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Pay Online. The City of Cedar Rapids is excited to partner with Paymentus to provide an all-new utility bill payment system for Cedar Rapids residents. Our. Amazon entered the Indian market as an online marketplace but has now branched out It lets you pay utility bills, book flight tickets. How To Avail Amazon Pay Bill Payment Offers · Visit Amazon from here · Tap on Pay Bills · Select a category of choice · Enter your Number. · Enter Bill amount. how to pay electricity bill on amazon website

A few months ago we announced how you can stay on top of your utility bills with Alexa by simply asking Alexa when your bill is due or asking to compare bills month to month. Now we have made also made paying bills a little more fun. All you need to do is to - connect your electric, water and gas accounts to Alexa and easily compare and pay for your bills, or ask when they’re reverse mortgage calculator with taxes and insurance. With intelligent notifications, you'll be informed if it looks like your payment might be late or this month's utility expense is higher than usual.

That means you no longer need to dig through your bills to figure out when your payment is due. Moreover, with Amazon Pay, you can pay securely through Alexa whenever and wherever you are. Now you can be the boss of your bills.

How to get started?

  1. Link each of your utility accounts to Alexa. Just say, "Alexa, connect my [electric, water, or gas] bill." 
  2. Alexa will look up your utility account using the name, billing address and email stored in your Amazon account. Alternatively, Alexa can find your account if you have your account number handy.
  3. Use Alexa to own and control, take charge of, and be the boss of your bills.

Prefer paying online?

We've got you covered there, too. Look for the Amazon button on your utility's bill pay portal to quickly, securely pay using the information already stored in your Amazon account.

Learn more about using Alexa to pay your bills here.

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Are you paying Amazon's electricity bills?

Amazon, which has taken heat for harnessing taxpayer funds to further its own gains, is attempting to pass on the cost of powering its massive data centers to consumers in the form of higher electric bill fees.

According to Bloomberg, Virginia’s largest utility Dominion Energy, recently negotiated with state legislators to pass on the cost of running a power line underground to connect to one of the tech firm’s subsidiaries—to the tune of $172 million—to consumers in the form of an as-yet-unannounced monthly fee.

Rosie Thomas, 87, who already struggles to pay her monthly $170 electric bill, said “Lord, have mercy” when she learned of the where can i buy amazon gift cards fee.


Amazon Web Services, the company’s highly-profitable cloud computing business, which runs websites and services for a wide range of firms including Verizon, Major League Baseball and Comcast, grew revenue by 49 percent in the second quarter to $6.11 billion.

However, that comes with a large amount of upfront infrastructure costs to operate dozens of data centers that hold massive server farms operating around-the-clock.

State legislators have consistently courted Amazon, regardless of how many jobs its data centers generate. The firm is one of countless U.S. businesses to take advantage of any tax incentives and existing laws to lower its costs. Amazon Web Services has also set a goal of achieving 100 percent energy sustainability for its global infrastructure.

In at least two states, reports Bloomberg, Amazon has negotiated with utilities and lawmakers to force residents to pay its electric bills—on top of the estimated $1.2 billion in state and municipal tax incentives Jeff Bezos’ company has received over the past decade.

Although Amazon isn’t the only company to take advantage of the power industry’s hunger for new customers, as the largest player in cloud computing it has the biggest footprint.

In Ohio, the company opened three data centers in 2016 that are currently operating with electric rates that are hidden from public view. As reported by Bloomberg, only five representatives on a public utility commission, along with Amazon and American Electric Power (AEP), know how much is being paid for a public service.

Late last year, Amazon offered to open 12 more data centers and AEP exempted it from surcharges that other customers pay.

“That’s de facto cost-shifting,” Ned Hill, an economist who teaches at Ohio State University, told Bloomberg.

Servers are seen in a data center. (Global Access Point, via Wikimedia Commons)

Amazon has claimed that its discounted rates are a trade secret and must be redacted in any requests for public records.

“Price cuts are treated as trade secrets by the utilities. Baloney,” Hill said. “All should be made public and made in advance of any action.”

In Virginia, Amazon’s Vadata Inc. reportedly has 29 data centers. The tech giant’s 78-page application for a special rate agreement has two versions—one that’s heavily redacted for the public and one that’s under seal with state regulators.

The idea of businesses shifting costs to lower income residents isn’t new.

A range of businesses have reaped rewards from U.S. taxpayers for locating their business in certain states, including Tesla ($1.3 billion from Nevada for a battery factory), Foxconn ($4.8 billion for a display screen plant) and Apple ($214 million for a data center in Iowa).

According to a study from the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE), an environmental lobbying group, lower income Americans already pay about three times more of their income on utility bills than wealthier households.


