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Fake Bank Statement Generator Wells Fargo Bank Statement Template Fake Bank Account Number Genera In 2021 Visa Card Numbers Company Name Generator Statement. Credit Cards · Personal Loans TD Checking accounts. Choose the account that meets your banking needs and includes the perks you want. For wire transfers within the United States, the Wells Fargo routing number is 121000248. What bank has this routing number 111900659?

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What is Access Code for Wells Fargo?

How To Find Your Wells Fargo Routing Number

Wells Fargo is a reputable name in the banking world. With millions of customers first bank kansas hours, Wells Fargo’s customer service has long been touted as top-notch. If you’re a Wells Fargo customer, you may have some questions. While some commonly asked questions customers have about Wells Fargo involve things like account benefits or fees, there are others, like how to find your routing number, that can be a bit more complex.

What is a routing number?

Routing numbers are used to identify US banks and other financial institutions. Typically made up of nine digits, routing numbers can also be referred to as ABA routing numbers, or even RTNs. This number is required in order for the Federal Reserve Banks to process Fedwire fund transfers, as well as assist the ACH network in processing electric transfers, such as for bill pay or direct deposits.

How can I find my Wells Fargo routing number?

Online banking has changed the way the world does finance. Convenient beyond measure, accessing your money through the ease of your smartphone has many benefits. From heightened security features to perks like automatic transfers, banking online with Wells Fargo is a smart choice for a number of reasons.

But just because online banking is easy doesn’t mean it can’t get confusing sometimes. Ease of use is an important factor to consider when signing up for any bank. And while Wells Fargo has an excellent mobile banking system, it can still present some issues for customers.

How to find your Wells Fargo routing number is one of the many questions users encounter as they navigate their Wells Fargo app for their day-to-day banking needs. If you’ve been having difficulty locating your Wells Fargo routing number, not to worry. We’ve got the answer to that question plus plenty more.

Why would I need my Wells Fargo routing number?

While there are many reasons why you might need your routing number for online transactions, some of the most popular include:

Direct deposit

Setting up your Wells Fargo Direct Deposit will require that you input your checking account and routing number. Your checks may not be deposited automatically if you skip this crucial step.

Paycheck deposits

Depositing your paycheck may require your routing number. If you are using your mobile phone to deposit, you will need to have this information available.

Transferring funds

Your routing number may be needed when transferring funds between accounts or among other Wells Fargo users.

Typically, there are three ways you can access your routing number through Wells Fargo:

  • Searching by state
  • Observing your personal checks
  • Calling customer service

It’s easy enough to locate your Wells Fargo routing number though one of these three ways.

Finding your Routing Number by State

The state in which you reside can help you determine what your Wells Fargo routing number is. Here is a list of Wells Fargo routing numbers by state.

StateABA Routing Number
Wells Fargo Alabama062000080
Wells Fargo Alaska125200057
Wells Fargo Arizona122105278
Wells Fargo Arkansas111900659
Wells Fargo California121042882
Wells Fargo Colorado121042882
Wells Fargo Connecticut021101108
Wells Fargo Delaware031100869
Wells Fargo District of Columbia054001220
Wells Fargo Florida063107513
Wells Fargo Georgia061000227
Wells Fargo Hawaii121042882
Wells Fargo Idaho124103799
Wells Fargo Illinois071101307
Wells Fargo Indiana074900275
Wells Fargo Iowa073000228
Wells Fargo Kansas101089292
Wells Fargo Kentucky121042882
Wells Fargo Louisiana121042882
Wells Fargo Maine121042882
Wells Fargo Maryland055003201
Wells Fargo Massachusetts121042882
Wells Fargo Michigan091101455
Wells Fargo Minnesota091000019
Wells Fargo Mississippi062203751
Wells Fargo Missouri121042882
Wells Fargo Montana092905278
Wells Fargo Nebraska104000058
Wells Fargo Nevada321270742
Wells Fargo New Hampshire121042882
Wells Fargo New Jersey021200025
Wells Fargo New Mexico107002192
Wells Fargo New York026012881
Wells Fargo North Carolina053000219
Wells Fargo North Dakota091300010
Wells Fargo Ohio041215537
Wells Fargo Oklahoma121042882
Wells Fargo Oregon123006800
Wells Fargo Pennsylvania031000503
Wells Fargo Rhode IslandWells Fargo South Carolina121042882
Wells Fargo South Dakota053207766
Wells Fargo Tennessee091400046
Wells Fargo Texas064003768
Wells Fargo Texas, El Paso111900659
Wells Fargo Utah112000066
Wells Fargo Vermont124002971
Wells Fargo Virginia121042882
Wells Fargo Washington051400549
Wells Fargo West Virginia125008547
Wells Fargo Wisconsin121042882
Wells Fargo Wyoming075911988
Wells Fargo North Carolina102301092
Wells Fargo North Dakota062000080
Wells Fargo Ohio125200057
Wells Fargo Oklahoma122105278
Wells Fargo Oregon111900659
Wells Fargo Pennsylvania121042882
Wells Fargo Rhode IslandWells Fargo South Carolina121042882
Wells Fargo South Dakota021101108
Wells Fargo Tennessee031100869
Wells Fargo Texas054001220
Wells Fargo Texas, El Paso063107513
Wells Fargo Utah061000227
Wells Fargo Vermont121042882
Wells Fargo Virginia124103799
Wells Fargo Washington071101307
Wells Fargo West Virginia074900275
Wells Fargo Wisconsin073000228
Wells Fargo Wyoming101089292
Wells Fargo Tennessee121042882

