it?

Synthetic oils come at a higher price compared to conventional oils. The process involved in formulating the oil brings about the difference in price.
For conventional oils, they are formulated by refining crude oil. On the other hand, you have synthetic oil that is human-made. A lot of research is involved in formulating the oil. It, therefore, entails a long and detailed formulation process hence the high price.

Despite the high price, synthetic oils are worth buying. They come with additives and properties that address the specific needs of an engine. For instance, they will have properties that help to cool down an engine.

Also, they help to keep an engine clean and healthy. This ensures you get the best performance and durability.
Additionally, synthetic oils extend the oil drain period. As such, they help you to save a lot of maintenance costs though they have an initial high price.

What factors should you look for in a synthetic oil?

The cost of the oil is an essential factor. You should buy oil that is within your budget. Also, consider the performance of your car. Racing cars may not use the same oil as ordinary cars.

You should also consider the features that it offers. These include thermal properties, cleaning agents, shear stability, and so on.

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Phone 816-224-4247104 SW State Route 7 - Blue Springs MO - 64014Text 816-307-1193

"My wife loves this place
for an oil change."
Matthew Ahrens, 2018

Awesome Oil Change Prices!

It's no secret - we only make a few dollars for 30 minutes of work when we do oil changes. We decided a long time ago that mobil one oil change near me wanted to provide the best quality oil and professional service for our clients. We also wanted routine maintenance to be affordable. Check out our oil change packages below and you'll see that they cost about as much as buying oil and filters from the parts store.

$85 Mobil 1 Oil Change

Our Mobil 1 Full Synthetic Oil Change for $85 is by far the least expensive offering in Blue Springs and probably Kansas City. We use real Mobil 1 directly from quarts, install a Mobil 1 filter (or similar full synthetic filter like Purolator's Pure One if no Mobil 1 is available), top off all fluids, check tire pressures, and perform a 27 point safety inspection. The price includes 5 quarts of oil. Some vehicles may use more and we only charge for the extra quearts. Vehicles requiring 0w16 oil will cost more due to the increase in price of the oil. You can run up to 10,000 miles between oil changes with Mobil 1 - so you save time and money while getting the best engine protection possible.

$65 Full Synthetic Oil Change

Our Full Synthetic Oil Change for $65 uses FVP Oil - an API-SN certified lubricant - that meets and exceeds GM Dexos2 and multiple OEM specifications. We install a professional grade oil filter, top off all fluids, check tire pressures, and perform a 27 point safety inspection. The price includes 5 quarts of oil. Some vehicles may use more. 0w16 oil is only available in Mobil 1 at this time. You can run up to 7500 miles between oil changes.

$45 Synthetic Blend Oil Change

Our standard oil change has always been a Synthetic Blend. While a blended oil costs us a little bit more than a standard conventional oil, we decided not to change our price above a normal conventional oil change. We install a professional grade oil filter, top off all fluids, check tire pressures, and perform a 27 point safety inspection. The price includes 5 quarts of oil. Some vehicles may use more. You can run up to 4500 miles between oil changes.

Midwest Auto Services

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