However, unlike when an Amazon warehouse opens, which may employ a few thousand residents, data centers don't fuel major job growth.

“When you attracted the steel mill years ago, you got 2,000 employees. When you attract a data center, you get maybe 50,” Hill told Bloomberg.

Meanwhile, in Thomas’ Virginia neighborhood, most residents are elderly and living on fixed incomes; they’ve already seen energy bills increase how to pay electricity bill on amazon website 30 percent over the last ten years.

“Amazon’s got all the money they ever needed,” she said. “They don’t need any more.”


Alexa, pay my electricity bill: How to pay utility, mobile bills using Alexa

Amazon has said that users will be able to pay electricity, mobile, water, broadband, DTH, and all other bills with the help of Alexa. The feature can be availed by users of Amazon Echo, Fire TV Stick and other devices with Alexa built-in. To pay the bills users will just need to ask Alexa to do the same.

Here’s how to pay bills using Alexa

The new Alexa feature supports payment of bills across categories like electricity, water, post-paid mobile, cooking gas, broadband, DTH and more. To pay bills using Alexa users will need to have an Alexa built-in device.

All users with an Alexa powered device should have it connected to a working internet connection.

Users will then need to give commands like “Alexa, pay my mobile bill” or “Alexa, pay my electricity bill” to get the payment process started.

For existing Amazon Pay users, Alexa will automatically retrieve the due amount for bills from the registered Amazon account.

After retrieving the bill amount, Alexa will re-confirm the amount before processing the payment.

For new Amazon Pay customers, Alexa will send a link to register their bill details on the Amazon shopping app before proceeding with bill payment.

Users will then need to enter the security pin to proceed with the payment. Notably, Alexa lets users enable a voice pin on the Alexa app to make transactions more secure.

Once the pin is approved by the user via voice command, Alexa will complete the transaction using Amazon Pay.

After the transaction is completed the user will get a notification in the registered mobile number confirming the transaction.

In addition to making payments, users can also ask Alexa for the remaining balance on the Amazon Pay wallet. Users will be able to check the Amazon Pay wallet balance by simply saying: “Alexa, what’s my balance?”

Alexa also lets users top-up the Amazon Pay account. To re-fill the Amazon Pay wallet users will simply need to say, “Alexa, add ₹500 to my Amazon Pay balance” after which Alexa will send a link to the registered mobile number to complete the transaction.


Proof of Address to Open Your Amazon Store

So, you’re opening your Amazon store, and one thing is for certain: the process can be confusing, lengthy, and at times, downright unpleasant (specific to providing the documents).

In addition to having the correct documents, you’ll need to make sure you have the same address listed on each one. Obtaining a physical business address may seem like a daunting task, but fear not, there’s a practical solution. Read on to find out how to open your Amazon store and what documents you’ll need to get started.

How to Open Your Amazon Store

To begin, navigate to the main Amazon Seller Central page and click on the button that says ‘Sign up’. You’ll need to have the following information on-hand when signing up for an Amazon seller account:

  1. Your business and contact address.
  2. Your mobile or telephone number.
  3. Your credit card number associated with your business account.
  4. Other documents to prove your identity and address.

Though all are important when opening an Amazon Store, proof of address is where business owners, like you, will run into problems.

Problems Associated with Opening Your Amazon Store

In order to open an Amazon store, Amazon must be able to verify your business address. For proof of address, you’ll need to show two separate documents that provide your physical business address (for example: a lease agreement and utility bill). Because many, like yourself, do not have locations in the U.S, this often presents a challenge.

This is one of the most common issues you might experience in the rejection of your documents and/or Amazon being unable to verify your proof of address.

If Amazon cannot interpret who owns the business and where it is operating from, they will reject your application, and it all comes down to the physical business address listed. It’s frustrating that something so simple can cause you so much stress! So, how do you get proof of address?

Documents Needed for Proof of Address for Your Amazon Store

The most common documents for proof of address are synchrony bank care credit contact statements and utility bills.

Let’s cover the lease agreement first. If you own the building that your business operates out of, you may provide Amazon with a deed or mortgage statement. If the office is leased, you can provide a lease agreement.

Need a U.S. physical address? How to pay electricity bill on amazon website you do not own or lease an office, then you can use TruLease to obtain a leased office space for an affordable price to use as proof of address for Amazon.

Now, for the utility bill, you must provide a bill associated with the physical address used to register, and any other supporting documents that prove you can operate from that address. To show the service address, it needs to meet the following criteria:

  1. It is a water, electricity, gas, internet, or telecom bill issued by the utility company (VOIP and mobile phone bills are not acceptable).
  2. The name and service address must be visible and match the company and the physical address.
  3. If the lessor pays for utility, then the lessor's name on the bill must match the lessor name on the lease agreement.
  4. It must western security bank heights wicks billings mt issued within the last 180 days.