You can also search the Federal Reserve website for information about your routing number by state. This site can help you gain a better understanding of how routing numbers work and why they are important for your mobile banking.

Your personal checks or other banking documents

Observing your personal checks is another way to clearly identify your routing number. You can find this number by searching the lower left corner of your check. Typically, at the bottom of a personal check, you’ll find three numbers printed with magnetic ink. Your routing number will be the first 9-digit code you see, followed by your account number and lastly, your check number. You may find it between two symbols that resemble semicolons.

Calling customer service

Good customer service is crucial in the banking industry. Luckily, you can always access your routing number by simply calling the Wells Fargo customer service line. If you go this route you can expect to answer a number of security questions in order to access information relating to your account. It’s a good idea to have your information handy in order to make the process smooth and easy.

Are there other routing numbers I should know?

Keep in mind that your ABA routing number may only be used for ACH transfers. This number likely won’t be useful in receiving wire transfers. Some things you’ll need to receive a wire transfer include:

  • Your bank name
  • Your bank address
  • Your Wells Fargo account number
  • The beneficiary’s account number
  • The beneficiary’s account name
  • The beneficiary’s address

What are the benefits of banking with Wells Fargo?

A bank like Wells Fargo has plenty to offer its customers. As one of the top banks in the nation, Wells Fargo has a robust offering of services to appease almost any type of baking customer. Some of the top reasons people choose Wells Fargo include:


Wells Fargo has different services to appease every type of customer. Some accounts that clients can choose from include checking accounts, savings accounts, certificates of deposit, and credit cards. Whether you are dealing with your first account or have been banking for decades, Wells Fargo has an option account for you.

But Wells Fargo goes well beyond traditional checking and savings accounts. There are other products and routing number on debit card wells fargo available, including:

What type of checking accounts does Wells Fargo offer?

When it comes to checking accounts, Wells Fargo has plenty. Each of them comes with a Platinum Debit card with chip technology, making purchases an absolute breeze. In addition to the debit card, customers also gain access to other important features such as mobile deposit, online bill pay and online transfers, as well as text banking and 24/7 customer support.

Some of Wells Fargo’s checking accounts include:

  • Everyday Checking: This basic checking account is a great option for first-time customers and those wanted a straightforward approach to banking. You can open one of these accounts with as little as $25 in some cases. While you can expect to pay monthly service fees when signing up for this type of account, there are other ways to save. From making a certain amount of new purchases to carrying a specific minimum monthly balance, Wells Fargo makes it easy to save on fees the more you bank.
  • Preferred Checking: If you are looking for something a bit more robust than your average checking account, Wells Fargo’s Preferred Checking account may be a better option for you. This type of account offers interest when meeting your minimum balance requirement, and you’ll also gain access to cash flow tools and budgeting resources that can help simplify your financial life. If you have a Wells Fargo mortgage, you can get your monthly service fee waived.
  • Opportunity Checking: Maybe you’ve shopped for banking outside of Wells Fargo. In the event that other banks won’t offer you a traditional checking out, you may find Wells Fargo’s Opportunity Checking useful. This type of account has lower balance requirements, access to mobile banking, and even has opportunities for waivers on monthly account fees.
  • Portfolio by Wells Fargo: Customers with a significant amount of money in their checking accounts might benefit from Portolio by Wells Fargo, which typically offers higher interest rates. Other benefits to this type of account include interest rate discounts for Wells Fargo loans, a waiver of overdraft protection transfer fees, and waived ATM fees for transactions outside of the bank.
  • Teen Checking: Wells Fargo offers a Teen Checking account for teens aged 13-17. This type of account is a great way to teach children about the importance of saving and budgeting and is typically tied to a parent’s account. In addition to financial responsibility resources like free budget tools and spending limits, teens also get 24/7 access to their account in order to learn the true value of personal finance.


Convenience counts a lot when it comes to banking. Given how many times per week you make a purchase, transfer money, or deposit checks, it’s important that you have easy access to your banking if and when you need it. As one of the largest banks in the U.S., Wells Fargo has over 8,400 branches and more than 16,000 ATMs. This unlocks a world of potential for users, and it’s one of the main reasons customers choose Wells Fargo over other reputable banks.

Customer Care

Good customer service is crucial when navigating online banking. In this regard, Wells Fargo is quite impressive. You can even open an account online. Accessible banking goes a long way amid today’s hustle and bustle. Wells Fargo ranks on par with other banks of similar size.


Benefits and discounts are things customers search for when shopping for online banks. Wells Fargo customers can shop for rewards credit cards, enjoy fee waivers, or even get discounted rates on things like personal loans. There are even ways to share your rewards with other Wells Fargo customers.

Credit Cards

In addition to banking, Wells Fargo offers a variety of credit cards for customers. From rewards cards to cards with low introductory interest rates, Wells Fargo offers several options for customers to choose from. Some are ideal for balance transfers or for customers hoping to earn points on travel.

Investing and Retirement

The sooner you begin planning for your future, the better. This is why Wells Fargo’s investing and retirement services are routing number on debit card wells fargo a closer look. The bank maintains a variety of accounts specifically for routing number on debit card wells fargo and retirement, giving customers a way to begin saving as soon as possible. Whether it’s a bit of financial education you need or someone to walk you through the process of saving for retirement, Wells Fargo is well equipped to set you up for success. There are also several tools you can use to make the process of investing much easier, such as Wells Fargo’s automated investing or comparison tools.


Wells Fargo’s budgeting tool is another great feature customers can enjoy by signing up for an account. Users can download My Money Map, which helps track spending, savings, and your budget in one easy-to-use app. Wells Fargo’s ‘My Savings Plan’ is also useful, as it can monitor your progress with saving and even allow you to transfer money to your Wells Fargo savings account at any time.

Final word

From easy access to your accounts to a range of rewards and discounts, there is much to look forward to when signing on with Wells Fargo. Aside from assistance with locating your Wells Fargo routing number, the bank’s customer service is available at all times to help you with any questions you may have regarding their robust services and financial resources. Wells Fargo may be the perfect option for helping you achieve your unique financial goals, whatever they may be.


Welcome to TD Bank Personal Banking

Community means family.

I think that's what it's turned into.

I'm going to cry.

I don't know why.

Alright, your turn to talk.

Hey everybody.

Sam from Bonn Place Brewing Company here, and this is my wife.

I'm Gina.

Bethlehem is one of the greatest steel towns in America.

When manufacturing had a downturn Bethlehem had to reinvent itself.

When I first met Sam and Gina, they had this dream that they wanted to accomplish.

When we first signed our lease on this building, people were questioning it, like "you sure you want to open a brewery on the south side of Bethlehem in the current climate?"

We were certain that it was ready for what we wanted to do.

We needed a bit of help to get this place opened.and everybody needs help.

When anybody ever comes to us and says, "We need help. What can we do? We don't know how to get through this red tape."

We say, "This is what we did. This might help you."

We even went to City Hall for someone once.

This is the community we can change.

What we can change is right here and right now.

Sam and Gina are very passionate about working with women entrepreneurs.

It's hard to start a business.