A utility bill is any service you pay in addition to rent, lease or mortgage, provided at your address. Also, you may not use a utility bill in someone else’s name.

How to Obtain Your Utility Bill for Your Amazon Store

When verifying proof of address, you’ll need to provide Amazon with a utility bill that matches the address pnc branch hours all documents submitted. This is where VirtualPostMail’s (VPM) TruLease Plan comes in.

TruLease offers a utility bill add-on option to use as proof of address. With it, you’ll receive a utility bill in the lessor’s name along with the service address shown on the utility bill to prove that the physical address exists.

The utility bill is guaranteed to be effective for 3 months from the date you receive it, giving you ample time to get your Amazon store up and running.

How to Submit Your Amazon Store Documents

Once you’ve acquired your lease agreement and utility bill documents, submitting them should be simple. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Select your country/region from the drop down menu.
  2. Upload your documents to the 'Submit required documents' section.
  3. Enter your contact information and submit.

Amazon has been known to reject screenshots and/or partial reasons why i love you quotes for him, so you’ll want to be sure to upload the documents in its entirety and in the accepted formats. From start to finish, the review process can take up to two business days.

TruLease - A How to pay electricity bill on amazon website for Opening Your Amazon Store

If you’re looking to open your Amazon store to get your products in front of a wider audience, but lack a physical storefront to verify proof of address, TruLease can help.

With TruLease, you’ll receive a virtual mailbox, lease agreement, physical address and optional utility bill that can be used as proof of address for any business.

Ready to break through the gates of Amazon and start selling? Learn more about the TruLease Plan and how the utility bill add-on can help you launch your Amazon store today!

Get TruLease Today!


You can now pay electricity, landline, and other utility bills using Amazon Pay balance

Amazon Pay offers a convenient and speedy way to pay for purchases made on Amazon India. Now, the e-commerce behemoth has introduced a bill payments facility that makes Amazon Pay even better. With the new functionality, customers can use their Amazon Pay balance to pay electricity, landline, broadband, and other utility bills. Also Read - OnePlus RT Amazon ad shows up in Google search results: Launch soon?

Also Read - Ola reportedly looking to launch IPO early next year: Details hereAlso Read - Amazon drug case: MP police charges top executives over marijuana smuggling case

The new payments facility is available with 100+ major billers across numerous cities in India. Some of these include BSES, Tata Power, BESCOM, BSNL, Airtel, Vodafone, Reliance Jio, and ACT. In addition, Amazon Pay balance can also be used to pay for mobile & DTH recharges, settle credit/debit card bills, book movie tickets, and more.

Commenting on the launch, Shariq Plasticwala, Director Payments, said, The launch of bill payments on Amazon reinforces Amazon s commitment to Indian customers to provide them new categories and a wide selection of services. We shall continue to innovate on behalf of customers as we simplify the payments experience in India. We now have all the major categories across mobile recharges and bill payments available for customers.

Watch: Amazon Echo Spot First Look

Amazon recently invested Rs 230 crore into Amazon Pay s India arm, to strengthen its operations in the country and compete head-on with the likes of Flipkart s PhonePe and Alibaba-backed Paytm.

Food delivery platform Swiggy also teamed up with Amazon India recently to enable Amazon Pay as a payment option for its customers. An announcement regarding the partnership claimed that this new payment option will enable fast and seamless checkouts for Swiggy users. This will also allow Amazon India users who already have a Swiggy account, to make use of their Amazon Pay account outside the Amazon services ecosystem.


Ahmedabad, GUJARAT — In How to pay electricity bill on amazon website this year Vikram Singh, a 36-year-old Goods and Services Tax inspector in Mumbai, learnt that hackers had activated his Amazon Pay Later wallet without his permission and used his credit to clear three electricity bills worth nearly Rs 9,000 in Bharatpur, Rajasthan.

In Kolkata Saurabh Kumar, a 36-year-old IT professional, found his Amazon Pay Later wallet had been mysteriously activated and used to pay two electricity bills in Punjab totalling Rs 10,000. Achal Patel, a chartered accountant from Ahmedabad, said his Amazon account was breached and the intruder paid two electricity bills in Gujarat and Punjab of Rs 4,500 and Rs 5,000 using his Pay Later wallet.

Pay Later is Amazon’s latest fintech service in India where customers can buy products and clear utility bills on credit, and pay for all their purchases in one go at the end of the month at zero interest. The monthly base limit is Rs 10,000 and it goes up to Rs 60,000 depending on your payment record.

Since it was introduced this year, HuffPost India found Pay Later’s lax security and 60 second activation process, and Amazon’s relentless quest to make it easier and easier for users to buy more and more stuff, has spawned an innovative new form of cybercrime.

For users, the breach follows a familiar pattern: A mysterious activation of their Pay Later wallet, followed by notifications that their credit balances had been used to pay electricity and phone bills or buy digital coupons. In most cases, Amazon reversed the transactions and waived off the charges, but blocked the Pay Later service for their accounts.

But who are these hackers and why are they so keen on paying utility bills?

Singh, the GST inspector, was similarly intrigued: He used his contacts in the government to trace the mobile phone number attached to the electricity bills that were paid through his stolen Amazon Pay Later credit.

HuffPost India called the number. The person who picked up refused to share his name, but guided this reporter to a private Facebook group where hackers offered to clear anyone’s electricity bills using stolen Pay Later credits, how to pay electricity bill on amazon website exchange for a cash commission wired to an e-wallet.

For instance, if someone has an Rs 2,000 electricity bill, they can post how much commission they are willing to pay — say Rs 1,000.

The hacker clears the bill through the stolen Pay Later account, while the bill owner wires the Rs 1,000 to the how to pay electricity bill on amazon website as a commission, using an e-wallet service.

Pay Never

The hacker said his cohort used brute force techniques to break into accounts by guessing passwords through common expressions such as birthdates. While millions of Indians are online, cyber-literacy remains relatively low — particularly when it comes to account security. One affected user, for instance, told HuffPost India that he had set his phone number as his Amazon username and his password. None of the accounts had enabled two-factor authentication to sign in.

Once in, hackers are aided by a fairly straightforward flaw in Pay Later’s registration process: the data entered during the Pay Later sign-up process isn’t cross-verified with the Amazon account owner’s identity. All a hacker needs is stolen KYC documents and a burner phone to set up the system and start tapping the credit limit.

In some cases, the hacker told HuffPost India, those looking to have their electricity bills paid at a discount share their own Aadhaar documents and phone numbers.

Pay Later users can start to buy stuff instantly after registration, so hackers usually burn through the initial Rs 10,000 limit before account users even have a chance to react. A big selling point of the Pay Later service is that transactions are much faster jose marti stem academy using credit card as they aren’t authenticated with a One Time Password or OTP.

“Since we don’t need to enter OTP for transactions, we can easily use the spending limit without alerting the owner before,” the hacker said.

As a consequence, users find out about the breach once the transactions are completed.

“Amazon offers Pay Later Service in partnership with Capital Float and KVB. This offering has in-built security features with multiple checks and balances to ensure a trusted, convenient, and secure transaction experience. We continue to monitor these continuously to ensure customer safety,” an Amazon spokesperson said in an emailed statement.

Amazon refused to comment on whether it plans to investigate these reports through the various identifying information available such as 1st amendment freedom of speech board and phone numbers.

Amazon But Not Amazon

Victims of the Pay Later fraud are hamstrung by the fact that the payment service isn’t an Amazon-only venture. Pay Later stems from a partnership between an Amazon-backed company called Capital Float and Karur Vysya Bank.

As a consequence, Amazon isn’t technically responsible for any Pay Later issues and all the grievances are forwarded to Capital Float ― a revelation that many users, who were under the impression they are investing in an Amazon experience, learned the hard way.

While signing up for Pay Later, customers also agree that, even in an event of a fraud and “for any losses or damages suffered by the customers on account of use of Amazon Pay Later”, Amazon and its affiliates can’t be held liable.

The security loopholes that have plagued Amazon’s three-month-old service hints at a broader industry-wide trend that has emerged as several tech companies expand into India’s flourishing fintech space.

Ankit Ratan, Co-founder of Signzy, a fintech startup that uses artificial intelligence to eliminate digital identity and behaviour fraud, warns that if this new wave of lending apps don’t take these ecosystem risks seriously, there can car rental insurance usa a loss kee trust among customers. While trying to offer loans quickly, companies are skipping the critical due diligence process traditional companies follow and for that, they need to adopt a more gated, secure protocol, he said.

One of the reasons hackers were able to exploit Pay Later was because of how closely it was linked to Amazon’s rest of the offerings like the Amazon Pay prepaid wallet. Ratan believes that lending services should be integrated in a more isolated channel to avoid such frauds.

“Credit should not be seen as just another feature, credit should be seen how to pay electricity bill on amazon website a full fledged business. And be done responsibly with enough infrastructure and the right partnerships,” Ratan said.


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