One thing Sam and Gina have been able to achieve is share the lessons they've learned with other business owners and convince them, "hey, it actually is possible."

We want to see businesses succeed with the opportunities that we've had.

So what better way than to mentor them.

We're all in this together, and it's the bigger picture.

Bonn Place is a catalyst for the regrowth of this community.

They're also now helping other young entrepreneurs get started.

Sam and Gina sat down with us and gave us tips and tricks of what to do to get started.

We had this idea.

And they believe in us.

How much they're committed to the growth of Bethlehem as a whole.

That's the real story.


They are the last two people who would want this bestowed upon them, but they are the most deserving.

So we all want to gather here today and say thank you, because we value everything that you put into Bethlehem.

There's a little bit more.

So, the contribution we made to a female entrepreneurship program, in your name.

We're absolutely thrilled.

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The integrity of this community is real strong.

This is just the beginning.

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Simplify your life and stay in control with the Wells Fargo Mobile® app. Manage your finances; make check deposits, add cards to digital wallet, transfer funds, and pay bills, all within the app.

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Deposit Funds⁴
• Deposit checks with ease using your iPhone® camera
• Instantly view the processing deposit in your account

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• Transfer funds between your Wells Fargo accounts and routing number on debit card wells fargo other financial institutions⁵
• Securely send and receive money with friends and family using a U.S. mobile phone number or email address with Zelle®⁶
• Pay your bills with Wells Fargo’s Bill Pay service
• Add your eligible cards to Apple Wallet™ to use Apple Pay® for fast and convenient payments.⁷

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• Get real-time quotes, charts, market data, and news

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• Visit the Security Center to report fraud and learn how to help keep your accounts safe
• Configure and receive alerts⁸
• Get notified of suspicious card activity with text or email alerts
• Get easy access to your FICO® Credit Score

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Version 3.308

-Guided experience for additional eligible new accounts to help set up deposits(4), alerts(8), transfers(5), and more

-Customers with credit and debit card accounts can now view receipts for their Apple digital content purchases with just one click

-Improved identity verification services to reduce steps required in the application process

Ratings and Reviews

4.8 out of 5

6.4M Ratings

Very Nice App, Minor Quirks

The Wells Fargo app is a very good one - you can nickname accounts (even ones from Greenhouse by Wells Fargo), send and request money via Zelle in-app, and add external accounts and initiate transfers from the app. The colors are nice and vibrant, and the iconic stage coach graphics are nice. There are some minor quirks, of course; certain options are given names instead of using the description (i.e. card lock/unlock is under “Control Tower”), so it can be a bit difficult to find certain options or features, at least when you haven’t used the app in a while. Some suggestions for the app - incorporating pictures of bank cards (debit and credit) within the app would be a neat visual; being able to rearrange your accounts within the app (like Chase and Capital One) would be awesome; and maybe some trivia in the app would be nice, including historical trivia about Wells Fargo bank, being one of the oldest banks around (US). When clicking/tapping on the last four digits of accounts numbers to see the whole thing, seeing the routing number would be awesome, so you know are what it is, and being able to copy it to the device’s “clipboard” would be awesome. And finally, being able to view product information would be really nice; ie. view information for checking/savings accounts, as well as credit cards & certificate accounts too. Hopefully some of these things could be implemented in the near future.

The Patti Effect

I’m very app challenged, especially with the Wells Fargo app on my phone on how to do a bill pay. Patty has helped me on several different things including the bill pay and she made it as easy as tying your shoes. She has been “our” favorite banker for a very long time and I made sure my son went to mortgage calculator monthly payment afford, my Pops is the one who said to try Wells Fargo and so now allot of our family go to Wells Fargo. I will be totally and completely honest, there have been some cashiers or bank tellers that were not even close to being as helpful or as welcoming as Patty has always been but she is so good she makes up for there short comings!!!!! Thank you for allowing us to have her in the little town we are in. She has taken a personal touch to some of the terrible things that I have gone through and made them
A lot easier by giving advice or a easy tutorial in how to use the APP that I was glad I could even take pictures. I Sincerely from the bottom of my heart I thank her and Wells Fargo for helping my kinda of people!!! Andrew was another great guy! He helped my son when he was under age about how to go about this money that he was getting from an accident when he was 18. He definitely helped me as a single mom how to make sure he doesn’t blow it all and so forth. GREAT EMPLOYEES FOR BOTH!!! THANK YOU FOR BEING THAT TYPE OF BANK/ BUSINESS WHEN I NEEDED IT RHE MOST!

Two small improvement would make it great

I like the app and use it all the time. Two things drive me crazy and one Indont understand. I have brokerage and bank accounts. If I am looking at the list of bank accounts, choose one to look at transactions, then want to move to a different bank account, I can’t just hit one button back
to the list of bank accounts. Instead, it takes me back two screens to the list of all
My accounts. That means I have choose bank accounts again, then scroll to the account I want. I can’t figure out why it would be set up to jump back two screens. Second, I have brokerage and retirement accounts with securities, mutual funds and ETFs. From the summary screen for each account, I can see the overall value and +/- for the day, but if I tap to see the mutual funds or ETFs, which the app seems routing number on debit card wells fargo allow and encourage one to do, no matter which item I touch (mutual fund, ETF or securities), it takes me to the top of the list, which always begins with the individual securities. So, If I only need to look at an individual mutual fund or ETF, I have to scroll thru everything else first. Makes little sense. Last odd behavior, when i look at the list of indivudal securities on any given day, I cannot figure out what order they are being presented in. It doesn’t default to alpha or largest increase in a day. I can’t tell what it is doing. Probably operator error, but I can’t be sure. Should default to alpha it would seem.

The developer, Wells Fargo, indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include handling of data as described below. For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy.

Data Linked to You

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    Here’s Your Wells Fargo Routing Number

    Banking / Banks

    Wells Fargo bank promotions

    13-Smile / Getty Images/iStockphoto

    You might need your bank routing number for anything from signing up for direct deposit or ordering new checks to send money to friends and family. Use the chart below to instantly find your Wells Fargo routing number.

    Wells Fargo Routing Numbers by State

    Here’s an at-a-glance look at the Wells Fargo ABA routing number for each state:

    What Is a Routing Number?

    The routing number on a check is sometimes referred to as the ABA number or check routing number. The American Bankers Association created the bank routing number in 1910 as a way to process paper checks and enable banks and credit unions to accurately send and receive funds to and from other financial institutions. Your Wells Fargo bank routing number is unique to the area where you opened your account.

    Banks Can Have Multiple Routing Numbers

    A bank’s primary routing number is assigned based on the location of its principal office. Banks are eligible to receive additional routing numbers if necessary to keep payments and collections routed properly. Smaller banks and online-only financial institutions typically use only one routing number nationwide. Larger banks might have routing numbers for each state in which they operate.

    Because some financial institutions have multiple routing numbers, it’s important to ensure you’re using the correct one before you initiate a transaction.

    How To Find Your Routing Number

    If you have a Wells Fargo checking account, you can also find your routing number on a check — the check routing number is the first nine numbers in the lower left corner. You might not have a check handy, however, so you can also call Wells Fargo any time at 800-869-3557 to find the routing number for your account. If you are at all confused about which number to use, you should consider calling Wells Fargo because using the right number could mean the difference between your money going into the right or wrong account.

    Finding Your Routing Number on a Check

    It’s easy to find your routing number on a check — just look in the bottom-left corner. Refer to the illustration below to see where you can find your routing number.

    How to find ABA Routing Number

    Different Numbers for Wire Transfers

    Wire transfers are fast and secure. Because wire transfers are a top priority, they have separate routing numbers so financial institutions can process them differently. International wire transactions require SWIFT codes, which are international bank codes that identify particular banks worldwide.

    Here are Wells Fargo’s wire transfer numbers:

    Wells Fargo Wire Transfer Numbers
    Domestic wire transfer121000248
    SWIFT codeVaries based on city

    Know Your Routing Number

    Remember that the routing number on a check might be different from the one you’d use for a wire transfer. You might want to check with your financial institution before you engage in transactions that require accurate routing number information — if the sequence is off by a single digit, your money will go someplace else.

    Erika Giovanetti contributed to the reporting for this article.

    Information accurate as of Oct. 18, 2021.

    About the Author

    Laura Chapman is a Biloxi, Mississipi-based contributor with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting. She has five years of experience in accounting and taxation. Laura has articles on personal finance, health, crafts and parenting published at

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